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Deanne Mathews @ The Healing Room

49 Chapel Street

Windsor, Victoria 3181


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Self Love Woman Logo


Everything starts with YOU.

Self Love Woman is a personal growth platform empowering women to know and own their value.

MELBOURNE - A FREE EXPERIENTIAL EVENING 17th October or 21 November, to help you decide if you are ready for 'The Journey Home™ 2020'. An in-person, eight week intensive series that will awaken and beautifully challenge you to grow deeply into the woman you know you want to become.

Series starts 30 January 2020.

Register now to come along to an Experiential Evening to meet Deanne, ask questions and get a feel for the series to see if it's right for you. Details of Series below.

Take home a Gift Bag of Self Love.

DATES: 17 October or 21 November.

Thursday from 7-8:30pm.

OR if you already know this is for you, connect with me here to discuss further.


Self Love Woman is the space holder for deep transformation, helping you to embrace your value, know your truth, and own your voice. Inspiring you to live your life that matters.

Questions to reflect on:

  • Is trusting yourself wholeheartedly and taking deliberate action based on what you feel challenging for you?

  • Do you find yourself feeling an inner truth rising within only to be shut down by self doubt?

  • Do you wish you could speak what's truthfully in your heart without fear of judgement?

  • Do you wonder what life could be like if you were to confidently stand for yourself without seeking external validation?

  • Are you constantly putting others first at the expense of yourself and what you really desire (treating yourself as second best)?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, I know how you feel, I’ve been there and I’ve spent the last 30 years exploring who I am with a sincere desire in knowing my own value, and navigating my life from this internal space.

Starting my journey from a place of shame, self judgement and humiliation to now understanding what self love really means as I confidently step forward in life practising this relationship with myself. It’s been my biggest challenge and my greatest gift and I would love to share with you how you can design your own relationship of self love, opening you to your own place of wholeness and self acceptance.

You matter to me and I dearly want you to matter to you.

>>>Learn about how I came to my place of self love

Self Love Woman shows you how to embrace a life:

  • where you learn to operate from personal power, integrity, and inner authority,

  • where you can trust the answers that are already within you,

  • where inner freedom and peace reside regardless of circumstance or situation,

  • where you give yourself full permission to be your first priority without guilt or apology,

  • where you speak your truth without fear of judgement,

  • where you can access your own inner wisdom, making decisions that are good for you because you embody unparalleled respect for yourself.

Self Love Woman The Journey Home Series


This is a high-touch, experiential programme and is limited to 10 women only. This way I can give my full attention to each woman who attends.

We'll be working from the perspective of all four bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/energetic. All four must be communicating and working together in order for true wholeness to occur.

We'll work within an intimate, healing and emotive space that encourages the exploration of deep internal processes and embodied experiences. This series will awaken and beautifully challenge your inner self. You'll do this through the use of your voice, embracing aspects of public speaking; including other expressional exercises to support your growth, access your deepest wisdom and vision for yourself. Everything presented in this series is intentionally focused on transformation (not just self help, it's my intention you know these processes in your bones); providing a clear understanding and pathway of what it means to design a relationship of 'real' self love.

This energising work enables you to know and own your value.

As a powerful catalyst for change, you have the opportunity to experience your relationship ‘with you’ in a very different and empowered way.


>>>Women who are committed to their personal growth.

>>>Women who want to strengthen their understanding of who they are; movIng from thinking ('mindsetting' or 'intellectualising') their way through life to greatly perceiving, feeling and intuiting ('heartsetting') as a natural way of being.

>>>Women who want to deepen their self awareness and become free and liberated.

>>>Women who know what self love is from a conceptual level (you've read all the books and articles), and still feel something that's not landed yet. For those of you who now have a desire to embrace, embody and live daily the practice (the 'how') of self love.

>>>Women who are ready to unlearn and re-learn in such a way that allows alignment and living with ease, taking hold of your boldest truth.

If you are tired of looking outside of yourself for answers and want to feel fulfilled, stable, and grounded within your centre, then this series is for you.

There is no pre-requisite for The Journey Home, only a willingness to surrender into and be present for your change.


What did you learn about yourself throughout the series?

>>> How to truly embody self love and self trust. Understanding different blocks that I had especially when it came to the drama triangle and the shadow aspects. I felt I really gained a lot more clarity and understanding within myself. Also for me the connection between vulnerability and courage was the catalyst for truly feeling self love.

What did you most value about the series?

>>> The blend and balance between the written work sheets and having that cohesively correlate with soul work - real deep stuff.

Was this series any different from other personal development courses/workshops - if so, how?

>>> Yes, it was deeper but still had content (worksheets, etc.) that was easy to follow. I also loved how everything interweaved. There was flow between the weeks but also felt there was freedom to explore and be flexible for what came up.

FIONA, Ballarat


  • 65 Page Comprehensive Workbook

  • 7 days of Self Love CD or Download

  • 10ml of Seraph – Celestial Love Essential Oil

  • 8 weeks Integration Series (provided after the In-Person Series)

  • Direct support with Deanne Mathews throughout the series

  • Facebook Group ~ An attentive support platform for the duration of the series to connect and share as you move through your processes


We will also be working with The Art of Emotional Aromatherapy – to open, and heal the heart as we’ll be focusing on Stage 2 of Healing with Essential Oils - Healing the Heart.

Learn more ~

Each week will be a focused practice with a particular oil, accompanied with a short meditation to stimulate the release and receive cycle cellular memory.

MOTIVATE: ENERGISED CONFIDENCE - Useful Properties: Motivated, Encouraged, Confident

CHEER: INSPIRING FAITH IN MY JOURNEY - Useful Properties: Comforted, Faithful, Cheerful, Uplifted, Joyful, Determined

PASSION: EMBODYING PASSION - Useful Properties: Passionate, Risk-Taking, Vitality, Inspired, Alive, Playful, Spontaneous, Creative

FORGIVE: EXPANDED COMPASSION - Useful Properties: Light, Free, Loving, Understanding, Tolerant

CONSOLE: EMOTIONAL COMFORT & SUPPORT - Useful Properties: Comforted, Content, Restful, Whole, Serene

PEACE: THE STILLNESS OF LOVE - Useful Properties: Peaceful, Serene, Content, Still

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit - doTERRA

WEEK 1 | Starting Your Journey

  • Introduction and setting the energy for deep Transformation during our time together.

  • Examine the definition of self love and it’s impact - knowing the full story

  • Set Personal Energetic Intentions for your 8 week journey

  • Understand the 7 Principles of Self Love

  • Dive deeper into the Foundations of Self Love

  • Learn 3 powerful Self Love Practices that can be easily implemented into your daily life

WEEK 2 | The Power of Our Story

  • Understand yourself through the story you tell

  • Recognise the influence of your personal beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns

  • Meet the disowned parts of your story

  • Examine the power of vulnerability and why it's your greatest strength

WEEK 3 | Embracing Your Personal Truth

  • Find freedom in self responsibility and surrendering blame

  • Discern the difference between collective truth & personal truth

  • Create an intimate relationship with your needs through self enquiry exercises

  • Move into wholeness through self acceptance

WEEK 4 | Cultivating Self Connection

  • Choose a new story that empowers and energises you to live a fulfilled and content life.

  • Determine and receive clarity around your Values known as 'Your Personal Code of Ethics'

  • Learn how to work practically with what matters to you most so as to foster a harmonious state of being

  • Connect to your inner self through embodied practices

  • Understand the power of the heart and how it influences our responses

WEEK 5 | Masculine & Feminine Energies

  • Understand the nature of each expression within the construct of self love

  • Receive clarity why both are necessary in order to thrive

  • Discern between the unhealthy (immature) and healthy (mature) aspects of both energies

  • Discover your unique relationship to the Masculine and Feminine

WEEK 6 | The Way to Compassion & Forgiveness

  • Learn what it means to cultivate your relationship to compassion

  • Dive into a new perspective that allows forgiveness to become 'easy'

  • Develop the practice of Forgive, Release and Receive

  • Learn how to be deeply present with the unhealed parts of yourself

WEEK 7 | Anchoring Confidence through Courage

  • Cultivate confidence, resilience, and clarity through personal acts of courage

  • Activate your lifeforce through courageous living

  • Embody the powerful energy of Courage

  • Understand your empowered self through learning the art of boundaries

  • Embrace fear in a different way that sets your free

WEEK 8 | Owning Your Power

  • Take ownership of your new self love understandings

  • Design your life of self love through anchored agreements and art expression

  • Create your pathway forward through deliberate intention


Thursday evenings, 7:30-10pm.

  • 30TH JANUARY 2020 until 26TH of MARCH (1 week break between Week 4 and Week 5 for integration. Break date: 27th February)

  • Series is happening at Element Healing & Wellness in Malvern, Melbourne

Limited to 10 Women for an intimate learning experience

Want an yourself.

Want to yourself.

Want to yourself.

The moment you love yourself is the moment you reclaim your wholeness.

If this resonates with you, I hope you'll join me.

I can't wait to travel with you on this most important journey!

Love Deanne

PS: The Journey Home isn't for everyone. That's why it's important to be clear about what this series entails. if it's not for you, that's ok with me. Only by creating something that's not for everyone could I create something that works in the way 'The Journey Home' does.

Reviews of Deanne Mathews:

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DATES: 17 October OR 21 November | Thursday 7-8:30pm

If you feel you would like to talk with me personally, please call me on 0408 331 227.





What did you learn about yourself throughout the series?

>>> Self love is a multifaceted journey - like a fingerprint it's unique to each person. For me, it will be a daily choice to see myself with new eyes - eyes of compassion, understanding and self honesty. It's not a forceful act but is an open curiosity about myself and confidence to do what feels best for me.

What did you most value about the series?

>>> The way each session built on itself from the previous weeks.

>>> The emphasis on vocalising and connecting to our truths.

>>> The community that is built and the opportunity to learn from everyone's experiences.

Was this series any different from other personal development courses/workshops - if so, how?

>>> Yes: although this work goes very deep, it goes deep in a way that feels natural - where you feel comfortable in discomfort. It doesn't feel forceful and pushing like I have experienced in other healing and personal growth programs.

CAROLINE, Melbourne

What did you learn about yourself throughout the series?

>>> I had learned that I had stopped feeling. I had cut off connection and in doing so stopped myself from experiencing self love. The series then taught me HOW to experience connection, love, and vulnerability with myself. I learnt through EXPERIENCING and ALLOWING (not through studious studies) the connection, compassion, awareness and responsibility it requires to love myself. I learnt to 'allow'.

What did you most value about the series?

>>> I valued most the support, love and compassion by Deanne and also the courageous and loving women walking this journey with me. I valued being able to have space held for me that was REAL, in honesty and in love - it wasn't 'fluffy', it was genuine, it was human - it was powerful women guided by a powerful woman walking the journey home.

Was this series any different from other personal development courses/workshops - if so, how?

>>> The difference with this series comes in through in the 'experiencing' of the work. Of creating time and space for integration of experiences rather than fast tracked lessons over a day workshop that aren't given the time to really sink in and become embodied. The difference comes in the creation of embodiment that the series sustains.

MADDISON, Melbourne

What did you learn about yourself throughout the series?

>>> So much!! I've truly let go of emotions I had suppressed and was holding onto for all of my life. I've learnt to embrace my vulnerability and feel as well as share my feelings. I'm learning to let go of control and to trust life and myself. I've let go of so much emotional baggage I no longer need to carry.

What did you most value about the series?

>>> Your ability to guide us through this very well thought out and deliberate journey, making sure to gently but firmly hold us accountable to feeling and not just thinking and going through the motions. Every week was an 'aha' moment that lead to the shift in energy so big it could be felt and seen in every part of me.

Was this series any different from other personal development courses/workshops - if so, how?

>>> Yes! This felt authentic and was designed in a way that we were able to feel and not just talk things through. It is an energy shift, not just a shift of the mind. I feel my essence and energy, rather than just thinking about it. Having the discussions and insights from other participants was invaluable.

ARDI, Melbourne

What did you learn about yourself throughout the series?

>>> That I need to be my own friend. I learnt that I'm a good person who is worthy of so much. Believing in myself and acknowledging that I have so much to offer. Being self responsible and being okay with the wobbly and uncomfortable moments as storms don't last forever.

What did you most value about the series?

>>> Connecting with other women; small group size with even numbers; connecting with Deanne when I really needed it and knowing she had my back, having a safe space to crack wide open.

Was this series any different from other personal development courses/workshops - if so, how?

>>> Yes, this felt super raw. Something that is indescribable and compares to nothing else. Other courses haven't been as long or with a small group so intimacy within the environment wasn't there like it was with this course, plus being able to talk to Deanne really helped along the way.

PAULA, Melbourne

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Deanne Mathews @ The Healing Room

49 Chapel Street

Windsor, Victoria 3181


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