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Secrets of the Self

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The Secrets of the Self is a potent portal for you to begin the unfolding of who you are and who you are not. A becoming and an unbecoming.

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Are there things you know are hiding inside of you? Deep in the shadows of your self? Are you sick of self sabotaging and old stories playing out? Are you wanting to shed unwanted masks and old programs of the self?

The Secrets of the Self is a potent portal for you to begin the unfolding of who you are and who you are not. A becoming and an unbecoming of the Self.

There is just as much importance in UN-learning who you are as there is in remembering (learning) who you are.

This powerful 6 week online portal in an opportunity for you to start asking your self the right questions, to start peeling back the layers, removing the masks and re-wiring the old stories of the self.

Through this journey together we will explore with Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline therapy, quantum hypnotherapy, meditation and breathwork as a way to access the subconscious mind, to bring awareness to programs that are no longer serving you, to re-wire the mind for what you DO want.

We will journey through rituals and embodiment practices that will allow you to recognise and accept parts of the self you may or may not have been aware of. You will be given tools on how to work through this as well as opportunities to forgive and release these parts of you.

You will have the opportunity to release major negative emotions that you are holding on to. Creating more space and energy for the things you DO want.

Many Secrets of the Self will be revealed and you will be supported by me and the other beautiful souls journeying to come back, further into the truth of you.

What our Journey will look like:


This will be our first dive into the Self. An opening into who you are in this moment and who you wish to be. Creating a space to invite your most desired self in. An invitation to the reclamation of your power in order to reach your most desired self! And a deeper understanding of your relationship with the Self.


Diving into Self reflection this week, exploring your masks and programs through different exercises. Finding what they are, where they came from and learning acceptance for theses parts of you. We will be working through Self worth and valuing the Self.


This week we will be exploring emotions and inviting deeper understanding of them as well as tools on how to release them. We will work through the major negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt. Working with the subconscious mind to gather all the learnings you need to be able to let these go. Here we will anchor in positive states and emotions that you DO want.


We will dive into the power of forgiveness and you will be given tools on how to work through this. We will then explore your top limiting beliefs that have stopped you from becoming the Self you desire. Exploring the full capacity of Self forgiveness and Self love.


This week we dive into the depths of Self love through a powerful collective Hypnotherapy session to assist to bring you back into the truth of who you are.


This week we explore strategies to stay in our truth and in our power. Collective goal / vision setting , manifestation tools and really anchoring in this empowered SELF.

Each week as a collective we will continuously been sharing with each other and supporting one another. You will be given weekly tasks which will assist you on this potent journey to integrate your learnings and work through anything that presents itself for you.

You will be held accountable for all of these tasks by the collective in a private support network portal I will create for everyone.

You will also receive one FREE 30min coaching session valued at $80 to ensure you have all the support and tools you need.

What you will receive:

- A higher awareness of the Self

- Tools for Self forgiveness, Self healing, Self value, Self worth, Self responsibility and Self love

- An invitation to step up into your truth

- A space to be fully heard, fully seen, fully felt and fully supported

- An opportunity to release old masks, old stories, negative emotions and your limiting beliefs

- A powerful portal to discover these secrets of you

- A supportive and loving collective to journey with

- Tools on how to integrate and shift what presents itself for you

- Access to your subconscious mind and opportunities to rewire it

- One free coaching call from me for extra support (30min)

- An opportunity to step fully into your TRUTH and POWER

- Ongoing support through the collective platform



This Journey starts on Tuesday August the 25th 2020 and will run for 6 weeks consecutively, every Tuesday at 7:30pm - 9:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time, Melbourne VIC (GMT +11)

Each session will be 1.5- 2 hours of juicy self exploration, expansion and discovering of cause all of your secrets!


August 25th 2020

October 27th 2020


The portal will be opened through Zoom which you will be sent links on the day to enter with.


Early birds $555 plus BF (Available until August 16th)Full investment $777 plus BF


Early bird for two $1,000 save $110! (Available until August 16th)

Full Soul investment for two $1,444 save $110!

*Payment plans are available, please message me to discuss. Payment plans will be at full investment prices only.

** $500 of this is your non refundable deposit. No refunds will be given for any reason 3 days after your purchase. No refunds will be given for cancelations or no shows. Tickets are transferable at your own discretion. Tickets can be shifted to a different course date if needed, you are responsible for communicating this and any changes must be accepted by the facilitator.

Two scholarships will be offered for this immersion. One will be 50% off the total price and the other will be 100% off. If you feel called to do this work but money is a barrier , please message me telling me a bit about your self and why you think a scholarship in this immersion is for you

This work is not for everyone, it is only for those committed to their self evolution and growth, and who are willing to show up and do the work! Please contact me to arrange a connection call so we can be sure this is right for you :) Or if you are a full YES I WANT TO EVOLVE, invest for your space now.

Limited spaces are available.

Email - aumshivanii@gmail.com

Phone - 0490101631


If you are ready to take off the masks, to end the stories, to release the negative emotions, to find the Secrets of the Self and find love, support and empowerment in that, then this powerhouse portal is for you!

This beautiful six week online portal is opened and run by Shivanii, a Healer, Artist and Holistic Life Coach. She has spent many years studying numerous holistic and alternative medicines, yoga and meditation, Reiki up to the Masters level and several other energy healing modalities, sound massage therapy, psychic development, crystals, essential oils, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy and much more!

Her love for humanity, spirituality and esoteric learnings has sent her all over the world and to many different teachers. She is incredibly passionate about the work she does, she is in love with sharing her knowledge and her mission is to help as many beings as she can to rise into their highest potential, into their TRUTH and POWER.


This training will be by application only as it is only for those who are fully committed to their own growth and expansion. There is an exchange asked for this training which we will go through in the application. So please send Shivanii a message now to arrange a connection call ♥

You can also email Shivanii here - aumshivanii@gmail.com


Send a message to arrange a call to - 0490101631



Come, let us Journey to find The Secrets of the Self

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Online Event

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