Sales Training Workshop - Sydney - February 2018

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Waldorf Parramatta Apartment Hotel5

110-114 James Ruse Drive

Parramatta, NSW 2142


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How To Increase Sales In 30 Days Blueprint Sales training for Business Owners, Sales Managers and Salespeople who need a hassle-free step-by-step plan to bring in new business in the next 30 days

Sales training for those who need sales results now!

Do you have a proven 30-day sales program that you can implement at the start of 2018?

Having just started a new year, most salespeople struggle to make a start because they have no step-by-step plan to grow sales.

You only have to review the average week of your sales team to find out that they have no time to sit back and refine what they are doing. Most of them will begin the year repeating the sales mistakes that should have been corrected last year.

They need a methodical process which they can implement right at the start of a new year that will help make their sales life easier and give you the sales results you need.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. For the most part, your sales team are so focused on trying to make budget, let alone earn a bonus, that they never stop long enough to consider a better approach to selling. Making budget in the next 30 days for many salespeople is no fun.

Unfortunately, a rare few are able to rise above the fray and improve their sales system. The rest of the sales team will be disappointed by the fact that the new approach, developed by your top-flight sales star, is never passed down the line to the other members of your team.

This can result in one or two members of staff always claiming the winners' prize, while the rest of the sales team either languish in quiet desperation - or if things get bad enough, are shown the door.

It doesn't have to be this way - there is a proven sales training system that is working for Australian firms like yours. This sales training system was developed by Ken Robinson who has been selling for the past 30+ years. Ken will show you step-by-step how to implement his proven sales system.

Why have other Australian companies been keen to implement Ken Robinson's unique sales training program?

The reason why companies have chosen to implement my sales training approach is best summarised by the following comment from one of my clients:

"I know your sales methods work. You cold called me on a Thursday afternoon, you then convinced me to meet with you the following morning and on the day of our meeting, I ended your visit by signing an agreement for a 6-month campaign. Something I had not budgeted for but knew I had to have.

"Ken, the way you presented your pitch was so compelling, you did not pressure me and I did not at any point feel like I was being sold. Instead, as I listened to you share one case study of success after another I knew that I had to have what you were offering and signed on the spot without hesitation.

"That is why I want you to teach my salespeople how to sell like that?" said Rob Melville, Managing Director, EMSigns.

Ken is more than a trainer. He has generated millions of dollars in sales when his clients hired him to sell their services.

For example, Ken's approach generated 32 X $40,000 = $1,280,000 in new sales contracts using his methodology for a Sydney based roofing insulation company targeting the shopping centre and club sectors. Plus, he helped Attache Software generate 20 new leads with CEOs in the Aged Care sector.

Key points Ken will be training on the day:

  • What has changed in selling over the past 50 years? We reveal strategies you may be using which could cost you valuable business.

  • How to generate a list of qualified prospects who will want to meet with you.

  • How to get past gatekeepers and through to a decision maker to make an appointment.

  • How to develop a sales process that will see you closing deals each week, not endlessly following up.

  • How to communicate to a prospect as an expert in your field, not just another salesperson.

  • How to get Testimonials from your customers.

  • How to construct a pitch that converts.

  • Stop competitors from poaching your clients.

  • How to put our 30-day sales blueprint into action by showing you what to do when the workshop ends.

If you have any doubts about attending this workshop, read this before you say "NO".

You've probably heard the saying - "if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got". That saying has stood the test of time because many business owners treat sales training as a luxury instead of a necessity. The choice is yours, you can keep whining about the lack of sales or you can take action.

All too often companies view training as an expense to be avoided, as opposed to an investment that can, in the bigger picture, protect the success of the business in the long term. What is the true cost of cutting back this important area of business?

What are the three things that could happen if your salespeople do not attend this workshop?

1. New sales rep will be affected by old salespeople with bad attitudes

New salespeople will be ready for the challenges ahead with a willingness to learn everything they can, to get the best start possible, but if you don't have a training plan in place, the natural place they will look is to their colleagues. If those colleagues are disengaged, frustrated and struggling to achieve because of their own lack of training - well, you can see the pattern forming.

2. More frequent staff turnover resulting in low staff morale - death to any sales team

Remember those "bad apples" we mentioned in the example above. It's not hard to understand that without an engaging training plan in place, doubt and resentfulness can easily creep in, leading to your staff looking around for something new. A salesperson who has been properly trained and feels valued by their employer, who has a long-term plan for a successful career within your company will not only sustain and direct your business to further success, but also attract outside top talent to your team.

3. Delays to your sales pipeline - it could even dry up altogether

The sales process is at the heart of how you do business with new customers and you can never sit back and leave it. It should be a dynamic process, needing regular attention all along the way to build and develop the relationships that lead to new business. If your team members don't fully understand the pipeline process this can lead to frustration on both sides. Closing sales could end up taking so long to finalise that there would be an unnecessary delay in your company income, prospects may not feel committed to making a large investment or could end up walking away altogether.

The next 12 months anything could happen to the economy. Remember the GFC - if history repeats, are your sales team battle ready to handle a downturn so that your valuable sales pipeline doesn't dry up?

Take action now - we only have limited seating for each of these workshops and as these are one-off events you may miss out. Plus, we made each ticket so affordable there is really no reason not to attend.

To find out more visit:


Going to our website you can find further discounts on seating.

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Date and Time


Waldorf Parramatta Apartment Hotel5

110-114 James Ruse Drive

Parramatta, NSW 2142


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