Sacred Union Women’s Retreat

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Bawley Bush Retreat

101 Willinga Road

Bawley Point, NSW 2539


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Sacred Union Women’s Retreat with Nourishment by Three Feathers Wild

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Sacred Union Women’s Retreat

A full weekend immersion:

Sessions in:

Sacred Union Yoga

Sacred Union Dance

Sacred Union Energy Knowledge & Transformation

Sacred Temple Dancing and

Sacred Union Sound Healing...

All while being held in the most beautiful nature and amazing nourishment provided by Three Feathers Wild.

Retreat begins Friday evening and finishes 4pm Sunday.

Investment - $569

Or 3 payments of $199

Includes 2 nights accommodation & food.

You will need to bring your yoga mat, water bottle & journal.

Spaces are limited.

A deep sacred retreat for Women to step into sacred space and step through the sacred thresholds of the senses. Sacred Union is a full body prayer... honouring the Sacredness that is your body temple.

The Sacred Marriage within you.

Awaken and balance your feminine magic and your masculine power in this complete embodiment practice.

In Sacred Union Yoga you will engage in movement between feminine (yin) energies and masculine (yang) energies to reach the point of complete union and oneness within yourself. The ultimate practice of Self-Love.

Sacred Union Dance - Dance the aspects of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. In this class you will be guided to move and dance through Archetypes of Gods and Goddesses fully embodying and feeling all of the energies of those archetypes. Each of the aspects of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine reside within us. They play out in our lives in either Light or Shadow. By giving these aspects a space to be truly felt, seen, expressed and acknowledged you create divine balance -the Sacred Union within yourself.

In Sacred Union Dance you will delve into one Masculine God and One Feminine Goddess in each class allowing yourself to be deeply connected with this Archetype through Embodiment Meditation and then giving this Archetype breath and life to move through you.

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What women are experiencing:

"I signed up for Sacred Union Yoga without thinking too much about it. I was doing it because a close and trusted friend encouraged me to. It appealed to me because I love finding spirituality in movement; I am a runner and powerlifter and I have done yoga and meditation for years.

I found my first Sacred Union Yoga class challenging, I realised that while I have nurtured both my masculine and feminine self I have always struggled to find a peaceful connection between the two – I have been in constant war with myself as the masculine clashes with and disdains the feminine and vice versa. The blending of the two energies was foreign to me but as I relaxed into it and tried to find the flow I experienced a beautiful sense of calm compassion towards myself and to the areas of my life causing stress.

I forgot about this feeling as the class ended and I absentmindedly returned to my busy thoughts. However, as I was driving home I was overcome by the beauty of the night and the calmness returned, my anxieties faded behind the loud and clear voice in my head affirming “you’ve go this!” Practicing Sacred Union for a number of weeks now this sense of inner peace, compassion and an absolute confidence in my own ability to handle life has continued to intensify." - Bec, 38

"I just feel to express (via what these digital words can) my sincerest gratitude for being such a blessing in my life & during this transitioning time I've experienced whilst in Canberra. Your presence & teachings have assisted my heart to open, my soul's voice to be heard & my path to be clear. Thank you." - Sarah, 25

"I had a really strange and profound shift after starting Sacred Union Yoga. In the class we work on our own inner sacred union, sacred marriage. Them completely out of the blue, my partner of 8 years proposed to me. Now not only do I have my internal Sacred Union, but my external one too" - Marie, 40

"I really trust the space that Kelly holds. I can show up Authentically. Its so sacred, and the connection with the other women is so lovely, all supporting each other with no competition, I keep coming back because I leave feeling so much love for myself and everything" -Fiona, 31

"I come to this class to explore, to play, to dance more of 'me' into the world, to learn new ways to express, to discover new possibilities and channel the life force that is demanding all of the above' - Dani, 37

'Self care, calm, clarity and self love- Jodie, 27

'I come to Sacred Union just to open more into myself" - Renee, 41

"Im experiencing the balancing of my feminine and masculine power which has united the spark in me to move forward in my life" - N, 64

"I feel balance, a coming into one, my all." Trish, 41

"A deepening of joy and connection' - Bec, 40

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Date and Time


Bawley Bush Retreat

101 Willinga Road

Bawley Point, NSW 2539


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