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‘Round the World for Reilly is the main fundraising and awareness building event for The Smiley Reilly Project.

This year on Sunday 17 March, our ‘Round the World for Reilly event hopes to involve as many people in as many different locations as possible to walk, run, stagger, ski, cycle and stroll in memory of Reilly. Whilst the day is aimed at being one of remembrance, we also want it to provide people with an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family in a day of fun, love, sunshine and laughter, no matter where or how far the walk takes you.

As you may know March 17th is St Patrick's Day so we're going green!! Dress in your brightest green, don a green hat, paint your face or wave a flag - let's show our unity for this fabulous cause and the families we support!!

We have a number of ‘Round the World for Reilly events organised at central locations in both Australia and New Zealand, or alternatively you can register your own event wherever you are.

Each of our pre-organised locations have options for those who wish to run, walk, amble or stroll. We also welcome you and your posse to join us for some extra fun, laughter and a bite to eat together after the event. Details and the opportunity to donate are available through the registration process.

If you're creating your own location, the idea is that you get together with friends or family, go for a stroll/run/walk/ride and enjoy your time together, maybe have a picnic afterwards. We don't define what you do, we simply want you to spend some time with loved ones, whilst thinking of Reilly and all the little ones gone too soon, make it known what you're doing to promote The Smiley Reilly Project and help us to raise awareness and funds.

Whilst there is no cost associated with participating in the event, we hope that people will prefer to make a donation in lieu of an entry fee. All monies raised will go to The Smiley Reilly Project whose aim is to provide support to families who have experienced the loss of a child. Donations can be made whilst registering or through our website or facebook page. Your participation regardless of where you are in the world is a reminder of just how amazing and caring people are, whether they be friends or strangers, whether they are near or far. And your donations will be put to great use making a huge difference to the lives of many!

So far our highest number of participants is 766 in 80 locations across 28 countries - let's see if this year we can take 'Round the World for Reilly to even more corners of the globe!!

Thank you in advance for your support, we're looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 17 March as we go 'Round the World for Reilly - a great day for a great cause!

Having trouble registering or you've got a query? Email us at info@thesmileyreillyproject.org

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