ROOT CAMP Fitness Alchemy @Authentic Body
$27.64 – $226.49
ROOT CAMP Fitness Alchemy @Authentic Body

ROOT CAMP Fitness Alchemy @Authentic Body

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Brunswick Heads River

Brunswick Heads, NSW 2483


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Are you ready for the flame relationship?

When we heal the relationship from within, and free ourselves from Judgment, Shame and Guilt we become unified from within.

This Allows the true nature of our masculine and feminine principle to be.

When we do this we call in the one thing all females yearn for, an authentic masculine who holds the capacity to show us the triggers we hold on to deep within our body and mind. These memories are stored within the cells and need to be consciously alchemised by physical and emotional release. @ Root camp we allow the body to open up and prepare itself for the flame relationship!

If you are ready for this type of union, then this is for you!! Not only will you learn how to find your blocks to the body, you will be prepared for the meeting of your one true love - The FLAME. All while getting fit! This is stage one of root camp where we dive deep into physical release.

Root camp is an experience where Fitness and Alchemy are united, to bring you permanent healing, by intergrading all the parts of you. We neutralise the pendulum from swinging between love and hate. When we alchemise love and hate, Judgement and guilt, pride and shame. We realise our wholeness, therefore opening ourselves up for authentic relationships.

If you are sick of kissing frogs then this is for you!!!

We dive deep into the root cause of the issues that woman are facing in today's society, be it exercise addictions, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, eating disorders, or the 'need' to look a certain way. We will discover the subconscious reasons why women have unhealthy mindsets that lead to self-sabotaging patterns.

Nutritional programs can be prescriptive and reductionistic. Also limited, are the many gyms and personal trainers that merely provide a facility or a service for physical improvement or fitness. Our goal, however, is to help women unlock wholesome lasting health, in doing so integrate all the fears and concerns that have impacted us throughout history.

In short, we are multi-faceted self-discovery coaches.

How we do this?

The key foundation to establishing permanent health is to heal the relationship with our body, our mind, our sexuality and inner child.

Authentic love requires a full body awakening. To do this we must peel back the layers of trauma we have inherited from the collective pain body, from society and from the beliefs we formed about ourselves in childhood, what this does is create a deep unconscious split in our psyche where the individual swings between love and hate, never truly being AUTHENTIC

Together we will explore the shadow sides of both the body and sexuality and how it affects our relationships.


How to train for your body type, and what foods work best for you.

How to clear the subconscious blocks and thought forms

Understanding why they are there and how to remove them

Creating an authentic body

Opening up and preparing you for your twin flame union.

We will develop and integrate ourselves by seeking

  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Wisdom

Together we will create the Authentic body and release our fears by kinetic release along with a training regime I have developed that is fun, exciting and gets us physical results as well as emotional release.

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What do you need to bring?

Water bottle

Mat and towel

All your questions and concerns

Much Love

Jacqueline and Aaron

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Date and Time


Brunswick Heads River

Brunswick Heads, NSW 2483


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