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Rise to Resilience - August Retreat

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Rise to Resilience Retreat 2nd - 8th August 2018 Inclusions:

Are you bored of hearing yourself say "I wish I could change" or "Why do I keep doing this?". I don't know about you but I am bored of hearing this little voice inside my head say "you just can't". "Respond to Resilience" is about helping you to understand why your brain convinces you to "avoid" rather than "approach" and how you can build a brain that is ready to tackle the trials and tribulations of daily life. This program will not just educate, it will ask you to plan, act and critique. This is a workshop that will help you build a brain that is ready to "Respond to Resilience" not just think about it. If you are ready to challenge the way you see and respond to the world around you, then secure your spot and get ready to have some fun.

Going head-on into challenge and adversity is not something that your brain wants you to do. It actually wants to protect you, it wants to make sure that you stay alive and reproduce.....yep....that is your No.1 purpose apparently! So when your brain detects discomfort, stress, anxiety or fear it recognises that it needs to motivate you to avoid what you are doing and before you even realise you change your behaviour and you decide "this is just not right for me". Although this can be helpful at times, most of the time it is not and before long you realise that you are "avoiding" things more than you are trying things. Life becomes more of the same and you continue to repeat what you know, in the fear that doing things differently will bring unease, discomfort, disapproval or pain.

My passion in life is to help you to know why your brain reacts this way and what you can do to respond in a helpful way. My job as a Psychologist is to help you build a resilient brain that helps you respond to struggle and challenge with curiosity and creativity. Life is not about avoiding the bumps, curves or avalanches, it is about embracing them and knowing what you are required to do to get around, over or through them.

"Respond with Resilience" is a 12-week program that includes 6 group coaching sessions with myself. You will also receive a 12-month online module program that will enable you to review the workshop content and revise for future reference.

This program will require you to open your mind and heart, to try new things, to challenge yourself and your beliefs and to have fun in the process.

Thanking for trusting me.

Davinia xoxoxo


*Retreat led by a Psychologist (Davinia) and a Physiotherapist (Darren)

*5 nights to reconnect with your body and your brain

*Neuroscience education throughout the retreat so you understand how your body and brain communicate

*Learn, understand and implement tools and strategies to build self-awareness, resilience and happiness

*Physiological education throughout the retreat so you can reconnect with your body

*Pre resilience capacity assessment to identify your “starting line” and understand your strengths and areas of focus

*Personalised and detailed report on your current resilience capacity

*12 months access to an online resilience-building program that reviews the retreat content, including neuroscience concepts, to ensure that you can continue to review the material beyond the retreat setting

*Relaxed and beautiful tropical setting to support wellness

*5 nights accommodation (twin share)

*All food and non-alcoholic beverages

*A one hour massage during your stay

*Daily movement/activity (every level of physical capacity will be catered for and monitored)

*Return transfers to your accommodation/airport

IMAGINE you have attended the “Rise to Resilience Retreat”:

YOU feel alive, energised and excited knowing that you can change your brain and you have the tools and techniques to help you

YOU cannot believe what your brain and body are capable of achieving, you are fired up and ready to test their limits

YOU understand yourself in a whole new dimension and are so excited to continue this relationship using your new tools

YOU know why change was so difficult for you before and you now know how to move beyond the discomfort

YOU do a little happy dance because you finally get what this life is all about, and you know you have the body and brain to tackle it with 100% certainty and clarity

YOU are so excited to use your new communication tools to communicate and connect on purpose

YOU are now part of a secret Facebook group of retreat members, where you will receive ongoing assistance from Darren and Davinia

YOU have a fantastic new group of friends and accountability partners to ensure you will maintain daily changes

YOU are relieved that you have access to an online resilience tool that reviews all of the retreat content and continues to remind you and guide you forward Life looks so exciting and you are delighted that you were brave enough to take this step into the unknown

YOU go home and celebrate the new you with your family and friends and farewell the old you that questioned your worth and capacity to achieve your dreams

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