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Set yourself up to ride the 2021 wave at this workshop with Lynne Cazaly, Donna McGeorge and Tracey Ezard, moderated by Maree Burgess

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2021 will be full of great opportunity and possibility, should we choose to set up our ways of working, thinking and connecting. This masterclass will draw together the approachs of the three facets. An opportunity for you to reset and refresh how you might be looking towards 2021.

Think Better – Lynne Cazaly

The Institute for the Future suggested Adaptive Thinking could be one of the Top 10 skills we’d need for these times – and how prophetic they were!

Adaptive thinking is how we need to have a ‘proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond that which is rote or rule-based.’

‘Rote’ is when we might use habitual, mechanical or repetitive thinking, solutions and ideas we’ve tried before. We can get into habits that are neither adaptive or flexible.

So how adaptive are you? Are you able to respond to new and unique circumstances or do you go with the previous ways you’ve done things?

When we are asked to change, or need to lead others in change, it’s how we think - and how we adapt how we think - that is at the heart of it.

Work Smarter - Donna McGeorge

The phrase “work smarter” gets thrown around a lot these days and I’m not sure people actually know what it means! Working smarter is about making better use of your most valuable time. It’s about getting to the end of the day and feeling like you actually achieved what you wanted and feel productive. It isn’t magic. There is conscious attention required on things like knowing your best time of day for highly cognitive work, or undoing years of habits that have become ingrained into your daily routine.

It costs nothing to pause, reflect and connect with your purpose for the day, and building your efforts around that.

Connect Faster - Tracey Ezard

Leaders and teams that co-create new ways of working together will take advantage of the insights this time gives us. To do that, we need to connect fast, deeply and authentically. A culture of connection gives us the momentum to ride any wave. Professional trust, collaboration and learning come when our connection is sound.

The experts of this time will be those who are learning, not those who have learnt. Teams who connect to collaborate and learn together can overcome the biggest of challenges.

Join us in this workshop that uncovers

: how we think, how else we might think and what to do with all of our thinking so we create, lead and shape change for good.

: how we work, where we might work smarter in a world where resources are scarce and time is our most precious commodity

: how we connect to create a culture of learning and adaptability



Price: $249 plus GST per participant

This price includes the following:

  • Ebooks: Agile-ish How to Create a Culture of Agility by Lynne Cazaly
  • Glue: The Stuff That Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Things by Tracey Ezard

Online Resources:

  • Email Connection and Learning Tips - Tracey Ezard
  • Email Adaptive Thinking Series - Lynne Cazaly
  • Online 25 Minute Meeting Course - Donna McGeorge
  • Online First 2 Hours Course - Donna McGeorge
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Date and Time


Online Event

Refund Policy

Contact the organiser to request a refund.

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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