Rewrite the Future: Possible Alternative Future Scenarios for Australia

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This innovative event series will bring together leaders from a wide range of disciplines to think deeply and creatively about our future.

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As we take steps towards restoring our health and economic security beyond the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must ensure that in Australia our recovery agenda sets a course for a healthy, fair and sustainable society.

This Roundtable series will bring together leaders from the fields of health and climate change, social and environmental justice, sustainable development and net zero carbon futures to think deeply and creatively about our future.

Participants will work together with futurist Dr Colin Russo to develop a set of narrative scenarios for a range of possible alternative futures for Australia, and discuss the key policy directions to achieve this.


There will be a series of three online Roundtables to be held during August and September 2020. Participants are encouraged to register and participate in all three events if possible.

Roundtable 1(Scenario Development):

11am-1pm, Wednesday 5th August 2020

Roundtable 2 (Refining the Narratives):

11am-1pm, Wednesday 19th August 2020

Roundtable 3 (Backcasting and the Policy Agenda):

12pm-1.30pm, Wednesday 2nd September 2020


The outputs from this Roundtable series will be a narrative description of four possible futures, as well as a set of key policy recommendations for the post COVID-19 recovery (aka 'The Future We Choose').

These will be launched at an online Webinar in September 2020.

Following their development and release, we will advocate directly to decision-makers to adopt these policy recommendations to ensure the recovery agenda takes us towards a healthy, fair and sustainable future.

Scenarios as a tool for futures thinking

Scenario development is a tool used by communities, agencies, governments and other  groups to discuss possible alternative futures. Using participatory dialogue, and guided by experts in futures thinking, this process will enable a diverse group of stakeholders to work together to develop a set of agreed plausible future scenarios. This process can build positive attitudes and motivation for effective change, and catalyse support for action to achieve a preferred future. 

The publication and dissemination of these possible alternative future scenarios will help policymakers and the wider community better understand the consequences associated with different policy choices and build consensus around a shared vision for a healthy future for all. 

Supported by

  • Australian Communities Foundation
  • The COVID-19 Rapid Advocacy Fund
  • Discussion paper

    We encourage all participants to read this Discussion Paper prior to the first Roundtable.


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