ReWilding for Men & Women - Masculine and Feminine Archetypal Empowerment
$182 – $197
ReWilding for Men & Women - Masculine and Feminine Archetypal Empowerment

ReWilding for Men & Women - Masculine and Feminine Archetypal Empowerment

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The Inner Space

96A Camp Street

Katoomba, NSW 2065


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ReWilding for Men and Women

Unlock your power, passion, potency and stake claim your full potential in life and love!

1-day workshop open to men and women both singles and couples

This is an extraordinary opportunity to dive deep into places within our psyche's that hold us back, places that are often hidden from us. These places often times prevent us from:

  • fully connecting with our partners
  • fully stepping into our passion and purpose
  • attracting a compatible and equal partner
  • fully opening to our sexuality
  • living with joy, bliss and purpose

Men and women working in the same space to embody and embrace the fullness of self on extraordinarily deep levels is a profound experience that will alter the way you see yourself as well as the way you see and relate to the opposite sex.

We are both Masculine & Feminine in nature

As men and women we'll work with our inner masculine and feminine archetypes (aka specific parts of self) to unlock them, open to their power and potency and weave them into harmony with the other parts of self. This will shifts a person from operating on 2 cylinders to 8 cylinders.

During this workshop, we'll work toward resurrecting the full nobility, power, clarity and purposeful intensity that our masculine aspects possess.

We'll also explore our relationship to the full-spectrum of the feminine. We'll work to embrace the wisdom, intuition love, sensuality and deep heart connection our feminine aspects possess.

By integrating these opposites we become more effective, empowered, heart-centered and aligned with our purpose.

The highly experiential workshop format is designed to activate every level of your body, mind and soul

This workshop is shamanic, tantric and astrological. We’ll use powerful practices to get past our minds and into the depths of our beings - where our authentic power lies.

We'll work with an ancient medicine wheel technique to invoke and commune with our personal archetypes (or parts of self). The archetypes we'll be working with in this workshop will be both masculine and feminine archetypes.

What's possible in this workshop

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the feminine energy that enlivens, enriches and nourishes the masculine
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the masculine energy that honours, protects, and nourishes the feminine
  • Break through old relationship conditioning and cultural stereotypes
  • Make way for a clearer, more empowered expression of ourselves
  • Release shame, fear, wounds and distortions around our sexuality
  • Deepen our capacity for vulnerability
  • Remove obstacles to real intimacy and love
  • Improve relating and communication with lovers
  • Feel empowered in your sexuality, an essential ingredient for your potency and wellbeing
  • For Men - widen and deepen your ability to be with a woman emotionally and sexually as well as with your purpose in the world. We will focus on your innate gifts and how they are best given.
  • For Women - cultivate more pleasure and openness, feeling your body as a vehicle for ecstatic dissolution. Explore how you can share this gift with the masculine.
  • Experience the sacred marriage within which will enrich and deepen our outer relationships

What people are saying about ReWilding

"ReWilding has become a really effective vehicle for me to explore those parts of myself that are resistant to my investigation alone. No other practice has given me such direct access to me...leaving me in complete awe and wonder of self."

"I feel like I am peeling back layers - stripping back the false, the ego - everything layer of protection I have built up over a lifetime - maybe many lifetimes - and becoming who I am meant to be authentically."

"Since doing the workshop it feels as if my sexuality is now like a blank canvas; all of the old is gone and the new can be painted."

"This was truly one of the most profound events I have been involved in. Loved it. Going again."

Who is ReWilding for?

  • Single men and women
  • Partnered men and women
  • Spiritual men and women
  • Non-spiritual men and women

No previous experience necessary! This workshop is for any man or woman who wants to open to their full power and potential!

If this sounds scary - it's not!!

This is not a 'get your clothes off and do weird tantric stuff' workshop. This is about exploring your own inner masculine and feminine through practices that aim to take you past your ego mind and deep into these amazing and transformative archetypal energies.

Couples - You're more than welcome to come together and you can chose how closely you'd like to work with one another.

You've got nothing to lose

Some of our 1 day workshops go for $450 per person. But, because we're dead-set on making this work available to as many men and women as possible, we're keeping the price for this workshop at $197 per person. If you're coming as a couple there is a couples discount.


As a ReWilding attendee you'll receive:

  1. Your current astrological birth chart, which includes the major masculine & feminine archetypes. (Most charts & astrologers leave these out!!)
  2. Post-workshop follow up video with further information and at-home practices to deepen your experience.
  3. Access to our private 'ReWilding' facebook community.

Limited spaces available and our last 15 workshops have sold out with a waitlist

In order to keep this a small and intimate gathering we've limited the number of men and women who can participate. Our last 15 workshops have sold out with a waitlist. Please book as soon as possible in order to reserve your seat before they're gone.

NOTE: Tickets are non-refundable, but fully transferable. If you can't attend, send a friend, they'll thank you for it!

More Praise for Sabrina Lynn

"Sabrina is a brilliant facilitator. She is personable, down-to-earth, has a great sense of humor & is like a conductor with the energy flows when doing the processes."

"Loved, loved, loved the ReWilding Workshop! The idea of connecting to a part of myself that is unapologetically wild and free felt very appealing. And it happened. The energy of the space that Sabrina created and held enabled me to go deep into a part of myself that has been locked and hidden away. Bringing that to the surface to acknowledge and release was incredibly profound and freeing. There’s a healthy fire in my belly now and an incredible sense of passion and drive. What a beautiful, powerful process. I’m excited for the next workshop – to explore more!"

"I love working with the archetypes and Sabrina's knowledge and experience working with them is phenomenal. I value Sabrina's heartfelt commitment to bringing this work into the world."

"I have much love for Sabrina and I am so very grateful to have found her, I am now able to stand in my full power. I feel like I am almost home."

"This was a divine experience to be a part of. The release and the empowerment was un-deniable!"

About Sabrina Lynn …

Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding For Men & Women has impacted the lives of thousands across the globe. She is one of the most passionate and deep-diving personal development trainers in the world.

Having taught in some of the largest organizations in Australia (Commonwealth Bank, Tourism Australia, UNSW, BHP, QBE and WNBN) she combines her common sense, down-to-earth approach with depth, wildness and raw power; which are the unique signatures of her ReWilding work. She facilitates at a depth where remarkable transformations, healings and openings in the lives of men and woman are a common occurrence.

Sabrina brings 10 years of teaching, facilitating, consulting and coaching experience into her work. She's studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.

Sabrina Lynn currently leads ReWilding For Men & Women workshops, retreats and online programs to international audiences.

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The Inner Space

96A Camp Street

Katoomba, NSW 2065


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