Reiki Level 1 Training

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Soul Tribe Studio

57 Beach Road

Batemans Bay, NSW 2536


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Become Reiki trained at Soul Tribe Studio in beautiful Batemans Bay.

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Investment $350. Tickets via Event Brite or call Clare 0447617619 to book. Group limited to 12 for an intimate learning experience.

Have you heard of REIKI, or had a session before and would like to learn more?

Do you sometimes feel flat, tired and feel like you are too busy to give yourself proper self care? Would you like to be able to give Reiki to a partner, child or love one, to help CALM them and yourself? Are you currently feeling just a bit stuck in your life and would you like a boost of energy to help you feel inspired again?

If you have answered **YES** to any of these, then perhaps this course is just what you need.

So let’s start off with what Reiki is and how easily and quickly you can change your life.

Reiki uses a special form of universal energy called 'ki', to assist the body to rebalance, restore and to come back into harmony. It works on a energetic level, which then helps with physical, mental and emotional bodies with healing.

With regular practice, Reiki healers feel HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, more PRODUCTIVE and better able to deal with challenging situations. This healing method uses energy to balance the BODY and MIND, and its benefits can be felt by both Reiki practitioners and their clients.

It is a powerful healing modality and once you become attuned in the course, you will be able to tap into the energy from that moment on. Your entire body will feel lighter and something inside of you changes; it’s like your internal light switch turns on and everything becomes brighter. As it’s universal energy, there is a never ending abundant flow, so you will always have it and be able to tap into it.

....And course is done over the space of just **ONE** weekend.

It’s not like you have to wait a few weeks for the energy to flow, it comes in instantaneously. It’s really that simple and accessible. There are no tests you need to do. You don’t have to remember any information (as your given a sweet manual). You just have to show up and we willing to create a positive change in your life.

A little bit of extra info…

Here is a simple list of the things that Reiki can help with:

* Slow down the “monkey mind” and negative thoughts patterns

* It helps to clear the brain fog and bring about mental clarity

* With a clear mind you feel more grounded, relaxed and happy

* It can assist with health issues within your body

* We will work to clear the chakras, enabling your energetic body to flow freely

* You will learn new meditations that can do at home

* You will be able to respond better to stressful situations

* Aids better sleep allowing your body to rejuvenate.

* Improved overall health and wellbeing

About your teacher, Fiona Neason from “A Journey Within - Reiki Healing”

Fiona Neason is a Master Level Reiki Teacher and Mindfulness Meditation practitioner, who has been trained and mentored by her renowned Master, Jeremy O’Carroll from Om Reiki Center Melbourne. Fiona first studied Reiki over 8 years ago and in this time she has closely followed his vast teachings and gained a deep and profound level of understanding energy and how Reiki can transform lives.

Fiona has been taught the skills of Reiki using the traditional Japanese systems. There are so many different types of ways Reiki is taught these days, and many teachers have moved away from the Eastern style of teaching and have put their own flare and style to practise. Whilst these techniques might be useful, Fiona prefers to work in with the more traditional approach, as what was taught by the founder of Reiki, Dr Usui.

What is taught in the course

The style of Reiki that Fiona teaches uses a structure called the five pillar system. The result of this is that you will experience a system where each piece complements the other and they have a steady experience of energetic progress.

In particular, our courses cover the five pillars (or diamonds) of the Japanese system:

1. Reiki attunements (energy ceremonies that connect students to the Reiki energy.

2. Meditation techniques that refine and strengthen a student's connection to energy.

3. Reiki healing which enables students to use energy to heal themselves and others

4. Mantras and symbols (only introduced in level 2) that help students strengthen their connection to certain forms of Reiki energy.

5. Reiki precepts or principles that promote a healthy energetic system, facilitate powerful cleansing and provide a philosophical and spiritual backdrop to Reiki practice.

Course Contents - Reiki Level 1 (Shoden Level)

Our Level 1 course (also known as 'shoden' level) helps students connect to Reiki energy. At its completion, students will:

* Be able to use Reiki to heal both themselves and others

* Know all key hand positions and how they help you increase the power of your healing sessions.

* Have an understanding of the 5 Reiki precepts and how they can help you overcome past hurt and energy blocks.

* Have practised several meditation methods - like breathing into the 'hara' (an energy centre below the navel) - for increasing the flow of chi and strengthening healing.

* Know how to smooth the aura and cleanse the body of energetic impurities.

* Have a basic understanding of the chakra system, how it effects our well being and how Reiki can strengthen it.

* Learn techniques for developing intuition when healing with Reiki.


All courses ran by Fiona are recognised by the ARC - Australia's leading Reiki association - and the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals.

Our certificates will also be recognised by all traditional Reiki associations around the world.

This is important to anyone who is considering becoming a Reiki practitioner or using Reiki as part of an already established healing modality.

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Date and Time


Soul Tribe Studio

57 Beach Road

Batemans Bay, NSW 2536


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