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Reconciliation: Walking the Talk

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Canberra, ACT 2601


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Join Christine & Pamela to explore new practice horizons in your Reconciliation Journey.



  • Round-house introductions. Evaluating where our personal knowledge of the intersection between reconciliation, theory and practice currently sits using a Pendulum of Practice. Identifying the giants in our lives that impact on our practice and introducing Indigenous knowledge and theory to assist us in overcoming these giants to shift our practice. This day will be interspersed with circle activities so come prepared to participate.

DAY TWO: Walk a mile in my shoes day.

  • Participants will be allocated a character and family history/bio prior to the workshop to research and are asked to remain in character during the day’s activities. Each activity will be conducted in a group setting and interspersed with periods of individual and group reflection. Various activities (not role plays) will be completed throughout the day which will enable people to participate in character. Each activity is designed to highlight/explore one or more of the theoretical concepts outlined in the workshop.


  • Revisiting the pendulum of Practice to ascertain whether what we have learned over the past two days has/will enable us to shift our practice regarding reconciliation theory and practice and reducing the impact of racial stress or anxiety. Groups will be encouraged to examine if/how our view of the ‘giants’/impediments to culturally safe practice has changed with the incorporation of the different theories into our practice as well as how we might use Indigenist knowledge, theory, and practice in our work in the future.

  • Evaluation and feedback of the workshop.

Prerequisites for workshop

  1. A commitment to engaging in professional practice which promotes Reconciliation;

  2. A willingness to explore new conceptual and philosophical horizons across cultural and philosophical divides;

  3. A willingness and capacity to explore/critique one's own thinking and to engage with others to gain a deeper understanding of their thinking;

  4. Capacity and commitment to shape practice to incorporate new learning and insights.


  1. By the completion of the Workshop participants will have been introduced to the concepts of:

    • Racial stress and anxiety and its impact on one’s capacity to build effective relationships across cultures;

    • Indigenist theory and practice that empower Australia’s First Nations and social workers who incorporate this knowledge into their practice;

    • Internalised dominance and internalised oppression which can impede interactions thus undermining the practitioner’s capacity to promote and achieve effective relationships and reconciliation.

  2. Participants will have identified and explored their emotional indicators of racial stress/anxiety and, by drawing on existing knowledge and skills, consider ways to manage those anxieties/stressors.

  3. Participants will have had the opportunity to practice ‘walking the talk ’of non-discriminatory and inclusive behaviours as a means of reducing the experience of racial stress and anxiety thus enhancing their commitment to promoting effective cross-cultural relationships and Reconciliation.

Pre-workshop reading material: two weeks prior to the workshop, participants will be provided with reading material designed to help them better position themselves to explore the key theoretical concepts underpinning the workshop.

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Date and Time




Canberra, ACT 2601


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