Rebirthing Breathwork Sound Healing Journey with Suntara - Gold Coast

Rebirthing Breathwork Sound Healing Journey with Suntara - Gold Coast

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Tugun Community Hall

414 Coolangatta Road

Tugun, QLD 4224


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This workshop is for people who are ready for Deep Healing and Transformation. A "Safe Place to Breathe" with Suntara

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Rebirthing Breathwork Sound Healing Journey “A Safe Place to Breathe” with Suntara

** Limited to 24 Participants Only - Suntara will have Assistants **

Rebirthing Breathwork Sound Journey is for people who really want a big shift in their lives. Combining the immense power of Rebirthing Breathwork and Sound Healing this process clears a huge amount of blocks, clearing stress, old traumas and emotional patterns, physical tension, pain, limiting beliefs and more. This results in the restoration of peace, harmony and balance in your body, mind and life.

Sometimes referred to as “Cellular Memory Release” Rebirthing does just that, the breathing rhythm allows the body to relax and let go of blocks at a cellular level meaning that the changes are profound and permanent. When Sound Healing is added to the experience it is supercharged.

Personally I believe “Rebirthing is one of the only ways that you can change an adult”. From my personal experience this has been the case, through a series of many Rebirthing sessions, especially back in 2005 my mindset and my life changed completely as a result.

I trained in Rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr, the founder and father of the worldwide Rebirthing movement. I have been Rebirthing people for over 15 years now. When I met Leonard in 2005 he had been Rebirthing people for over 40 years. Leonard taught me the gentle way to Rebirth people with no force which allows people organically drop into a deep state of relaxation using a simple and gentle breathing rhythm. The breathing rhythm is basically that of a new-born baby. A new-born baby breathes with no pause between the inhale and the exhale and no pause between the exhale and the Inhale. You breathe in and let go, and breath straight back in and let the breath go. It is not hyperventilation or “over breathing” just a gentle flow of breath where the inhale and the exhale are always connected like a wheel.

The breathing rhythm literally gently pulls you in to a deep meditative state of relaxation, an “altered state of consciousness” where the conscious mind or “Ego” loosens it’s grip and you reach deeper parts of your consciousness where the true answers lie and where energy blocks can be accessed and released.

Once I have guided you into the breathing rhythm and you are already well on the way to the deep meditative state I then start the Sound Healing. I use my voice in a powerful and shamanic way to connect with your body and mind to assist the movement of energy that was started by the Rebirthing Breathing. I also use many instruments such as Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Djembe, Medicine Drum, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowls and Koshi Chimes to enhance the experience.

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