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"The Hub"

91 The Parade

Ocean Grove, Victoria 3226


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Is your NERVOUS SYSTEM WIRED for SUCCESS or FAILURE? In other words is your body wired for Effort or Ease? When was the last time you ran an audit? Are you in body-mind debt? Have you checked your monthly energy (cash flow) statements? Do you run checks and measures to evaluate daily body based feedback as diligently as you do FB marketing and advertising campaigns??

Being a business entrepreneur requires gutz, courage, vision, tenacity, patience, generosity and a huge desire to make a difference to peoples lives ... however all that can come to a crashing standstill if you ignore the feedback your body is giving you.

Join us to discover a whole new language, a fresh new protocol, way of thinking, blueprint ... a unique and revolutionary blend of neuroscience, neurophysiology and crafty sensory awareness explorations – specifically designed to reveal and empower you to eliminate unconscious fears of success or failure.

As Einstein once said "you cannot solve a problem using the same kind of thinking that created it!"... I love that statement because that is exactly what I am offering you in this cutting edge program ... a totally different way of thinking ... a paradigm shift, another way to problem solve!

As an entrepreneur keen to be the best in your niche, you need to be as committed to remaining discomfort and pain free as you are to building a successful business ... right?

We all know that eating healthy, sticking to a realistic exercise program, following a consistent sleeping routine and taking time out to un-plug and rest are all critical to maintain a healthy body however have you ever considered or questioned the health of your brain and nervous system?

Your success as an entrepreneur now and going forward is dependent upon your willingness to make your NERVOUS SYSTEM a priority.

Are you willing to do what it takes?

if you answered a resounding YES then you are most definately in the right place at the right time. Science is exploding as you read this, collating data that validates, endors's and supports us to better trust the breathtaking intelligence we each have to be 'the best we can be', The world needs entrepreneurs to bring heartfelt solutions to problems we all face, for the sake of our children;s children.

My job is to help you access and better understand and trust your own unique intelligence and intuition however first you need to learn the language and unconscious default settings programmed into your cells and nervous system,

In this revolutionary program you'll discover in an easy, light hearted and playful way how to access that part of your system ... that part of the brain where no longer useful habits and programs hang out ... pesky habits of effort struggle anxiety and fear that we don't know, we don't know how to access!.

Through the extraordinary capacity of 'neuroplasticity' and by better understanding 'optimal cell health' I will help you reveal and re-wire un-conscious habit patterns that may show up for you as -

  • mental or emotional stress, worry or anxiety

  • muscular or joint stiffness, tension, tightness or pain

  • poor uncomfortable restless sleep

  • digestive, skin, mood issues or headaches

  • foggy thinking, poor mental clarity or focus

  • fatigue, energy drop out, poor recovery, always tired

You will learn how to be comfortable in your own skin and resolve unwanted stress, tension, anxiety and worry.

You will courageously, confidantly and safely move beyond your comfort zone with clarity, self belief, bravery and freedom.

You will discover your nervous system's extraordinary capacity to unleash the body-brain experience of feeling -

  • grounded and trusting within

  • empowered to expand into the 'new you' free from past conditioning and constraints ... mental, physical and emotional)

  • confident, clear and unstoppable in following your entrepreneurial dreams and goals

  • free to self express with an authentic congruency

  • believing that "mistakes and failures" are an inherrant part of learning and growing into the human being you've been born to be

  • discovering a joyful ease, pleasure, freedom and committment to bring your entrepreneurial goals sustainably into reality

  • grateful for the remarkable discoveries and recoveries you've made as your productivity soars both inner and outer and you 'lift your bottom line'

The truth is – whatever you’re working on, whatever you’re trying to improve or better –…it’s ALL directly influenced by how healthy your nervous system is. Your nervous systems governs everything – your brain and it's signalling pathways … your thinking, how you feel and how and when you move and action your thoughts ... everything!

The nervous system holds the key to clean, polish and spruce up all things stinky, old, grimy and in need of desperate help. When used as it's been designed, it can take you from zero to one hundred mighty fast!

What and how you think and problem solve, your inner self talk, your values and hidden beliefs, your actions and behaviours and ability to take risks. The functioning of your tissue cells and blood vessels, your immune system, your endocrine system, your muscular system, your digestive system ... everything!

The problem is – most budding entrepreneurs are trying to “fix their problems” without FIRST taking care of their nervous system. Which means all that work won’t result in true, sustainable long lasting change & relief.

That’s why it’s time for YOU to engage your neuroplasticity and learn how to tune into, and tune up your nervous system.

Sandy Leathem brings to this exciting cutting edge program a wealth of over 50yrs experience as a Physiotherapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner and avid inquirer of cutting edge brain science research into neuroplasticity and biochemistry.

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER: Participants will receive a huge discount for 3 Individual sessions post workshop with Sandy PLUS breakthrough scientific information about the impact stress, tension, worry and anxiety has on cell physiology and how to resolve that.

For further information about Sandy and her skillset go to : http://www.sandyleathem.com.au/the-feldenkrais-method

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Date and Time


"The Hub"

91 The Parade

Ocean Grove, Victoria 3226


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