Radical Self-Acceptance & Mindfulness. 1.5 Hour Workshop

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Enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and radical self-acceptance with this online course. Offered by Mindfulness Works Australia.

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Radical self-acceptance empowers us to relate to ourselves as complete, whole and OK, rather than broken, incomplete or needing fixing.

With mindfulness we see how our thinking mind misleads us by telling us we need fixing. Mindfulness allows us to tacitly experience moments of natural ease and openness.

These experiences become a foundation from which we re-establish our relationship to ourselves and the world.

This foundation gives us the necessary support to re-encounter a sense of OKness, wonder, curiosity, connection and love for ourselves and life itself.


✔ How to effectively work with self-judgement, shame and guilt

✔ How our thinking informs our experience of ourselves and the world

✔ Starting from a place of being OK

✔ How mindfulness empowers us to separate fact from fiction

✔ The link between vulnerability and being OK

✔ Mindfulness, freedom, openness

✔ Supporting ourselves and each other in the practice

✔ Greater feelings of self-love and self-acceptance

✔ Greater feelings of joy and freedom

✔ More capacity for authenticity and deep emotional connection

✔ More creativity and feelings of meaning and fulfilment

✔ Less tolerance of unhealthy situations and relationships

✔ More spontaneity and greater feelings of connection with life


Karl Baker is the founder of Mindfulness Works Australia. He has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for 17 years including attending numerous silent meditation retreats and working extensively one on one learning from highly regarded Australasian mindfulness teachers. Karl is a highly unusual mindfulness facilitator. Not subscribing to any dogma or religion, he offers mindfulness in a down to earth and accessible way. Karl’s offerings are based on his own mindfulness journey with a major emphasis on radical self-acceptance. Being an a-type personality perfectionist, Karl is well placed to support fellow a-type personality perfectionists to harness the strengths of these qualities but temper them with softness, acceptance and love. Karl’s primary teacher of 17 years is Stephen Archer.

Mindfulness Works Australia created and runs Australia's most popular mindfulness course. We run physical courses throughout Australia, which is the same as this live online course. We have a team of dedicated, highly experienced mindfulness facilitators and full time back-end admin and support people to address your questions and assist with any aspect of the course.

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