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You are a US marine called in to stop a deadly outbreak at a top secret military research facility in the desert. The US Government has been experimenting with re-animation biotech to administer to fallen troops in the heat of battle. When administered, the drug (known as TX1), brings the subject back to life with increased aggression but limited cognitive ability. 24Hrs ago all contact with the research facility was lost and Intel shows the entire base has somehow been subjected to a defective strain of the TX1. Your mission is to fly in and stop all infected personnel from leaving the facility. Make your way down to sub level 3, activate the self-destruct mechanism and get the hell outta there. Deadly force is authorized!

Session Duration: 30 min (inc Suit-Up)

Please arrive 10min prior to start time


- Play up to 4 players simultaneously!

- Gameplay score feature "Team Orientated' goals along with individual player achievements.

- Fully un-tethered experience.

- Features 4D effects such as wind, fire, and vibrations.

- 20 minutes of fully immersive gameplay

- Utilizes fully automatic assault rifle with haptic feedback.

- Create your own Avatar with your actual face! See your friends face generated avatars in multiplayer!

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