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Purposeful note taking for passionate practitioners

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Level 2, 1 Rawson St. Wollongong

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You are a skilled, passionate and masterful clinician who invests time and energy into learning, growing and developing your practice. But when it comes to writting notes, it is a totally different story.

You have notes banked up from months ago that you keep telling yourself you will get around to someday.

You hurry your notes, writting down mindless jargin that doesn't truly reflect or capture the magic that takes place in the therapy room.

You are secretly terrified of being audited or supbeoned because you feel your work and your documentation will be on show and leave you exposed.

You feel compelled to write notes that make you sound like you are ticking all the right boxes, rather than notes that truly refelct the work you are doing and the progress you are making with clients.

Your notes feel like a chore, a waste of time and a burden, taking you away from the 'real' work.

It is easy to dismiss note taking as a nusiance - a pointless add on that sucks up time and energy with very little benefit in return, for you or your clients.

It is easy to push notes aside while you focus on the real work.

This is a common approach to note taking, and is easily rationalised by the skillful therapists who is committed to putting their heart and soul into the work.

But that niggling embarrassment and fear lingers. Like any form of avoidance, the more you ignore your notes, the greater the problem grows.

I was subpeoned for the first time regarding a longstanding family case that was going to court in three days. It was a massive wake up call. I was compelled to look at my notes for what they were, and to assess whether what I had written accurately captured and reflected my work in a way that served the client and was aligned for me as a clinican. A week later I was served my second supbeona, this time for a family case that spanned several years. I was compelled to go deeper into my note taking habits.

As terrfiying and confronting as this expeirence was, I was determined not to let it send me into a spiral of shame and avoidance. I bought all my clinical wisdom to the fore and turned it on myself: What fears and insecurities were lurking below the surface of my poor note taking habits? What actually are the APS, AHPRA and Meidcare requirements for note taking? How could I reframe and transform this experience into an opportunity to grow as a clinician? What opportunities might there be to engage with my notes in a way that elevates my work, opens up possiblities in my career, honours the work I do with clients and celebrates client's journeys with compassion and integrity?

I chose to dive deep into the art of note taking, not as a legal or ethical requirement, but as an extension, celebration and honouring of the work.

I came up with an approach, a mindset, a set of practices and a catalogue of ideas for infusing notes with possiblities for professional development, values based practice, client outcomes and career progression.

Most importantly I found a way to bring me into my work through my notes.

I want so much to share this with you.

This workshop is not based on scare tactics about getting audited, it is not another set of tools for your clinical toolbelt, this workshop is an opportunity for you to breathe life into your work, to lift the burden of unfinished and mindless note taking, to hnoour clients and the incredible work you do together and to elevate your practice and your career.

You will:

* Experience an important mindset shift that takes you from overwhelm, resentment and avoidance around note taking to experiencing ease, flow and engagement.

* Define a process for note taking that is uniquely tailored to your writting style, creative flare, therapeutic approach, values and intentions for the work.

* Feel the relief of not having to fret or stress about whether your notes are good enough or up to date.

* Have the opportunity to review your note taking habits in a safe, supportive and creative environment that encourages you to cut through the embarrassment and isolation you've experienced up until now.

* Discover how to use your notes as a gateway to professional development, personal satisfaction and career growth.

* Identify, strengthen and expand your understanding of the beliefs and values and your own therapeutic style as a clinician.

This interactive, highly engaging, creative and transformative workshop spans two half days to allow you not only to develop a note taking ritual and proces that works for you, but to put that process into place and return for feeback, discussion and review.

This one of a kind workshop will give you a bird's eye view of your craft through the process of note taking, open up your eyes to new possiblities and to bring to life what has, up until now, been a daunting, annoying and robotic task.

Strictly limited to 10 participants, this workshop is a small, intimate and high individualised learning experience that goes beyond the surface level criteria of note taking and takes you on a journey to bring to your life your clinical practice through your note taking.

I look forward to sharing this with you.

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Level 2, 1 Rawson St. Wollongong

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