PSYCHOLOGY FOR AGILE COACHES : How to help people change

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Melbourne, VIC 3000


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The Agile/Scrum facilitator must be a master of people. They must understand how to capitalise on the collective intelligence of the group to make it an inclusive and developmental space. Sometimes the group being coached:

  • have great minds individually but they don't function that great together
  • they prefer comfort to uncertainty
  • they have elephants in the room that prevent faster achievement
  • the team do not play cohesively

For Agile or Agile'ish to work, teams need to be able to deal with change and they need to communicate well.

Research is continuing to give evidence that psychological safety and a growth mindset are like the primer that make others things stick. Dr Amy Silver is the founder of The Safe Space program which enables agile teams to build trust to create collaboration for faster outcomes. By creating The Safe Space, we build the best environment for great achievement. People must face what makes them uncomfortable: the difficult conversations, the uncertainty of the future, the courage required with change, but the 'how to' help people change, takes time to learn.

This workshop has been specifically designed for agile coaches/enterprise coaches who want to help their teams to maximise their collective intelligence.

You will learn

  • How to create psychological safety and therefore increase joy, agility and trust

  • How to help people navigate difficult conversations

  • Simple tips to increase your influence in people change

  • How to help people deal with discomfort, safely

  • How to help individuals build knowledge of what they bring to the group and how they impact others

  • Tools and techniques straight from psychology on how to help people change

  • What you personally bring to the room as the coach, and what lessons you as a change agent need to be aware of to maximise your power

  • Learn to recognise your patterns of leading change

Included embedding processes to your learning

  • One 30 minute individual coaching telephone call to check in on your progress 2-3 weeks after the workshop. This supervisory call will enable you to check progress (you will complete a questionnaire before the call) and evaluate your next steps.

  • A private group portal for you and those on your workshop so as to keep the support and shared learnings through a group chat. Amy will also be part of this group and answer any questions.

  • At 2 months we will hold a group webinar for those in your workshop on the role of courage in coaching.

Who is this for?

  • If your success depends on the success of others.

  • If you are coaching at least one team towards agile or developmental culture.

  • If you supervise agile coaches.

  • If you lead a team/organisation and want to increase psychological safety or growth mindset for yourself and others.

  • If you are interested in spending time with Amy and her knowledge of psychology, extracting genius from others, growth and human communication.

  • If you have a passion for thinking deeply about yourself and those you serve.

  • If you are uninspired by powerpoint and want real conversation and heaps of practical things to implement for your teams.

Book now to take advantage of Early Bird - If you sign up before April 28th you receive a complimentary copy of Amy's recent book Conversations Create Growth

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Date and Time



Melbourne, VIC 3000


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