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Provocation Latextacy

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Geddes Lane

Geddes Lane

Melbourne, VIC 3004


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Refund policy

Refund policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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LATEXTACY An ambiance of true bliss awaits you ! Photo credit Noel Graydon Photographer (In loving memory)

About this event

LATEXTACY An ambiance of true bliss awaits you !

dazzle us with the colorfulness and fantasy of Japanese style manga animé or Surrender to the excess of the latex, leather or PVC and remember. Latextacy also loves lingerie, wetlook, super heros. This is the perfect time place to explore your alter-ego… Tonight, YOU ARE THE STAR!!!

Themes are ALWAYS just an added bonus and are never mandatory. Any fetish outfit as per the full Provocation dress code will do, but the theme is HIGHLY encouraged!



*We want all involved with Provocation to feel super comfortable, radically expressing themselves through kink at all events*

Please read this piece carefully and if you find yourself completely agreeing that all of this makes a terrible lot of sense, then please, come join the party

**Respect the autonomy of the individual:** every person has the right to make decisions about their own body, property, and personal space. What you see as a gift might be a curse if it is unwelcome (or unwanted), so when giving a gift, entering someone’s personal space, or using someone’s property, ask permission first. Only proceed if there is consent between all parties.

*Do not ever assume that you have consent based upon what a person is wearing or how they are acting.*

#### Consent must be mutual, definite, and given consciously, and persons are free to change their mind at any time.

#### Remember that consent for one act does not imply consent for all acts, and consent given once does not mean that you have consent every time.

### No always means no.

Our door and security crew have been fully briefed to be on the lookout for any sleazy, homophobic, transphobic, kinkphobic, antisocial, or predatory behaviour, which will get you instantly turfed from the event. We are an inclusive, pansexual event and require all our patrons to accept and respect this.

#### Someone’s kink may not be your kink, but you must respect their right to it.

If you are unsure how to address someone please ask politely how they would prefer to be addressed. It’s a quick question and offends no-one, and shows you are interested and open minded.

#### DO NOT TOUCH or grope people unless you have been expressly given their ok to do so.

**If you're unsure, simply check - a quick "Would you mind if I...?" is required and you'd be amazed at how empowering it is too.**

### The absence of NO is not a YES!

### Remember, consent is EXPRESSED not IMPLIED.


**This is not negotiable.**

If you see something amiss or feel uncomfortable or have any concern at all, please approach a ‘OKF Team or crew member or our event Security Guards as your first point of call. Where necessary the situation can then be escalated to security intervention if needed.

This helps us help you have a better experience and helps the security team know when an intervention is urgently required.

*It doesn't really sound that hard does it?*

#### Its not, If you are a creep, stay at home.


MANAGEMENT will be operating on a strict door policy. This is to protect YOU from ‘tourists’ who happen upon the event and could cause problems. Entry is at the sole discretion of OKF door staff and Security Guard who have complete control over admittance. OKF recommend dressing to impress for a trouble-free entry.

OKF will be encouraging the kinky to play on our equipment and dance to the sexy show tunes, as such we would love to see all our patrons dress to the occasion.

We have been asked by some guests if they can come in full sissy maid, cross-dresser or puppy play gear and the answer is a resounding Yes!!

Don’t hold back in expressing yourself or your kinks, the environment we are trying to create is one where you can be yourself, the true you that might stay hidden in everyday life… So bring out all that gear you thought was a little ‘too much’ for public viewing, there’s no judgement here and a lot of people are probably going to really love it.

The all black clothing minimum is a concession to those who are new to these kinds of events and don’t yet have a kink wardrobe or those who are not comfortable in the more ‘traditional’ fetish wear of leather, latex and PVC etc.

OKF is all about INCLUSION as well as play and fun. We do however require that you make a concentrated effort to dress appropriately to the theme of the night. This means no blue or black jeans, sneakers, work-wear, day-wear or ‘standard’ club wear. If in doubt, dress up. Suits or waistcoats for male identifying patrons and black dresses for female identifying patrons are a safe choice, we also accept alternative/goth club wear.

**For quick reference:**


Leather, Latex, PVC, Fetish, Cross, Drag, Fur, Suit, Military, Goth/Alt/Retro, All Black


Jeans or Shorts in any colour, not even black.

Sneakers/Sandals etc

T-shirts other than fetish related

Street Wear

Vanilla Club Wear


Casual or Smart Casual

*Dress code is enforced but the demographic is massively varied in age, background, race and culture.*

We have something special for you, somewhere that you can play unrestricted. A venue that you can explore that is filled with nooks and crannies that will be overloaded with equipment so that everyone can play. You can even dance with a sexy intimate dance floor. There is a medical area, several large pieces of play equipment, suspension frame, cages. We will supply some lovely nibbles and the resident Provocation slaves will ensure no one misses out.


• Please provide your own toys.

• There is also a cloak facility available.

• Dress code is Fetish - minimum basic black.

• This is a friendly, knowledgeable crowd - and a very fun place to spend a sexy fun night.

• No cameras are allowed - but our photographer will be on hand to take pictures with your permission.

We have the opinion that while your kink may not be our kink - respect is compulsory.

• If you are new to the scene, and plan to attend Provocation for the first time, please introduce yourself at the door and we will show you around :)

We look forward to seeing you!!

Mistress Mallice & the Provocation Team

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Date and time


Geddes Lane

Geddes Lane

Melbourne, VIC 3004


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Refund policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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Organiser Oz Kink Fest 2021

Organiser of Provocation Latextacy

All details are on our website www.oxkinkfest.com

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