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A webinar to show you how to leave the Google-sphere. The world is changing, there was a time where Google's motto was ‘Do no Evil”

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A webinar to show you how to leave the Google-sphere.

The world is changing, there was a time where Google's motto was ‘Do no Evil” then they removed it and started tracking all of your communication and scanning your emails so they could advertise to you. They track your every move and share this data with the highest bidder. Returning search results have become about social engineering and profits rather than the useful information or truth.

In a time where we are waking up and wanting to do our own research, find the people who lead from their hearts not their profits, more and more of us are wanting to be able to use the internet with freedom.

How do we do this?

We are so reliant on Google, social media and our phones. Technology is designed to keep us in these environments because it's easy, it's entrenched and convenient and moving can be a challenge.

This webinar will show you step by step how to start the move to internet privacy and independence.

Learn how to:

  • Set up a private and encrypted email account - in most cases you can keep your same email address.
  • Download and delete your data that Google stores about you
  • Move to a private search engine
  • Set up a VPN on your phone, so it stops sending data to the highest bidder, and ads stalk you around the internet.

Who is this for:

  • Everyday internet users.
  • This is for anyone who cares that data is being used to change the way we live. Google has a 95% monopoly on all searches online and is using this data to influence elections, and the political landscape across the world.
  • They are censoring topics and selling the content of your searches, locations and emails to companies who may not be aligned with your values.
  • This webinar is for people who want to say no to big data social engineering
  • Are annoyed by ads that follow them around the internet
  • That wants to support small tech companies who value privacy over profits.

Hosted by Jax and Chris

We recently discovered the depths of corporate greed and corruption and we thought it would be easy to step away from Google. We discovered it was very hard. We are not privacy experts, or IT professionals, but we have found some really good solutions, and thought we would share with others who do not feel aligned with having their data bought and sold to then be used against them.

This webinar is not highly technical - but will give you the tools to make the move yourself. Online Soverignty is about empowerment and autonomy.

All viewers will be emailed a video recording.

If the timezones do not work. Don’t worry, as we will send you a copy to watch in your own time.

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