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Glenelg North Community Centre

Alison Street

Glenelg North, SA 5045


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"FINALLY! How To Escape the Stresses of a Busy Professional Lifestyle"

(so you DON'T have to move to Tibet and live in a cave)

An epic half day Breathwork, Meditation & Cold Immersion Workshop allowing you to STEP UP to the challenge of taking an ICE BATH, challenge your idea of what’s normal and explore practicing WORLD RENOWNED TACTICS to supercharge your vitality.

This is an event you won't want to miss!

Have you heard how AMAZING taking an ICE BATH is for SUPERCHARGING your VITALITY?

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of BREATHWORK and MEDITATION then you’ve been living under a rock!

If you want feel IGNITED, supercharge your VITALITY, or even if you just want some new achievable habits and routines, then this is the most IMPORTANT letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Most people's lives have nowadays evolved to be very sedentary and they just accept where they are without ever CHALLENGING themselves. Many don’t believe it’s POSSIBLE to make positive personal CHANGE or ever consider trying something that most people would consider to be “crazy”!

Here's how we can guide you to experience and feel the same..


Hi, we are Dalice and Mark and you could say we are evolutionary guides, vitality consultants and coaches with passion and purpose.

By letting go of cultural conditioning our clients live in higher states of vitality and love, evolving towards fulfilling their greatest purpose.


This chillout event will ignite the part INSIDE you that is up for the CHALLENGE and ready for something NEW, different to the norm…

People around the world are challenging themselves and getting AMAZING results with these little known SIMPLE techniques that you’ll gain insight into at this event.

You can keep being “busy being busy”, or come and learn some INSTANT actionable tactics to give you some breathing space from your busy lifestyle.

Did you know that over 70% of Australians surveyed, responded that stress impacts their overall health and wellbeing, but most choose to sit and watch TV as the fix - crazy right?!?!

If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing you agree, just watching TV won’t give you more energy or vitality.

If you do agree, this event might just be the challenge you need…

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...


  • A guided ½ day journey into letting go and experiencing deep relaxation.

  • Breathing space to help slow down and step out of the “Rat Race”

  • Practice proven simple techniques to have less stress, more vitality and more flow in life, that you can instantly take home and make part of your wellness routine

  • Peak states of happiness, joy, and bliss as you connect all levels of your BEing

  • Biohack your meditation and relaxation practice with flickering light technology

  • Comradery with other awesome people as you plunge into a group Ice Bath


  • Professionals who want to relax and let go of their stressful busy lifestyles

  • Peak performers who want to take their game to the next level

  • Those wishing to heighten their awareness in meditation

  • Those who want more energy and vitality

  • Anyone seeking better quality sleep

  • People who seek greater connection between mind, body, soul and spirit

  • People ready to welcome more calm and stillness into their lives


  • Simplified tools, routines and habits - proven to increase your energy levels

  • Delve into some of the latest ways to naturally enhance your mental and physical performance - all backed by science

  • How to tune deeply into your body through breath awareness

  • How the breath impacts all levels of communication within your body and BEing

  • What it takes to build the foundations of a bulletproof immune system

  • Methods to help park the analytical thinking mind and tune into the true message that lies within you

  • The fundamentals that everyone should consider when learning meditation and mindfulness

You’ll walk away with a skip in your step after learning some tools to having more energy, vitality and confidence. The payoff will result in improved connection to self and others in your life.

People may even think you’re little weird, but that’s cool, after a while they’ll probably want what you have.

So Here's The Bottom Line With the Project Chill Out Event

You get all of this for only $55...

But Let Us Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...

Bonus #1: FREE Video on the benefits of taking ice baths and regular cold exposure

Bonus#2: FREE Guided Breathing Audio to help lower the stress from a busy life.


"I was so energised after doing this technique I felt like I could do anything! It's not nearly as hard as I thought once you get over the mental expectations of fear around cold - and I certainly didn't think I'd stay in as long as 10 minutes second time around - its the first time I've felt a real boost in energy since I started having fatigue from thyroid issues last year - and I woke up next morning feeling really strong and energised still! - Mark holds a really protective focused powerful safe container, and he's real fun to hang out with - -if you are thinking 'maybe 'about this experience; - just go for it !!" - Jo

“What an epic start to the day!” - Kurt

“Thanks for the amazing experience. Really shows what humans are capable of. Even better, my chesty flu has vanished and I feel amazing!” - Scott

By coming to the event, you have nothing to lose... (except some minor shrinkage and your fear of the cold)

If you do the full event and feel there were no valuable insights into supercharged vitality and breathing, meditation and ice baths just aren’t for you, then put us to the test with our money back guarantee.

If the Project Chill Out Event doesn't leave me feeling ignited... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to supercharged vitality strategies... or if it fails to help me break out of my busy life, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on our shoulders, so....

So go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

Can’t wait to CHILL OUT with you, it’s going to be AWESOME!

Dalice and Mark

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Date and Time


Glenelg North Community Centre

Alison Street

Glenelg North, SA 5045


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