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Profit Mindset - What are YOU Costing Your Business? workshop

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La Scala Cafe & Pizzeria

In function room

169 Unley Rd

Unley, Adelaide, SA 5061


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Workshop: Profit MindSet - What are YOU costing your Business?

Our Guest Speaker from Melbourne - Sandy Colombo will be joining me.

Sandy is the author of Simplify Sales and Travel the World and Simplify Leadership and put Your Feet Up

Sandy will be sharing with you how to grow your own Money Tree Mind Set in your Business and I will share strategies on How to Plan your Profits in Advance.


Do you want a money tree ? And Know how to Plann

People with a profit mindset have a money tree growing in their back yard ! You see their business is a tree and it is green and growing - The tree produces fruit which is representative of their sales. They know how to care for the tree. If you want your tree to produce more fruit lets look at what we are feeding the tree…. The roots of your tree are where the it gets it nutrients and these are your values.

Do you know your values ? Are your values strong?

Integrity, honesty, loyalty, confidence, trust, respect, warmth, abundance, acceptance, flexibility, congruency, consistency, commitment, enjoyment, connection, gratitude, passion

The trunk of the tree are your beliefs - What are your beliefs ? Are your beliefs supporting you?

  • I am professional and behave accordingly

  • Everything will turn out all right

  • I am persistent even in the face of disappointment

  • I take full responsibility for my performance

  • I am truly committed to being of service to others

  • I only ever sell what my client needs

  • I think big even when dealing with small minded

  • I am willing to leave my comfort zone

I make decisions quickly and take action The branches grow and support your fruit - are you taking action to grow & support your sales ?

  • Have a simple sales plan

  • Under promise and over deliver

  • Ask for the sale

  • Be nice to your competitors

  • Give and receive

  • Strive for more makes others feel important

  • Be a follow up specialist

  • Begin with the outcome in mind

  • Manage time effectively

  • Swim upstream

  • Spent 5 minutes per day prioritising

  • Have a clear message 5 proactive tasks per day

  • Always add value

  • Watch the fruit on your tree grow….

Author of Simplify Sales and travel the world Sandy Colombo speaks on the missing links for many businesses - the connection and the profit mindset that gets you to hit your goals (grown your fruit) and to break through the next level in business increasing your profit. Often its a simple missing gap as we just can’t see the forest for the trees…..

Description - Sally

People spend more time planning a holiday than they do planning their profitability. Scary but true!

• I will show you a fun way and easy to create a marketing, business profitability plan.

• It is Easy to stick to, Easy to understand and Implement

• Creates team buy in to your vision of growth and profitability for your business

• Develops the quieter leaders in to one's that own and support the vision

• Highlights hidden opportunities for further profits, on an on going basis.

We look forward to supporting you on you PROFITABILITY journey....

Best wishes


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Date and Time


La Scala Cafe & Pizzeria

In function room

169 Unley Rd

Unley, Adelaide, SA 5061


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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