Problems? The Wrong Thing To Do Is Nothing! Free Public Holiday Meetup!

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Life Improvement Center

231 -235 Mount Alexander Road

Ascot Vale, Victoria 3032


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Public Holiday Meetup . Problems ? The Wrong thing to do is NOTHING!

Free meetup Class!

Happy people control their problems well, so well in fact that they will set themself new problems to solve.

These are better known as Goals.

Happy people achieve their goals and make it seem effortless.

Think about it, people that improve or recover their happiness have or are successfully replacing bad control (bad problems) with good control. (good problems)

They constantly do this by seeking NEW KNOWLEDGE and are willing to experience and learn new things.

That's all.

In regards to KNOWLEDGE. One can never assume one knows enough or "it all" as that is the first obstacle to learning.

It is a sure way to find any of your problems escalate resulting in a feeling of entrappment in a mental and emotional roller coaster that, if you are not careful, someone "qualified" will recommend you take some pharmacuticals for .

So what are your options?

It takes NEW knowledge that has to be true to you (so that it is can indeed be easily applied) to quickly resolve any problem. New knowledge is likely to come from new sources (those untried as yet) .

Dispite any possible fear for "it" (new knowledge) it must be experienced before it can be judged.

Just like driving your car well it takes correct (true) knowledge to handle life's problems.

Sadly and for all to many is it a common mistake of "The Mind" to ignore once own problems.

So ask yourself the hard question .

What problem is pushing (depressing) you?


Have you noticed that all too many people have plenty of knowledge that they mostly obtained from hard knocks. (negaive experiences) Some are indeed proud of their hard knocks and that they survived to tell the tail.

What their bad experiences should have taught them is that their current knowledge in regards to that problem is simply incorrect or insufficient and is not working for them if it comes up again and again.

Despite this they keep using old knowledge combined with bad experiences expecting a better result next time.

Sadly this behavior will sooner or later bring any man down.

They are with this incorrect and painful knowledge reduced to something that is running "on automatic". Continually fighting problems with all their might and then also have a habit to ask advice from others that are in a similar situation. They all to often complain about lack of energy and other such health phenomena directly resulting from their inability to handle life and its problems

Unfortunately despite what you may have been taught man does not learn from its mistakes.

The only thing man does learn very quickly is how to reduce any new goals to mediocre.

Resulting for way to many of us in a life that has toucht them how to do only the bare minimum to stay alive.

The only thing they seem to do very well indeed is explaining to themselves and others why they have so many problems and are only prepared to do very little about anything that is important to them.

Today is your opportunity to CHANGE something. As it is change that is required if one has not been able to resolve problems as well as one would like.

Today obtain confidence that comes from new Knowledge that will be able to improve your control resulting in more and more happiness






Goal Setting

Restoring /Improving even one of the above is a sure way to flourish and prosper and getting on with the your business of living life well.

Go and find out more about yourself. Attend this meetup or contact me to rearrange your own time and date.

Know Oneself, Know Life


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Date and Time


Life Improvement Center

231 -235 Mount Alexander Road

Ascot Vale, Victoria 3032


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