Problematic Screen Use Workshop - Mon 5th Sep 2022 7pm

Problematic Screen Use Workshop - Mon 5th Sep 2022 7pm

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Is technology ripping your family apart? Worrying about how much someone in your family is using their devices? This workshop is for you

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Is technology ripping your family apart?

Worrying about how much someone in your family is using their devices?

This is the workshop for you!

Problematic Internet Use is not just about the amount of time someone spends on screens. It is about the impact that screen time has on your life, the changing of priorities and the damage to real life relationships, that are defining characteristics of a problem.

During this workshop we will help you to understand why screen use has become so overwhelmingly difficult to disconnect from and the steps you can take to work toward a more balanced use.

Whether you feel that you and your family are at the top of the slippery slope to device use being problematic or if you have identified that there is already a problem, this workshop will help you to set out an easy to implement plan with a step-by-step guide and an agreement to regain or maintain control of device time.

Attendees will learn to identify the most addictive sites and apps, the hooks they use to keep users online and the steps that they can take to make conscious screen time decisions.

We start with an awareness presentation identifying:

• what defines problematic screen use (formerly known as screen overuse or addiction)

• the hooks that make screens addictive;

• symptoms a user may feel when screens have become problematic;

• the most successful intervention strategies; and

• the psychological barriers a user faces when an intervention is suggested

Then we work through what steps a family can take to work together towards a more balanced use of technology.

The focus of the session is not just about reducing screen time, but about identifying impacts screen time is having on your family and making adjustments, so that technology plays a more positive role in your life.


DATE: Monday 5th September 2022

TIME: 7pm - 9pm

VENUE: Online Event

If your family member is suffering from PIU their online risk may be increased.

People wishing to cause harm online are looking for the easiest target. Symptoms of problematic internet use can include increased anxiety, depression, isolation and in a bid to find connection they may reduce their privacy or have more public accounts. All of these things contribute to increased vulnerability.

Eyes Open Social Media Safety are specialists in the field of safer social media and we have taken all the hard work out of setting up your devices and accounts for safety and mental wellbeing. We will navigate you through options and empower you to better protect yourself.

If you find devices, social media and online games overwhelming, you will understand why we created Brisbane’s only comprehensive, hands-on workshops for adults, parents and children and a huge range of themed workshops.

All of our workshops offer practical solutions to assist with protect you and your family from the risks, including online predators, cyber bullying, identity theft, inappropriate content, (intimate images etc) and the creation of a digital footprint that reaches further than expected and can sometimes have damaging consequences.

Click here to find out more information about Eyes Open Social Media Safety

COST: $45 adults

To see details and book individual subjects, go directly to our website Eyes Open Social Media Safety

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