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Positive Journaling Workshop - BEGINNER

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Limetree Bar & Restaurant

28 Trinity Beach Rd

Trinity Beach, QLD 4879


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>> Positive Journaling Workshops BACK IN CAIRNS! <<


Have you been seeking:

* Deeper connection with yourself and others?
* Deeper self awarness of WHO you are, your strengths etc.?
* Deeper sense of meaning in your life?
* To increase fulfilment and happiness levels?
* To discover your unique purpose in life?
* To fully express yourself?

Maybe you have...

* Tried journaling in the past,

* Are currently journaling and are seeking additional inspiration OR

* Are simply curious as to how journaling can boost your happiness and fulfilment?

Then this workshop is for YOU.

You will be guided through different journaling/writing exercises, group activities as well as self-care and self-expression exercises to awaken your powerful, positive, beautiful self.

In this workshop you will learn why the FOUR pillars - GRATITUDE, INSPIRATION, IMPACT and SELF EXPRESSION - are the core foundation of living a meaningful, purposeful, fulfilled life.

Tickets include:


Here is a quick breakdown of the 4 pillars covered:

—GRATITUDE - an underestimated superpower and extremely powerful tool to attract abundance into our life. --

—INSPIRATION - Do you feel inspired every day? How can we be inspired and live a life full of excitement?? My friend - the world is your oyster! You will learn how to encourage YOURSELF to go for your dreams and follow your heart, with the help of journaling.—

—IMPACT - Do you think you are too small to make a difference in this world? Believe it or not: You CAN make a difference. You will learn how it all starts with YOURSELF and that you have more power and influence than YOU think! —

— SELF EXPRESSION — Have you noticed that children have a beautiful ability to express themselves? They aren't weighed down by social judgements, pressures and fears of rejections. As we grow up that fun and beautiful expression starts to be suppressed. Being self expressed means people get to witness the FULL YOU. Sharing yourself FULLY is vital for inner peace, fulfilment and happiness. We will go through a series of techniques to help you unlock your full expression.


— How to cultivate a strong positive mindset through journaling —

— How to feel empowered to take 100% responsibility for your life —

— How to strengthen the relationship with yourself and others through this technique —

— How to adopt the technique of positive journaling into your daily routine moving forward —

This workshop will make you aware of how beautiful, powerful and significant you are. Happier women mean happier mothers, daughters, partners, neighbours, colleagues, bosses, friends, etc.

Over the past year I have been helping women to incorporate Positive Journaling into their daily practice. I have been running workshops, developing online courses and have also created a physical journal which I aim to publish later this year.

Some of the results women attending my workshops would notice, are:

*They find the courage to look after themselves first without guilt,or shame.

* They speak up for themselves and say NO were required and say YES to more ‘me time’.

* Women have been feeling happier, more fulfilled, acknowledge themselves more and find life meaningful and themselves beautiful, inside and out.

“Despite how open, peaceful and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves” - Matt Kahn.

So if you are committed to living a life of deeper self awareness, self expression, gratitude, inspiration and IMPACT, then this is perfect for YOU!

Tickets are ONLY

$49 or
$39 EARLY BIRD, when purchased before 15th March

Combined ticket for Saturday & Sunday Workshop

$85 or
$70 EARLY BIRD, when purchased before 15th March


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Date and Time


Limetree Bar & Restaurant

28 Trinity Beach Rd

Trinity Beach, QLD 4879


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