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Point Of Light Crystal Therapy by Kassandra Scardino

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7 Clisdell St

7 Clisdell Street

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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Do you practice alternative healing ?

Are you looking for easy tools to break patterns, behaviours and conflict in your life that is surfacing?

Walking the light worker path?



Join Kassandra Scardino in this powerful and accessible therapy that has been brought through to aid in the New Earth Paradigm Shift. This 10 week intensive (every Wednesday night starting 28th March) of teacher to student transferral will give you more than a head start to your own healing and helping others. This course will include self healing work as well as client practice.

Developed for understanding complex metaphysical principles, Kassandra's ability to communicate these concepts with ease has given people access to necessary information to find lasting change in old paradigm webs such as breaking family conflict, childhood trauma, bad habits, disfuntional relationships, disconnection to the world around us, finding our divine power and more.

In the class you will learn:

Trusting in your guidance sensory organ perception; be aware of your body as a tool with the breakdown of what the chakras mean and do, what major organs represent and how to perceive this information for reading clients and yourself.
Dissolving any fear or lack projections from 3D consciousness; learn how to collapse contracts via techniques that connect to high energy sources that assist in clearing programs that hold you in dense energy.
Allowing for optimal health during ascension and clearing process; self care and preservation are key to helping yourself and other. You will learn powerful activation techniques as well as crystals to keep your energy clear for yourself and others.
Safe connecting into etheric forces that are here to aid; having discernment is our gauge to what we allow our body access to and this is taught through safe techniques that protect you from any misguidance vibrations.
Release of contracts from Akashic records; what ever has and ever will be is stored in a library that is called the Akashic records. You will be taught how to work with the board that governs this information in order to let go of any situations that have been patterns with people or situations in your life.
Removing DNA limiting structures; much like our DNA holds the blueprint to our physical life it also does the same to our energetic life. You will learn how to understand these structures and how to live your own created life not the one that is limiting you.
Removing implants; there is more to life than what meets the eye and these forces are working in and around us regardless to our consciousness. Learn how to be aware of these hooks and cords so that you can clear them from holding you and others back.
Free from limiting thoughts and beliefs; this will be covered from how we observe what is our problem and how it links back to either childhood trauma or past life trauma that you will be able to read in your bodies senses.
Clear matrix blue print with aid in past life regression and curse clearing; this might sound complex but the principle is simple, you either have the energy there that is creating the problem or not. You will be able to see if it exists through sensory perception activation and clear it with easy steps.
Protection from ethereal realm, manifesting your reality and upgrading your energy body; crystals have been my allies and healing tools. You will learn key aspects of how to use crystals to create change along side powerful intention techniques.
Sovereignty rights; we are all born free. It is only when we give our power away that we get stuck. It can be by accident or by unconscious will. You will learn what it means to stand for you freedom and claim back your power to shift your reality.

Crystals to assist in upgrades

Class Studies and homework

Client Practice

Certificate of Attendance

Energetic downloads for healing assistance

Spiritual Conflict Resolution Counsellor


-One time offer introduction half price $1,111.00-

Doors open at 6.00pm for start at 6.30pm SHARP

Light Vegan refreshments of falafels, dip, nuts and fruit provided on the night.

Parking on Clisdel Street is accessed via Elizabeth Street. (GPS corner of Butt and Clisdell street.)

5 min walk from Central station with many local eateries in the area.

BRING your own water, pen and paper.

NOTE this class includes notes and refreshments, some tools and crystals will be available to purchase but not essential to complete course.


Due to the price there can be arrangements made for payment plan depending on circumstances. (email Kassandra3363@gmail.com for enquiry)

Invoice will be provided for alternative healers Tax return


Frequently asked questions

Payment plans and our gifts

  • Currently we are working through the shop Mineralism at Glebe to provide a payment plan through After Pay where you can pay $250 per fortnight if you sign up for the service. The link to the ticket will be provided when you register your deposit via Eventbrite, follow this link.
  • https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/point-of-light-crystal-therapy-by-kassandra-scardino-tickets-42894888767#tickets
  • REFER A FRIEND and receive $100 off each. (Only valid for 1 referral each)
  • ADDITIONAL you will receive $100 worth of crystals to be spent at Mineralism at Glebe that has been gifted for you to use in the class as your kit. These can be bought at Mineralism or found at The Temple Surry Hills.

Reserve your seat and referral program

1. Go to the link on eventbrite and pay the deposit of $111.00

2. If you have a friend that you are referring then email me at Kassandra3363@gmail.com alternatively you can wait till you receive your confirmation email and let me know who you are referring or get them to pay the deposit and let me know there name via email confirmation.

3. https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/point-of-light-crystal-therapy-by-kassandra-scardino-tickets-42894888767#ticket

4. You can also pay the full amount via eventbrite if you wish. You are still eligible to receive the $100 worth of crystals and can refer a friend.

Can’t make it on the Wednesday nights for this course or are going to miss days in the 10 week course?

Currently we are looking at two alternative days to create a second group.

The days would be a;

Monday night starting on the 26th March 2018


Sunday night starting the 25th March 2018

If either of those dates are a preference and you are interested in the class then please email me ASAP your interest or reply back to my message with your preference.


If you are going to miss specific days that are in the 10 week course then we will be providing makeup days that you can attend or practice on. Simply email Kassandra the days you may miss and find out how you can makeup sessions and still do the practice.

What does this course provide?

You have options to either do the 10 week class and receive a certificate of attendance that enables you to heal yourself and others.


If you finish 10 case studies in the format provided and returned to the teacher you can be accredited as a practitioner.

This course is in final stages of accreditation through IICT. You must be a member of IICT to be accredited via this corporate body. Membership is approx. $150.

Distant Healing

You will be able to do distant healing on people. You must remember that in order for this to happen you must have permission otherwise you are going against someone’s freewill.

Kassandra’s vision and mission

It is Kassandra’s vision to provide a therapy that will create freedom from the patterns and beliefs that hold us back in our physical life.

If you wish to heal others and have a way to give support to your loved ones then you will have the tools to safely create the change that you want to see.

My ideal life and mission is to have everyone of our brothers and sisters living in freedom to pursue their purpose and have the right to good food, water, safety and security that is created as a collective not an individual.

It is in unity that we create the change we wish to see in this world.

Crystal kits

During the class you will be learning about key crystals that can be used to help yourself and others that work as an added healing tool for facilitating change.

You will receive $100 worth of credit towards choosing these crystals that will be available either at The Temple or Mineralism Glebe.

If you wish to use crystals as a practitioner you will be guided as to how to purchase them wholesale for your practice or can have them sent via online.

This is not a necessity but rather an ally to your craft. The crystals help to support the patient much like taking a medical prescription to facilitate the change in the body.

You will learn how to give your client mantra if they do not wish to use the crystals that can help the client with recovery.

During the course when you will be asked to do client studies and clinic practice you will be provided with crystals to use that you will not need to pay for.

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Date and Time


7 Clisdell St

7 Clisdell Street

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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