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Peace, Love, Money

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18 Mooroondu St

Coochiemudlo Island, Queensland 4184


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Be at peace with yourself, in love with who you are and enjoy making money.

For many spiritual thought leaders, change makers and entrepreneurs, money has a habit of being a frequent source of frustration.

With big dreams and massive hearts, the ability to make a contribution and make money often causes the most driven and passionate heart centered entrepreneurs anxiety, stress, heartache, and sometimes drives very talented people to the wall.

Many struggle with an age old internal conflict of living a fulfilling, passionate, spiritual life doing what they love, and earning money at the same time.

Others grapple with old programming like 'money is the root of all evil', 'if I have more, others will have less', 'people like us don't get rich', 'I don't deserve to be wealthy' or 'money creates conflict and causes arguments'.

Then there's the fear of rejection, criticism and judgement of others if we earn 'more than our fair share'.

These destructive paradigms have kept many of the most talented, loving, generous and heart centered people trapped in mediocrity, never getting to sing their song and make the difference they were born to make.

This is an absolute travesty that I am determined to change for those willing to take the road less travelled.

To liberate humanity from it's money woes, we must change the internal dialogue about money and our relationship with it, as well as our relationship with ourselves and the world.

The old stories and paradigms are what has caused 95% of human beings to be trapped in a Ground Hog day of mediocrity, working to pay the bills and barely getting by with little to no satisfaction.

This has to change!


You were born into this world with extraordinary gifts and talents that are meant to be shared and it's imperative you get to share them on your terms and be richly rewarded.

This perpetual story of struggle we've been born into is unfair, uneccessary and it has to end.

The truth is spirituality and money can and need to co-exist.

It's the lack of spirituality from the financial system that has gotten us into the enormous mess in the first place.

And you are part of the solution to the catastrophe that humanity has created, and currently continues to fuel.

This is why I've created the 3 day intensive workshop, 'Peace, Love and Money'.


If you're ready to claim your rightful place amongst the wealthy people of the world who are making a massive contribution, living their passion and being richly rewarded for it, this event is for you.

This intense, immersive experience will pluck you from the hustle and bustle to Coochiemudlo Island off the coast of Brisbane, where you will have 3 days to truly unlock your greatness, get in touch with your inner power, reinvent your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with money.

All accomodation and some meals are included in the price of the event:
Early Bird: $997
Regular Price: $1297

Using the latest in energy healing and psychology techniques, I will help you release:

  • Limiting beliefs about money
  • Blocks to wealth and success
  • Fears and doubts stopping you from being all you can be
  • Lack of confidence and self esteem
  • Discovering a deep and lasting sense of inner peace
  • Being on mission and following your passion
  • Making a contribution while creating the life of your dreams
  • Discovering a deep sense of love for all parts of you
  • Stories about not being worthy
  • Conditioning that it's not safe to be wealthy
  • Conflicts between money and spirituality

The techniques I work with are very effective, fast and this event will transform your life if you're willing to play full out.

This event is not for someone looking to skip the hard work and jump to overnight success. I don't believe in it, nor would I wish that for you.

The most fulfilling and satisfying way to achieve your vision for your future is to grow into the person you need to be, and that takes putting your feet to the fire and embarking on an internal journey of discovery.

It doesn't have to be hard, and it can be achieved relatively quickly. But you must have the courage to face your fears and doubts and your internal critic, so you can release them forever and get out of your own way.

Some of the techniques I'll be using during this weekend intensive are:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Peace Process
  • Instant Miracle Technique
  • Sound Healing
  • The Work
  • Oneness Blessing or Deeksha

........and other powerful energy healing techniques that work fast and effectively to help you become the person you need to be to achieve greatness, make a bigger contribution and live the life of your dreams.

If you want to be truly happy and fulfilled, you must live a life of meaning and contribution.

And when you do, you deserve to be richly rewarded for your gifts, talents and dedication.

Together, we can create a better world for you, me and other people around the planet.

Are you ready to shed the old paradigms and belief systems that are stopping you from living a life of joy, peace, fulfillment and satifaction?

Then join me for this epic event by registering now.

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Date and Time



18 Mooroondu St

Coochiemudlo Island, Queensland 4184


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