Outspoken Melbourne 2017: Essentials of Public Speaking.

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Shop 48 - The Harmony Center

48 The Mall


Heidelberg West, VIC 3081


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Two and a Half - day Intensive Public Speaking Course

Friday - Sunday, August 25 - 27, 2017


Talent and intelligence are not enough if you cannot express yourself and prove your worth. Many people are afraid of expressing themselves and therefore start thinking their opinions don't matter. Expressing your ideas in class instead of fearing the judgement of others ensures you feel confident that your ideas matter. In the professional world, if you seem nervous or uncomfortable, your credibility drops. Calm, confident and effective speakers make an immediate positive impression. That's why communication skills are essential for personal and professional success.

Great leaders are captivating speakers whose speeches move millions. As an effective engineer, doctor, lawyer or professional, your progress, popularity and promotions are heavily dependent on your ability to make your voice heard and participate as an important member of the team. Whether you are doing presentations, speeches, or teaching, these are all forms of public speaking that you need to master if you are serious about success. It is very difficult to find an influential teacher, debater, professor, manager, leader or professional who is NOT a good speaker.

Outspoken seeks to change the way people see themselves and the impact of their ideas.

Self-confidence is the most important characteristic of successful people. A person's

self-esteem and confidence play a huge role in how they see themselves, how others perceive them and what they achieve in life.

Outspoken is an intensive and interactive Public Speaking Course conducted in English. It is designed to help participants master communication skills and independent thinking, enhancing their self-confidence to express themselves. Outspoken is not a lecture where the instructor flips through PowerPoint slides while the audience tries to keep up. Teaching public speaking is like teaching how to swim. It happens with the participant in the water being mentored, not on disengaged PowerPoint slides. The participant is in the spotlight of the stage in Outspoken, getting their hands dirty as they march towards fearless public speaking.

The biggest misconception around public speaking is that it is only for certain types of people, like extroverts or those with strong language skills. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Only a small aspect of public speaking in any language has to do with mastery of the language. The biggest obstacle is psychological and Outspoken is designed to create an environment that helps gradually remove this mental block to make participants uninhibited in expressing themselves.

Most students do not have enough avenues to exercise public speaking and effective communication. Outspoken offers a valuable opportunity for students to develop their public speaking skills using practical strategies, supervised exercises and one-on-one mentoring for gradual and substantial improvement.


Outspoken ensures that participants:

  • Be more genuine and less monotonous when they speak
  • • Deal with nervousness and stage fright
  • • Develop persuasive messages and learn to listen better
  • • Construct, deliver and critique different types of speeches
  • • Learn to think on the spot and handle questions
  • • Appreciate the common mistake of treating the spoken word like the written word
  • • Be more self-aware in conversation and presentation skills
  • • Boost participants’ self-confidence and self-esteem
  • • Share ideas in a compelling and memorable manner
  • • Gain confidence to engage an audience no matter what its size
  • • Excel in interviews and career opportunities


Outspoken is not just about the instructor telling participants what to do, but builds active participant engagement and growth throughout the workshop using:

  • One-on-one intensive and personalized training for every participant
  • Construct, deliver and critique different types of speeches
  • Learning how to quickly outline and summarize over 150 live speeches in 3 days
  • • Deconstructing great speeches and identifying important elements
  • • Personalized consultation for every participant on all days
  • • Using relevant topics to get participants invested in their speeches
  • • Getting participants to debate each other to learn to think critically
  • • Developing each student's unique strengths and overcoming weaknesses
  • • Small groups for focused attention and more individual engagement
  • • Constant personalized feedback from both the instructor and participants
  • • Practical strategies imparted via in-class and home speech assignments
  • • Methods to critique speeches for self-mastery over time
  • • Video recording and critique of every speech made by every participant
  • • 80% of the time devoted to participants’ speaking on stage
  • Peer feedback and constructive criticism to ensure long-term group learning
  • • Techniques to practice even after the workshop for continuing improvement.

About the Instructor

A speaker, trainer, educator, and founder of UnstoppableWorld, M. S. Kash Iqbal is constantly pushing limits. Over the last half a decade, he has conducted 100s of events on academic excellence, youth issues, science education, productivity and public speaking.

During his workshops, he creates a comfortable environment allowing nervous participants to feel confident in expressing themselves. Through constant feedback and focused sessions, he gradually develops each participant's personalized speaking approach. The improvement does not stop at the end of the workshop. Participants are equipped with the techniques to continue skill building for long-term effective communication.

Whether it's training 20 people in an intensive program or 2000 people at a mega-conference, he has worked with participants across the Middle East, Southeast Asia & India. During its inaugural tour, his youth development initiative UnstoppableWorld covered 30 events in Kashmir's best universities and high schools engaging 10,000+ attendees in just 2 weeks.

A multidisciplinary education solidified his belief in learning for more than just exams. Starting university at 16, he completed one of the world's most competitive Pre-medical programs at Cornell University. He then moved to Malaysia where he was in the top 1% of both his undergraduate studies in Robotics Engineering and graduate studies in Legal Theory.

Rigorous academics could not have prepared him for the challenges of social entrepreneurship. Nothing tested him like balancing consecutive college degrees with the daily management of teams organizing 200+ youth empowerment events at Malaysian Universities, featuring 20+ international speakers and a 100,000+ attendees over 4 years. Engaging audiences across diverse media, he also hosted radio FM shows, and curated social media campaigns building over half a million followers.

He took every opportunity to grow and realized how fulfilling life can be with a growth mindset. He strives to empower others based on a fundamental belief: with the right mindset and skills, everyone has the potential to be unstoppable. He is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Course Structure & Details:

15-hour intensive workshop spread over 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Open to students of all backgrounds majors at all levels (University and High school) Limited to a maximum of 25 seats per course

Course materials provided

High Definition Video recording of each participant’s speeches provided to them


Friday, August 25,2017

Session 1 - 7-9 pm

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Individual Consultation 9am - 11 am

Session 2 11am - 1 pm

Lunch Break 1pm - 2 pm

Session 3 2pm-5pm

Sunday, August 27,2017

Individual Consultation 9am - 11 am

Session 4 11am - 1 pm

Lunch Break 1pm - 2 pm

Session 5 2pm-5pm

Closing 3pm-4pm


Outspoken focuses on what good speaking is about: the INDIVIDUAL- their attitude, habits, and ability to engage and inspire using their unique ideas.

For more information on M.S. Kash Iqbal and Outspoken, please visit UnstoppableWorld.org.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to working with you in the pursuit of developing the next generation of Australia's finest speakers.

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Date and Time


Shop 48 - The Harmony Center

48 The Mall


Heidelberg West, VIC 3081


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