Oil in a day's work- Intro to Essential Oils Workshop- FREE

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Hillsborough, NSW 2290


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(Spaces for people who do not already have a doTERRA account.)

You're probably wondering why people keep sniffing essential oils. What's all the fuss about? Why are people sniffing them? Can you really add them to your food? Is there even food at your workshops? Can we have margaritas?

The short answer, yes we can have margaritas and YES your mind is going to blown when you can find out all the ways you can use them in your life! So join me, Karla, as I answer all these questions and more in an Intro to Essential Oils.

Feeling anxious? There’s an oil for that! It's called Balance.

Constantly get headaches? Yep, we’ve got a support oil for that! Past Tense is about to be your bestie.

Sunburn? Lavender & Peppermint spritz

Can’t get motivated? Wild Orange, & Peppermint- sniff that shit in.

Pimple? Tea Tree & Frankie

Sore butt from squats? Ice Blue baby.

Need to focus and just get sh!t done? Frankie + Peppermint

Too much boozing? Lemon into your water for detoxing.

Kids being bat-shit crazy? Balance

Gastro? On-Guard

Want to murder your husband? Well, you guessed it there’s an oil for that too!

We often think essential oils are just pretty smells that we chuck in our diffuser, but they have so many more benefits than just making your house smell delicious (although it is a nice benefit!) and sniffing the bottle.

If you're new to oils, this class is the place to start.

I’ll be teaching you our favourite - and easy - ways to implement essential oils into your life that won’t break the bank or be too complicated to do! If you love the oils (which you will!) there will be an opportunity to invest on the day.

We will learn:

+ how to make your own beauty products and smell like a queen

+ become rad at sleeping

+ enhance your cooking with these food grade wonders

+ lower the toxins in your life

+ boost your immunity

+ make your own natural cleaning, health and home products

And because you are coming along to the How, To AND Why, we'll also learn:

+ what essential oils are - they aren't oils!

+ how to safely use essential oils

+ why essential oils are great for mood management

+ the best essential oils to start your collection with and how to get started

These workshops are entirely free. Please feel free to bring a friend but make sure they register, or you register for two people!

I can't wait to share with you!

Karla x

(Spaces for non-doTERRA wellness advocates only.)

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Date and Time


Private Location

Hillsborough, NSW 2290


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