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Observe the Yarra Valley Water Citizens' Jury

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The Pavilion

1155 Whitehorse Road

Box Hill, VIC 3128


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Please note that times may be subject to change. Ticket holders will be notified of any amendments to the timing of sessions.

Yarra Valley Water Citizens’ Jury

Yarra Valley Water has partnered with newDemocracy Foundation and MosaicLab to convene a group of 35 customers who represent its customer base, selected through an independent process.

The Jurors have been provided a handbook which includes content that allows them insight in to the operating context, challenges opportunities and potential impacts.

Yarra Valley Water will respond to any requests for information that emerge from the Jury during the deliberation period and the business will work with stakeholders to develop content, presentations and briefing papers for the Jury to ensure that their perspectives have been appropriately represented.

The Jury will come together from May through until July 2017 to deliberate on Yarra Valley Water's challenge:

We need to find a balance between price and service which is fair for everyone. How should we do this?

For more information you can visit the following website: newDemocracy Foundation and learn more about the Strategic Process Design for Yarra Valley Water's Citizens' Jury.

Observer Code of Conduct

Yarra Valley Water is keen for everyday members of the community, stakeholder groups and others to observe the meetings so they can form their own assessment of the merits of this approach. However, there needs to be a few guidelines to minimise any possible disruptions.

General guidelines

The Jury will have sessions that are open and others that are closed. Observers are welcome during the open sessions and will be asked to leave for closed sessions. For the Citizens’ Jury to be effective we ask that you support the following:

  • observers are asked to come along at the times specified for the open sessions and stay until there is a break. We ask that all observers maintain a standard of behaviour that does not disrupt the work of the Jury members. In particular, observers are asked not to engage in conversations with each other or with jurors, nor make phone calls whilst sitting in the observation area

  • the Jury members ultimately have control, and the Facilitators will respond to their requests, regarding observers. For example, the Jury members may decide to close a previously open session, and if they do so observers will be asked to leave

  • observers are asked to not interact with the Jury members. If you have any comments or questions to the Jury, you can place these on the assigned ‘observer board’. The Jury will review these when it is appropriate

  • please be understanding if the agenda and timings are not exact. If the Jury members want to continue a discussion, then we will let that happen, as they own the process

  • please note that observer seating is limited, therefore we will manage the attendance in each open session. This will be done based on registrations and then on a “first come first served” basis

  • we will advise the Jury of who is in the room at the start of each open session. If you have a formal interest in proceedings (interest group, government role and community group) we ask that you declare this so we can share this with the Jury members. To facilitate this, you will be asked to sign-in and identify if you are from a particular interest group

  • please note that official video recording and photography may be occurring and by attending you understand you may end up in images used to explain the process

  • observers are not permitted to make audio or video recordings or take photos whilst observing the Jury process

  • Jury members will be exploring issues, asking questions and forming opinions. These may change over the five days. We request that observers respect the privacy of individuals and encourage you to listen to the dialogue and issues as they emerge without pre-empting conclusions based on the observation of a single session

  • it’s important to be aware that any posts to social media are considered published public comment, so please be polite and respectful of others and their opinions

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The Pavilion

1155 Whitehorse Road

Box Hill, VIC 3128


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