Next Level Woman  Reset in OCTOBER

Next Level Woman Reset in OCTOBER

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South Melbourne Community Centre

1 Ferrars Place

South Melbourne, VIC 3205


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Making 2022 Your Year!!

About this event

Next Level Womxn Reset



Set the rhythm for your 2022 with purpose, direction, confidence and an open heart.

Femxle leaders, Business owners, Coaches, Speakers, Start-up's, Go-getter's!

Next Level Womxn Reset​​ is designed to awaken each participants wise-mind, where you can discover and access invaluable resources (primal wisdom), attributes and talents beyond your current imagination.

THIS in-person workshop will be an opportunity to shake off the cobwebs , hang out with other like-minded women and enjoy a day to unwind, re-set, re-energise, recharge, re-connect, get un-stuck!, break unwanted patterns, create great clarity and momentum, get into authentic alignment with the right support and strategies —bringing the right energy and approach to transform your year.

This is a dedicated day to mould your desired future into a reality!! Turn up the dial of our authenticity, boost our confidence up another notch, re-connect with next-level mindset and strategies that will last a lifetime, and immerse in a vision and structure for the success of 2022, while having FUN!!

This is a workshop for womxn who are wanting to build on and celebrate their true selves, focus on what matters to them and stay motivated in 2022! Step outside all of your to-do’s and look at what you need right now!!

The right strategy and mindset can save a decade of trial and error for anyone wanting to achieve their vision; their version of success and what matters to them!!

  • If you'd benefit from setting your rhythm for 2022 . . . getting re-energised and focused on your future, skills, mindset who you are becoming and immersing yourself in success strategies and structure that support you for the year - ?
  • If you are an achiever wanting to stretch yourself . . . through activities for proven behaviour change and mindset development to take you to the next level for you - ?
  • If you want to get motivated to take action towards your dream and figure out what your NEXT FIRST STEP is - ?
  • If you need to eradicate that inner critic . . . If you feel stuck with procrastination, overwhelm, doubt, worry, fear of failing?​​
  • If you'd enjoy connecting with like-minded womxn . . . building powerful and supportive connections that last.
  • I am personally inviting you . . . to this SHE Talks® 2022 workshop event that will get you well and truly energised and prepared for your year of successes, and it will be lots of fun, I PROMISE :)

THIS is what (really) goes into success that lasts a lifetime!

This workshop runs by popular demand.​​​ DON'T MISS OUT!!

This is an in-person event.

*Covid safe venue and staff*

As a result of this workshop, womxn are equipped to radically shift a block (what gets you stuck), get clarity in what matters most to them, discover the right strategies that work everytime, get structure around their 2022, define their 'next-first-step', make valuable connections, continue to keep motivated and continue to feel inspired into the future!!

NB: You don't have to be a women in business, coach, start-up or speaker to join.

ONLY $38 (in consideration of the 2 wobbly years we've had)

*Lunch and refreshments provided - My shout!*

Normally $375




Invite a friend to have that accountability buddy by your side :)

20 - 40 Femxle Participants

This is your workshop where you get to work on what stands out for you.

We will participate in group activities, have lunch, then sit down at tables and connect with key distinctions and strategies for success, do a clearing activity to shift your biggest block, a visualisation and a planning activity and finish off with a heart-opening practice.



‘Awaken Her Potential’

- Fun Skill Building Group Activities

- Fun Confidence Boosting Group Activities

- Shift what’s getting in the way of your success

- Public Speaking Mindset and Practice

- Opportunity to Turn-Up the Dial on Your Authenticity

- Re/Connect to Key Core Values and Success Distinctions

- Immersion Vision and Structure for Your 2022

- Network with Likeminded Womxn

- Lunch and refreshments (my shout!)


I promise you will say this event is special and transformative — for YOU!



“This workshop transformed my identity and my life ; SHE Talks training made me successful - finally!” Alise Matthews Speaker and lifestyle coach

”Life is a practice, no matter who you are or what you're skilled in, and this is where it happens! These workshops are truly powerful at taking you to your next level. Fur is a powerhouse and her content is robust and fresh which is why I keep coming back!" Meridith Spencer (Business coach)

"Wow! This is life-changing! I have changed my outlook/mindset thanks to this workshop and Fur's magnificent energy and wisdom!" Amanda D. Management role

”Thank you for another fun, deep, empowering workshop. I love the environment + people you bring together. The exercises have been so powerful & I feel more open, aligned & powerful.” Too Human For Words Podcaster Sasha Kerdel

"I learned so so much that I didn't know I didn't know! This workshop is highly valuable" Rebecca Noris Life coach

"Fur you are magnetic & amazing, thank you so much for your energy & inspiration! You are changing so many women's lives through empowerment it is awesome!" Sarah Sac Management role

”I just love SHE Talks workshops, the activities are so liberating and fun. I learn something new every time that I didn't expect to! I always make such great connections too with the other women there” Jennifer Martin Business owner

"Fur: You have beautiful energy & know how to transmit it. Thank you for sharing your time to empower women and for all the goals I have set" Laura Coal (Works in an organisation)

"Great to re-ignite my spark." Belinda Mengani Business owner

"Really engaging. Fur is very confident with her material/presentation" Betty Mother

"Sooogood! Invaluable! Fur is magic + mesmerising." TingYu Speaker

"Thank you, Fur this was great. I loved the activities and I learned or re-learned more things!" Deborah Dickinson City of Port Phillip Council

"Fur is magnetic and she delivers powerful information that transforms you into the person you deep down hoped you could be. Since doing the SHE Talks The Confident Speaker workshops, I have gone on to speak confidently at organisation meetings and am now asked to deliver talks. I have continued with other SHE Talks workshops and every time Fur delivers them I am transported to a whole new level and a me that I never thought was possible! Don't hesitate, if you want to be more confident, credible and fully expressed - just do it! I can't thank Fur enough for where I am in my life now!" Melaine Robinson Vision Australia

“You will find Fur easy to follow and highly engaging. Fur delivers a wealth of knowledge that includes step by step distinctions, ready to use strategies and insiders information that hasn’t been taught before. She is attentive to each individuals needs in order that they receive a breakthrough in what is holding them back, while ensuring the individual works on what matters to them. Fur is outcome orientated to guarantee you get the results you want. No fluffing about or filling in time because she is there to take you to your next level. You will leave empowered and prepared - not overwhelmed.” Head Multicultural Arts Advisor, Cathy Chorsley



I continue to support participants with insights, inspiration, motivation and reminders in a brief weekly newsletter and inside the SHE Talks Facebook Group.

Because I know how powerful these are in my own life and business, and the life and businesses of my clients to keep on track and not allow anything to get in the way!!



Invite a friend to have that accountbility buddy by your side :)

JOIN Sunday 29 MAY at 10am.

You will be consciously getting into alignment with your year.

Guarantee your goals and dreams are on the priority list for 2022.

Arrive 10am and grab a cuppa and a chocolate chip cookie :)






Bring a Journal + Pen and/or a Laptop.


Dress up in your Sunday best or be casual.

Either way you will be able to do the activities.

What is required of you:

Simply don't have covid.


We accomodate most dietary requirements.

Held outdoors, weather permitting - seated on the grass or a bench.



How long is each activity and training?

The activities are fun 10 minute physical practices.

Each training runs for 20 minutes of focus and writing into your journal.

Is the online training as effective?

You will get just as much out of the workshop when you are present, energetic and give your all. Because you won’t physically be in the workshop , your engagement will be from mental participation (imagine your in the activity and notice how you feel, what thoughts come up



You will learn from speaker, best selling author and multi passionate entrepreneur Fur Wale who’s teachings are backed by a lifetime of experience and 100% feedback.



This workshop is about YOU - You work on what is right for you!!

This wont be a 6 hr long pep talk.

BECAUSE, this is where you get to work IN REAL TIME on what matters to YOU!!

. . . Packed full of valuable and transformative activities and success strategies!!

. . . PLUS, coffee/tea and lunch is on me so you can stop and socialise.

. . . You will go home with clarity and direction!!

. . . You will have your next-first-step worked out !!

. . . You will possess A STRONG VISION for 2022

. . . AND, a structure for your year of successes!!



Can you relate?

Having a vision of your desired future is exciting.

Only, when you're not putting it into action, it can feel like it might never happen.

Especially with all of the other things we need to do, we can end up juggling lots of goals and slowly feel overwhelmed and frustrated :(

We all know what it's like to run out of time to work on our big dreams or have procrastination slow us down.

7 years ago I struggled with procrastination, 3 years ago I began managing it - NOW, I masterfully direct my thinking process and behaviour, knowing myself as someone who keeps her word and simply does what I say I'm going to get done!

This is so rewarding!!

In fact, it is freedom!!

One of my all-time fave ways to work on my desired future is in a group setting because I get more focused and clear than ever, I get to access the wisdom of someone who's where I want to be, and get loads more done!

Group training creates greater transformation as well as causes us to feel accountable.

There's a ton of empirical evidence on individuals that have participated in group training, and it has been proven to be 50% more effective than working on our stuff by ourselves.

This is why I run this workshop called AWAKEN POTENTIL New Year Next Level Woman every year. So that we get to be in a group setting, to take the time to connect with the right success mindset and strategies tht are right for us to achieve our success, and truly feel into rhythm for our year ahead.

The participant's feedback is remarkable. The ongoing results are impressive.

That is also due to the post-workshop support. Providing relevant insights, inspiration, motivation and reminders in a brief weekly newsletter. Plus, the support inside the SHE Talks Facebook group.

No matter which profession we are in; as a coach, business owner, or speaker, or not, or whatever age we are, we all benefit from getting focused and creating the structure for our desired future to become a reality!!

This workshop is jam packed full of 'Gold', and it is just the beginning of what I deliver through my SHE Talks® platform for women to create that unshakeable foundation to their success in what matters to them!!

If you had one wish that you knew would come true, what would your life, your business, or speaking journey look like?

Where do you need the most support?

What can I do today to assist you?



The letter X on woman/women avoids the sexism suggested by the gendered word ‘man’ and offers greater inclusivity and fluidity to genders beyond the male/female binary, such as for trans women or others who identify as women. Womxn is pronounced the same as woman or women.



PHONE: 0406 417 463



Arrive 10am and grab a cuppa and a chocolate chip cookie :)

”The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Philosopher SOCRATES

Next Level Woman  Reset in OCTOBER image
Next Level Woman  Reset in OCTOBER image
Next Level Woman  Reset in OCTOBER image

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