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Hypnotherapy HQ

370 St Kilda Road

Suite 101

Melbourne, VIC 3004


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NEXT LEVEL HYPNOSIS WORKSHOP 3 Days (Hands On) 18 Rapid Inductions for Clients, Presentations & Stage Shows

About this Event


18 Rapid Inductions for Clients, Presentations & Stage Shows

What you will receive-

*3 Full days of training which 50 % will be HANDS ON learning practising & perfecting 18 yes 18 Rapid/Instant Inductions that will transform your practice, presentations and Stage performances

* Personal One on One training with Rohan (only 12 spots available to ensure this)

* The 3 VITAL KEY FACTORS that are non negotiables & make or break your performance (revealed on 1st day, ALL the Stage tricks and secrets will be revealed)

* Reveal the Secret Magical sentence that allows you to control the most resistant difficult client or Volunteer

* The EVF formula & Passivity training that will transcend your CONFIDENCE & career to NEXT LEVEL with clients and any performance

* Workshop Manual to guide you and allow you to make your own personalized notes

* Fully Comprehensive Coverage from A to Z from pretalk inductions volunteers Stage Performance and after care

* WHY less than 1% of all Hypnotherapists can actually do a Stage Show & be NEXT LEVEL proficient

* HOW to control the stage the room and a difficult audience hecklers or Clients and Presentations

* HOW to get Volunteers to Inductions (plan A B C D E) *Show skits Fun demos for your own Workshops *After show Protocols

* WHY you must Personalize to Your OWN personality and NOT One size fits all!

* Every KEY factor will be covered in both theory and MORE HANDS ON Practical Demonstrations until proficient.

* Why Rohan is Fully Booked up all year round year after year WITHOUT advertising!

* This is tailor made to suit Australian audiences and conditions & how Powerful HUMOR is

* WHY every person CAN be Hypnotised with the right methods and techniques and Why NOT every single person is suitable for your Stage Show!

* HOW to get a minimum of 80-90% & mostly 100% strike rate with any group of Volunteers as YOU choose!

* Enhance your Hypnotherapist skills and rapport (Especially with difficult and resistant clients)

* WHY this NEXT LEVEL skillset will catapult you to top % that will reap you huge earnings potential & prestige in your practice.

* HOW just ONE presentation or Show will recoup your whole Training fee

STRICLY LIMITED TO MAX of 12 trainees who must qualify with some experience with HYPNOSIS in some capacity! Hands on demos throughout with each other and Rohan himself!


Hypnotherapists & Practitioners that truly want to break through to that NEXT LEVEL HYPNOSIS stage that only 1% actually achieve!

Practitioners that want more CONFIDENCE with one on one clients, Presentations and ability to actually control any situation without guesswork or hesitation

Those who want to PERFORM & add that WOW factor to a Group Presentation with a Mind Blowing instant demonstration with any audience

Those that want to take that leap of faith and break out of their comfort zone and realise their true potential

Those that want to actually do a Stage Hypnotism show

Those that want to catapult to the top % in their field with high prestige that will command higher fees and earning potential

Those who are sick of trainings that basically overload your mind with Information that you cannot Actualize!

Those that are ready for HANDS ON pracs, actually learning & doing it, practising & perfecting to unconscious actions.

Those that understand they want more than Information they want TRANSFORMATION

Those that understand at the end of our journey Lifes biggest regret is ALWAYS NOT what we did do, but What we DIDN’T do!

Those that truly want to break through to that NEXT LEVEL!

Those that resonate with Rohans motto and magnets clients receive Breathe & Believe! I CAN I WILL! Where Focus goes Energy Flows! Building the NEW! Check out The Bizarre Gazzard Stage Hypnotist page for vidoes and pics and over 120 FIVE STAR reviews! Check out Rohans Hypnotherapy page for his Clinical Mind Transformation info


Beginners with no Hypnosis or NLP experience at all

People who expect 3 days training then to book a show in Vegas and no further training

People who are too fearful to leave their comfort zone

People who are happy with boring Progressive inductions & reading scripts

People who are content with low earnings and low prestige (sorry, not for you)

This is not a successful Hypnotist just talking about their own success and ONE way of doing a Show!

This will be a Professional educational learning HANDS ON experience that will resonate mentally physically emotionally and spiritually!


Go to The Bizarre Gazzard Stage Hypnotist page and check out over 120 FIVE STAR reviews All 5 star no other rating given (no other Hypnotist has this, in fact it is rare to have over 10 many are zero) Check out Videos & Pics from previous shows!

Look at the videos and see the Energy and the FUN the Volunteers the audience & Rohan is having!

Video testimonials will be played over the next few weeks of previous attendees at the training that truly feel NEXT LEVEL.


Rohan Gazzard Next Level training is amazing! I have done similar trainings before and they were great however this is truly next level. Very full on, Full of information, fun and a lot of actual practice, hands on. We did 18 rapid inductions and I am so much more confident. I could actually run a Stage Hypnosis Show and use in my presentations. I definitely recommend this training, definitely! and if your sitting on the fence, just fn do it!

Emma Romano - International speaker & creator of Timeline Reset & Family Freedom Protocol Self Healing Coach

I highly recommend this training. Really awesome and FUN and learned a lot with all the hands on practising and practicing and practising. It has helped me levelling up my Stage hypnosis skills and also confidence in my Clinic with my clients. I feel a lot more confident. Rohan Gazzard is an amazing trainer.

Conny Wladkowski - Mindset coach Hypnotherapist Stage Hypnotist

Enlightening! Validated all that I do know as a Hypnotherapist Trainer and has given me so much more confidence with my clients and so many different new ways of putting them into trance and then working with them in trance. Shown me how to hypnotise anyone. So, I highly recommend this training to everyone out there, sign up and come along. Rohan is amazing, I have known him for years and I trust him. Being the head of the Academy of Hypnotic Science I know the benefits of hands on practice and with Rohans guidance, I know you will gain the confidence to excel.

Sara Herring- Head of the Academy of Hypnotic Science

Training with Rohan Gazzard is one of the best decisions you could make. I have trained with may people over the years but Rohan brings his unique understanding of the Australian market as well as simple and fun ways to learn the art of stage hypnosis, particularly the instant inductions up to a new level. I highly recommend taking the time to learn from him.

Craig Homonnay- Hypnotherapist

Hey Rohan, just sharing some feedback from my first weekend of clients after your Next Level training. Have been using the armplop and modified terminology and it is working a treat!! also been throwing in more sayings, bringing more energy into my sessions and already seeing great results!! Thank you.

CB Claire Bear - Hypnotherapist

Who is Rohan Gazzard (aka Bizarre Gazzard)

Rohan Gazzard Clinical Hypnotherapist with 3 thriving practices in Australia (2 Melbourne 1 Darwin) and an International practice in Bali

Rohan has mentored and worked with Australian & World Champions in their field & Prestigious schools such as Haileybury College for Mindset Transformations & True Potential

Rohan is also The Bizarre Gazzard Comedy Hypnotist & Australias Funniest Hypnotist with 800 Shows Worldwide Vegas & Bali & all over Australia

Numerous TV & radio appearances nationwide Performed for 7 AFL clubs BHP Billiton NAB Honda Leading Force GMA Make a Wish Foundation Porter Davis Hallmark Barry Plant Mazda Endota Spa

Rohan is a Professional MC & Standup Comedian of 30 years experience so can teach you all the tricks to controlling a Performance and the audience!

Rohan is an NLP Master a with a Sales background and prestigious Salesman of the Year Award for Brashs Group (over 123 stores)

Rohan has a Corporate background and has owned and run his own Businesses

Rohan travels Australia delivering Power of a Positive Mind Presentations & mindset Transformations with live demonstration convincers with Volunteers

Strictly Limited to 12 attendees (only 8 spots remain before going public)

The Bizarre Gazzard Stage Hypnotist (International Comedy Hypnotist Vegas & Bali Over 800 shows & 120 5 Star reviews)

Dates- Thursday 23rd Friday 24th & Saturday 25th July


Venue- Hypnotherapy HQ Suite 101 370 Stkilda Rd Melbourne

Spacious training room with Rooftop views of Shrine & City

The FULL WORKSHOP fee will be $1850 AUS

If you require payment options a 50% deposit is required and contact 0419355482 to organise a payment plan

Feel free to message or phone me directly to discuss further if you require further information or to discuss a payment plan.

Contact me: 0419355482

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Date and Time


Hypnotherapy HQ

370 St Kilda Road

Suite 101

Melbourne, VIC 3004


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