Navigating conflict - integral facilitation workshop - weekend( Melbourne)

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Melbourne, VIC 3000


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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Developing conflict facilitation and conversational skills to help you foster more purposeful and efficient sessions

There are several elements that make for excellent facilitation sessions like structure, process, environment and clarity. As much as these are essential there is one skill that is often overlooked: being ‘present’.The manner or way in which a facilitator shows up in a session is intricately linked to the success or failure the participants will experience.

Being ‘present’ is challenging in everyday life and we can only imagine what adding additional people into the mix with different perspectives, emotions and reactions will do.

Ultimately our capacity to hold the space and safely navigate through difficult conversations is one of the biggest challenges we face as facilitators, managers, teachers, etc. To what extent are you capable of holding space for a group? Do you have a tendency to avoid conflict? Are you capable of truly taking every participants perspective? Do you or others constantly dominate conversations?

These are some of the questions that form the basis of our intention for this workshop which is: to introduce and provide you with the means to build your facilitation and conversational skills using the following elements:

Perpective taking capacities

Ability to recognize and work with shadows

Understanding of how power plays into facilitation

Somatic acuity of self and others

Capacity to put conflict in service of the group

ABC of Integral Facilitation

The extent to which a facilitator is able to serve any group is what differentiates a mediocre facilitator from an excellent facilitator. Anyone can buy a book on facilitation and apply a structure or method and with time will get good at it. While books and online sessions provide content which are good building blocks we believe that practice and ‘living it’ is what really allows you to “hold the space” for many different types of contexts but especially conflicts

What we offer - a 2 day workshop that will provide the theoretical and practical know how to the basics of integral facilitation. This workshop is composed of interactive sessions and practical learning. It provides participants with the opportunity to practice and test newly acquired skills with the peers within the workshop.

The Workshop - Guide

Our intention with this workshop is to provide the participants with fundamentals of facilitation that will allow them to facilitate efficient and purposeful conversations.

Who this is for: Anyone working in an environment that involves a lot of interaction and communication with difficult conversations.

Ath the end of this workshop the participants will… have been introduced to several fundamental conversation and facilitation skills. They will have practiced conversation and facilitation skills with the guidance of a master facilitator. They will have acquired a ‘next steps guide’ to continue their development with their community and surroundings.

Format of the workshop : Theoretical and practical

Duration : 2 days (2 x 7 hours)

Prerequisites : A basic understanding of conversational skills

Provided material :

Notepad and pen

Book - Anything is workable - Diane Musho Hamilton

Hint cards

Attestation of Participation of 2 Day Integral Facilitation Workshop


Day 1

  1. Introduction - Participants, schedule, content and ground rules
  2. Flow 1 (guided) - Shared theory on facilitation
  3. Break (15 mins)
  4. Theory 1 - Integral facilitation 101
  5. Activity 1 -AQAL in practice
  6. Lunch (1.5 hours)
  7. Activity 2 -AQAL in practice (continued)
  8. Theory 2 -Self as instrument
  9. Break (15 min)

10.Activity 3 - Using self as instrument

11.Flow 2(facilitated) - Neutrality

Day 2

  1. Welcome - Participants, schedule, content and ground rules
  2. Flow 3 (guided) - Power
  3. Break (15 min)
  4. Activity 4 - Facilitating with power
  5. Theory 3 - Shadows (From Freudian to Jungian theory)
  6. Lunch (1.5 hours)
  7. Activity 5 - Somatic triggers
  8. Theory 4- Working with conflict
  9. Break (15 min)

10.Activity 6 - In the field with conflict

11.Closing - Takeaways, feedback and what’s next…

Refund Policy

A full refund of course fees paid to date will be provided if delegates cancel their attendance by a formal notification such as e-mail up to 10 working days before the start date.

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Date and Time


Melbourne, VIC 3000


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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