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We Move Studio

43 Stuart Street


Mullumbimby, NSW 2482


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Beautiful people of Mullumbimby::

We are pleased to announce that Amit is coming to Australia again in April, to teach a series of workshops. This is an incredible and rare opportunity to work with an internationally acclaimed voice and breath work & Sound Healing master. During the course you will be led on a journey of opening to your natural voice, allowing your deepest music to sing through you.

The Wild Roots Practice teaches us to listen deeply, relax and connect to ''the breather''. It offers a way to explore our creative nature and express our unique voice in a supportive, healing and welcoming way.
It strengthens the experience of our true nature, deepening the intimacy with oneself and others.
Increase the tribal sense of belonging.
Free the sexual energy that runs through us every moment.
These are only a few of the intentions and offerings of the Wild Root Vocal Journey.

This journey is not only for the singers. Anyone with the inclination to meet their true nature and learn something new will benefit. This technique teaches us to express what is deep within us and to throw away preconceptions of ‘art’ or sounding good. This is about presence with ourselves, with each other, with nature.

_____SCHEDULE__________April 22nd-26th_____

Introduction first session of the journey
~~~April 22nd Wednesday:
Opening Ceremony 7pm-9.30pm
Open for everyone for $40 (included in journey price)

~~~April 23rd Thursday:
Second meeting 7pm-10pm

~~~April 24th Friday :
Third meeting 12noon-5pm

~~~April 25th Saturday:
Fourth meeting 11am-4pm

~~~April 26th Sunday:
Fifth meeting 11am-4pm

Final Ceremony:
~~~Sunday evening 7.30-9.30pm
Open to family and friends for $20

All together 22.5 hours.


All prices including the intro and the final ceremony nights.
Currency: AUD

$40 introduction evening only

$20 final ceremony only

Prices include introduction and final ceremony:

$440 entire journey

$380 Early Birds—till March 10th

$350 for the experienced students (Those who Participated in at least one weekend before!)


Who ever wish to do the journey must come the first evening! You can also come to the first evening if you are not sure about joining the whole journey and if space allows, decide to join.


In order to save your spot, please deposit $130 (AUD) through PayPal to nicolas@cini.com.au

!!! MAKE SURE YOU ADD "YOUR FULL NAME + “WildRoots Melbourne Mullumbimby” so we can identify your payment !!!

The remaining balance is to be brought in cash to the first session!

For more details & registration please contact

Lisa at


Amit at:

(whatsapp only)


For those who have no idea what The Wild Roots Journey is about, but somehow you are here now:)
These words meant for you:

''The Wild Root stands for life’s energy itself, the source of all creation in each human being. It is wild, yet amazingly harmonious, thanks to its wildness and not in spite of it. Every single movement we create in space, every sound-wave we initiate, is born out of our root’s attraction to harmony. Non-interference with this mysterious source within, serving as a neutral conductor to it, is the secret and key of being free.

Our voice is a clear and immediate reflection of who we really are in this very moment. Listening and sensing our voice while singing, allows us to recognise our state of being on several different levels- our body rigidity or flexibility, our attachment to concepts or freedom from those – all reflecting our intimacy with harmony or the lack of it. Experiencing music through your body, breath and voice while surrendering to your Wild Root, allows for a perfect merger of the musical instrument – our body – with the unique music that we are. Letting the music breathe through you is a powerful act of healing. Singing melody is enabling this healing breathing-pattern to happen. While vocalising a melody, body and soul are being rearranged, whether we realise it or not.''


Amit Carmeli

Musician, Vocal Artist, Music & Sound Healer.
Born in 1970, Israel.

‫''‬Since the day I started hearing music, I have realized, that the human voice is the ultimate instrument for the boundless expression of Music and Life; nevertheless, I have spent 20 years of playing, producing and arranging music without ever opening my mouth.

The simple wish for singing was life-transforming, for it revealed the true power of life's creative energy. In my work, I call this energy "Wild Root" and the teaching technique I have named ''Wild Roots Meditation".

3 years of self-exploration at the Carmel Mountains in the north of Israel, have made me realize and understand Life as Music and Music as Life.
Ever since, it has been 15 years of sessions and group workshops with people of all ages, exposing and empowering the vital creative force in each and every one of us.

Breathing music together with awareness and pure intention of Goodness is a life-transforming process, teaching us about our nature and our longing for uniqueness and unity, harmony and wildness.''

Amit is a well-known artist & music-producer in Israel, having played and performed with many of Israel's top musicians over the past 20 years, including artist such as: The Fools of Prophecy (Shotei Hanevuah), Idan Raichel Project, Raichel-Farka tour, Berry Sacharov & Mosh Ben-Ari.

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Date and Time


We Move Studio

43 Stuart Street


Mullumbimby, NSW 2482


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