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“The Mortgage Broker Client Attracting System Being Hailed as REVOLUTIONARY the World Over”

A True Disruption Model for the Mortgage Industry that Attracts New Clients Like a Magnet.

World's Best - Created In Australia.

Dear Mortgage Broker,

If your income is determined by the number of mortgage borrowers you to speak with each week….

…..and you want to increase that number – then you do not want to miss Mortgage Sales Mastery 2017.


Mortgage Professionals from the US, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are labelling this brand-new prospecting strategy that has pre-qualified clients booking themselves into the brokers diary as REVOLUTIONARY.

No blogging, No networking, No real estate opens, No cold calling – YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO PROSPECT THE WAY YOU CURRENTLY ARE – EVER AGAIN!

Here’s the PROOF…

Aurelio Tenaglia - 10 Refinance leads in 7 Days APPLYING to work with him all locked into his diary – all on autopilot!

Typical Lead quality example

Who is your current mortgage provider?


How long have you had your current mortgage?

8 years

What's the size of your current mortgage? 300k, 470k etc.


How's your credit history?


What's your COMBINED household income?

50k to 100k

Bill Ryan – 5 Investment Property Appointments In 1 Weekend – all APPLYING to work with him on autopilot all locked into his diary!

Typical lead quality example

Do you currently have more than 40% equity in your home?


Are you aged between 28 and 55?


Is your combined house hold income greater than $130,000 p.a?


Do you currently own an investment property?


And finally, our best-case study yet…

Emma McLeod – she managed to bring in a whopping 161 First Home Buyer Mortgage leads in 1 week onto her email prospecting list!

Aurelio, Bill, Emma and my other clients who implement this same system have pre-qualified prospects booking into their diary all on auto pilot…

…without one phone call.

And even better, once the campaign components are set, they can use these same campaigns to bring in automatic appointments for YEARS to come.

Here’s what Brad Davis said after his first week of implementation...

MSM Description - Brad
But here’s the best news…

At the Mortgage Sales Mastery Workshops, I am going to share with you this exact same system I’ve been honing, refining and tweaking for the last 12 months…

Every Part Explained – Nothing Held Back - I Will Show You "Live" How It’s Done....

You learn how to create a prospecting machine that has prospects hunting you down (instead of the other way around)

I will show you how to do this for referrers too!

That’s right a prospecting process that has referrers chasing the brokers to refer!!!

Also –

THE WORLD’S BEST Mortgage Professional CRM system for you to understand CREATE and implement.

You cannot afford to miss this workshop.

Tickets are selling FAST

Mark Blundell

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