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Money Mindset Program - How to Re-wire your Mind and Recharge your Business...

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MONEY MINDSET - The only business program that helps you to:


"It's like upgrading your mind from economy to business class"

Your mind's main job is to protect you. That's why fear often drives our behaviour - to keep us safe! But what if you learned how to regulate that 'overprotective parent' that is trying to stop you from trying new challenges that would enhance your life and your bank account - and still stay safe! Then you can have freedom and security!

We all have hidden barriers and language that operate at a subconscious level. We store memories, beliefs and experiences that are stopping us and blocking our goals but many of these beliefs were picked up by other people from another era - and we are still carrying them in our adult life!

Neuro-science proves that we can de-tox the negative thoughts in our brain (like a frontal lobotomy without the pain!) - helping you to reduce frustration, disappointment, be more focused, decrease stress and re-wire money barriers that are slowing you down and costing you time, sales, powerful relationships or money.

Coupled with high intensity performance coaching you can experience true internal change that will cause you to act on the most intelligent ideas that you have.

  • Understand the 4 areas of the brain that you literally use to process thoughts and decisions about money and sales and how to strengthen your mind and create new pathways to grow now

  • Get over your current financial or business 'brick wall' or blockages. Recognise and re-wire blind spots, distractions, procrastination, internal dialogue, negative beliefs, fears and sabotage or energy habits that have been stopping or slowing you down.

  • Become laser focused on your money vision and create tangible actions that affect your income in next 3 months

  • Recognise how to spend time differently so that you can scale more quickly and spend less hours working

  • Move from emotions like disappointment & uncertainty to decisively & confidently acting on your money goals


  • Understand how you buy, earn and act in relation to money and how it impacts your clients and relationships

  • Identify at least one new opportunity to action in relation to money or sales

  • How to identify high value potential clients who will buy rather than be sold to & who reward you for what you do

  • Create lasting relationships with professionals & experts who will champion you

  • Recognise how your expertise can help you to dominate your market by better articulating your value

  • Understand how people make 4 kinds of buying decisions about you or your product or service

ATTENTION: No more losing or wasting time, money and sleep doing things that aren't helping you to grow


More than just education - You'll get:

  • 3 full days -group highly individualised Accelerated Performance Coaching based on neuro-science

  • 3 x 1 hour online Group Coaching Sessions and Q and A so you can keep changing habits after you leave

  • Complete Commercial Clarity Modules that give you keys to change your sales and money situation

  • Private community of high performers to journey with - creating synergy, real relationships and growth

  • Facebook Private Group for Tactics, Tools and Interactions

  • Further discounts and opportunities on future programs in 2018

  • Personalised and commercially focused program that applies to your unique situation and environment

  • Proven Neuroscience based high performance tactics, strategies, tools that help you truly own the change

  • Expert led activities that allow you to get more clarity and focus - mentally, emotionally and physiologically

  • The " Power Brainstorm" session- with smart people to move your ideas forward faster

  • High Focus Money Activities, Sales Tools & Plans to take home that you will re-use daily!


Program will go ahead subject to minimum numbers)

Thursday 16th November (9.30-5pm)

Friday 17 November (full day - group) 9.00 - 4pm (Time TBC)

21 November - 1 hour Group Online Coaching/Q and A

28 November - 1 hour Group Online Coaching/ Q and A

Friday 1st December (full day - group) 9.30-5pm + Networking after event

5 December - 1 hour phone coaching /Q and A - 1pm


Louise is an Australian coach, neuro-strategist and sales expert and has helped over 15,000 people in 7 countries with 20 years experience as a businesswoman, National Sales executive overseeing 5000 business owners, while raising a family.

"Many smart people that I mentor are not getting paid enough for their high quality service, skill or product, or are conditioned to working so hard that they burn out. Most of us are way too busy keeping up - so much that we forget how to create the life that we deserve to enjoy - because of the beliefs and habits that no longer serve us.

I remember feeling like this way for a number of years - I was so sick of working so hard but not charging enough for what I did - even though my clients had incredible transformation emotionally and financially. After leaving a huge national corporate sales role, I came to a place of burnout where I realised I had no option but to dramatically change the way I sold and the way I thought about money! I decided to invest in further extensive training to learn how to shift more patterns that were keeping me stuck in this frustrating place! Amazingly - it didnt take as much as I thought to create change - and within the next month I got the first of many gigs with a company that paid me exactly $36,580 for less than 3 weeks work. Am I special? Not really - but I know my stuff - and I just needed an emotional and mental shift at a deeper level, to understand my true identity and worth and how to use different business models and tools to get a better result. It still inspires and excites me to help other people do this too".


Is this a networking event?

This is a high performance coaching program with the added bonus that you'll meet other successful awesome professionals who are generous, high level thinkers and caring people. We do have an application process so that the participants are self aware and at a certain level in their business or career, so that together you will build lasting friendships with people who will champion you into your future business and personal goals.

What it's like being in this kind of group?

We ask every participant to sign confidentiality agreements and we also respect your personal information - so that you are provided with lots of different types of activities that will challenge you but also allow you to determine how much you want to share in the group. PS We only invite great people to our Programs!

Are meals included:

We will provide morning and afternoon tea each day.

How do I get there?


Program will go ahead based on minimum numbers. Participants will be advised of any date or venue up to 10 days prior to event.

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Club Menai

Alison Crescent



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