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Futures Observatory

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The University of Western Australia

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Across the month of September, the Centre for Education Futures will be hosting a range of workshops, presentations, webinars, panels and a half-day summit that will explore the use of mobile and in-context learning in Higher Education.

All mLearning Month events will be held at the Futures Observatory, Hackett Hall EXCEPT for the mLearning Summit which will be held at the Banquet Hall, University Club.

All participants attending a mLearning Month event will receive a free Virtual Reality headset (one headset per person). To claim your headset please print your claim voucher and bring it to an event.

Details of the events are outlined below and on the program. Register for one event, or as many events as you like!


Friday 2 September at 3pm to 5pm

mLearning Month LAUNCH: Futures Observatory Tour and Technology Playtime. Followed by Networking.

By the Centre for Education Futures

Join us for the mLearning Month launch! Explore the Futures Observatory with CEF Learning Technologists. Experiment and play with the technology on offer. Find out what events will be coming up during the mLearning Month.

Monday 5 September at 12pm to 1pm

WEBINAR: Interacting with Light: Spatial Augmented Reality

By Professor Bruce Thomas, Director of the Wearable Computer Lab, The University of South Australia

Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) is the projection of computer-generated graphical information directly on physical objects in the real world. SAR supplies a new form of human computer interaction that fuses virtual and physical worlds to increase a user’s understanding of their current task at hand. While this augmentation may be supplied visually, auditorily, olfactorily, or haptically, this talk will focus on visual augmented reality. This talk will explore how users can interact with virtual information projected directly onto a physical object and will highlight the current research projects in the Wearable Computer Lab at the University of South Australia supporting the use of augmented reality in the design process.​

Tuesday 6 September at 1pm to 2pm

WORKSHOP: Teaching and Learning with Apps

By Sev Lee, Learning Technologist, Centre for Education Futures

Using Educational Apps in teaching has the potential to support innovative practice, opening your classroom to a wide array of knowledge from teaching and learning communities. In this hands-on workshop you will develop strategies for choosing appropriate apps for pedagogical use and develop your confidence in picking up a new device for teaching.

This event has sold out. Please email to join the waiting list or an extended version of this workshop is running on the 27th September titled Beta Mindset.

Thursday 8 September at 10am to 11am

PRESENTATION: Virtual Worlds, Simulations and Serious Games: Unity3D, SCORM and Blackboard Learn

By Richard Stals, Senior Learning Solutions Advisor, The Centre for Learning and Teaching, Edith Cowan University

Exploring how Simulations, Virtual Worlds and Serious Games developed in the Unity3D development environment can be deployed in Blackboard Learn using the SCORM standard. Using a recently developed serious game and set of simulations, we will explore how Unity3D, SCORM and Blackboard can provide a bleeding-edge, creative and innovative outlet within the stable and managed Learning Management System.

Monday 12 September at 4pm to 5pm

PRESENTATION: How K-12 Schools are Embracing Mobile Learning

By Emma Cummuskey, Professional Development Coordinator at Winthrop Education Australia

Schools in Western Australia are embracing mobile learning through shared devices, school purchased model and BYOD.

Emma Cummuskey will share with you the landscape of WA schools today and how they are leveraging technology to provide a 21st century learning environment for their students.

Tuesday 13 September at 12pm to 1pm

WEBINAR: Leveraging Mobile Learning When There's No Connectivity

By Helen Farley, Associate Professor (Digital Futures) at The University of Southern Queensland

Though we often talk about ubiquitous connectivity when we talk about mobile learning, the reality is that there are many instances where this is not the case. Some 50 per cent of the world's population doesn't have access to the internet. This webinar will describe how you can still use mobile learning, without internet access, to give your students a great mobile learning experience.

Wednesday 14 September at 4pm to 5pm

WEBINAR: Mobile and Social: Developments in Mobile Learning

By Julian Stodd, Founder of Sea Salt Learning, United Kingdom

In this session we will explore the intersection of mobile technology and the future state of learning itself in the Social Age. As knowledge becomes increasingly co-created, adaptive, dynamic and responsive, and the ways we learn change, we must evolve the methodologies by which we design and deliver learning.

From the use of mobile to support social learning communities, to augmented reality and geolocation/contextualised content, this session will explore the current state and future developments.

Thursday 15 September at 10am to 11am

PRESENTATION: Adapting To Win: Making Learning Technologies Work For You

By Richard Stals, Senior Learning Solutions Advisor, The Centre for Learning and Teaching, Edith Cowan University

Richard will outline an approach to learning technologies that maintains a stable and secure base while allowing us freedom to explore what technology can offer the learning and teaching experience.

"Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” - Dr Max McKeown.

Friday 16 September at 3:30pm to 5pm

Virtual Reality for Education Session. Followed by Networking.

By Immersia VR, Virtual Reality Department in Western Australia

Immersia VR are Western Australia's leading software development studio creating innovative solutions to commercial problems using cutting edge virtual and augmented reality technology.

At this session, Immersia VR will explore everything Virtual Reality and its uses for education. Learn about the best apps to try with your VR headset and mingle with fellow colleagues in our networking session following the event.

Monday 19 September at 10am to 11am

PRESENTATION: Developing Mobile Solutions for Global Learners (UNESCO Mobile App)

By Kim Flintoff, Learning Futures Advisor at Curtin University

This session will consider the development process of both a platform and associated learning experiences to facilitate meaningful mobile learning experiences for learners across the globe. It will look at the development of the Curtin Challenge platform as an example of a learning technology to support learning engagement in new ways. The session will further look at the approach and development pathway of the Balance of the Planet; a global collaborative challenge-based learning experience focussed around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Tuesday 20 September at 3pm to 4pm

WEBINAR: To BYOD or Not to BYOD? That is the Question!

By John Traxler, Professor of Mobile Learning at the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

For reasons that are variously technical, pedagogic, institutional and financial, STEM and medicine are positioned at an interesting cusp in the discussions, policies and practices about bring-your-own-device in universities, with different universities deciding for or against. These decisions are however the thin end of the wedge, leading logically to significant debates with immediate consequences for student learning, about user-generated content, the flipped classroom, codes of acceptable use, digital literacy and the role and authority of the lecturer in the modern university.

Wednesday 21 September - 8am to 12pm - Banquet Hall, The University Club


Join us for our main event, the mLearning Summit featuring our own Professor Gilly Salmon addressing the role of mobile learning in blended education.

Also, featuring Dr Thomas Cochrane from Auckland University of Technology who has managed and implemented over 40 mobile learning projects and who also has a focus on student-generated content and student-generated learning contexts and bridging formal and informal learning environments.

In addition, there will be a panel discussion including representatives from fellow Western Australian Universities discussing their approaches and thoughts around mobile learning within their University communities.

The program for the mLearning Summit is available here.

Thursday 22 September at 2:30pm to 3:30pm

WEBINAR: Mobile Learning and Personalisation

By Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Professor of Learning Technology and Communication at the Institute of Educational Technology, United Kingdom.

Learning that is both mobile and personalised holds many attractions. It has been predicted that adoption of personal mobile technology in learning is likely to supersede “one-size-fits-all” models of education that do not cater to individual requirements. This talk will cover conceptions of mobile and personalised learning and explore a range of examples from the field of mobile language learning.

Friday 23 September at 1pm to 2pm

TOUR: Futures Observatory Tour and Technology Playtime

By Ezrina Fewings, Learning Technologist, Centre for Education Futures

Come and explore the Futures Observatory with Ezrina Fewings, one of the Centre for Education Future's Learning Technologists. Experiment and play with the technology on offer.

Tuesday 27 September at 10am to 12pm

THINK TANK: Beta Mindset

By Sev Lee, Learning Technologist, Centre for Education Futures and Next Learning, Consultants in Learning Technology

What is the beta mindset and how can it be applied to education technology? Explore what makes someone digitally literate? How can we help staff and students become more adaptive, flexible, willing to take risks and experiment with new technology? Take the opportunity to workshop these ideas and their relevance to you, by taking part in this hands-on activity.

Wednesday 28 September at 4pm to 5pm

PRESENTATION: Experiencing the Digital Classroom: Flipped Classes at UWA

By Martin Forsey, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at The University of Western Australia

Profound changes are under way in university learning and teaching. Online education is taking hold as never before, intensifying the trend towards ‘flipping’ the classroom, which involves students engaging with course materials online – usually short videos and readings – then coming to classes constructed as workshops or symposia in which they are invited to practically apply their new knowledge in a variety of ways.

Thursday 29 September at 10am to 11am

WORKSHOP: Record Video Using Your Mobile Device

By Michelle Bunting, Learning Technologist, Centre for Education Futures

In this workshop gain practical hands on experience in creating high quality videos to engage, inspire and motivate students using your mobile device. Explore the latest apps and mobile accessories changing the way we create and consume video.

Note: Bring your own mobile device for the workshop or borrow one of ours!

This event has sold out. Please email to join the waiting list. Alternatively we will be re-running this event 13th October, you can register here:

Thursday 29 September at 1pm to 2pm

WORKSHOP: Re-Imagine Student Engagement Enabled By Mobile-Enhanced Technology

By Mark Bailye, Customer Success Manager (ANZ), International Customer Success, Blackboard International

“Technology by itself does not result in better education; rather improved results are achieved by the manner in which technology is effectively integrated into the educational process” (Pastor & Quirós 2015). Enhancing student engagement will improve student retention, success and outcomes (Crosling, Heagney & Thomas 2009). But how can pedagogy and a mobile-enhanced approach be used to enrich student engagement?

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the Hybrid Learning Model (developed by Ulster University) and shown how this can be used to plan innovative activities and identify which mobile-enhanced technology tools can be used to enrich student engagement.

Friday 30 September at 10am to 11am

WORKSHOP: Blackboard's Mobile Strategy and Roadmap (Blackboard Mobile Apps)

By Grant Beevers, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering APAC at Blackboard

In this session, Grant Beevers, Senior Manager of the APAC Solutions Engineering team at Blackboard, will take participants through Blackboard's mobile strategy, focussing on the next generation student app, Bb Student, Bb Instructor for teachers, Collaborate integration, responsive design, and the roadmap for future functionality. The audience will take part in hands on activities to explore Bb Student and its integration with Collaborate and Blackboard Learn.

Friday 30 September at 4pm to 5pm

mLearning Month CLOSING EVENT

By the Centre for Education Futures

Join us for a networking session to discuss some of the highlights of mLearning Month. Use this time to chat to a CEF Learning Technologist, find out more about scholarships and put your Virtual Reality headset to good use.

Mobile Learning Month

Blackboard's Mobile Strategy and Roadmap


Futures Observatory

Hackett Hall

The University of Western Australia

7th Wave Conference Series

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