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Mindful Relationships

3 day Intensive | CPD 21 hours | $875

$875 standard fee (incl. GST)

$815 early bird price

$750 super early bird price

2017 Dates: ADELAIDE Feb 16, Oct 26, SUNSHINE COAST: May 12

See others for who they are, and stop reacting to who they are not.

This is for you, if you want to learn the skills to:

  • Have more joy in relationships
  • Navigate differences smoothly
  • Deal with disappointment and frustration
  • Get un-stuck
  • Be more accepted, accepting, and engaged

Spend more time enjoying what works, and less time being reactive or trying to fix what doesn’t work. Learn 7 Key Principles for rewarding personal and professional relationships.

Cultivating Acceptance and Connection

These 7 key principles create a step-by-step guide to being mindful with others - especially in the places where you are reactive, defensive, and on autopilot.

In this experiential training, you will explore several conceptual maps showing you how to break out of negative judgment, frustration and conflict; see and accept other people for who they are; identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour, and step off the merry-go-round of these habitual cycles. Mindfulness in relationships orients you towards being responsive and building rich relationships, rather than reactiveand destroying them.

Participants describe it as professionally refreshing and personally rejuvenating. No pre requisite. Suitable for beginners to very experienced mindfulness practitioners.

“One of the secrets of life is to be honestly who you are. Who others want you to be, who you used to be, and who you may some day become ... these are fantasies. To be honestly who you are is to give up your illusions and face today with courage” - Bill Purdin

Presenter: Liana Taylor, MPsych (Clin) Mindfulness Specialist, the leading provider of applied mindfulness training to professionals across Australia.

You can attend this course
  • 1. As an individual, stand alone course, OR
  • 2. You can register for one of the certification programs.

This course is part of the Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification Program, Level 1. There are two other courses within Level 1: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training and Mindful Leadership Course.

All three courses focus on different aspects of applied mindfulness. All cultivate kindness, awareness, focus and emotional intelligence. You can attend one, or any combination, in any order.

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Ph: 08 8272 0046 | mind@theaiam.com.au | www.theaiam.com.au

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