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Mindful Leadership

3 day Intensive | CPD 21 hours | $875

$875 standard fee (incl. GST)

$815 early bird price

$750 super early bird price

2017 Dates: ADELAIDE Mar 17, Nov 3, SUNSHINE COAST Aug 25

Savour your strengths, and lead others through their strengths

Leadership is about vision and people.

Leadership is about vision and relationships, and wisdom is about insight. The Buddha offered a rich body of teachings for cultivating human wisdom that requires us to make wise decisions for ourselves and other people. Leadership wisdom, however, is an extension of human wisdom and requires us to make wise decisions based on the needs of our organizations, public, national and global environments. And often, these decisions can only be evaluated over time.

Every person in a leadership position reaches toward wisdom, is expected to have wisdom, and wants to be wise, and yet, it is not always easy to articulate what wisdom is or how one develops it. It is not so much about getting it right, but about doing the right thing.

With Mindfulness we cultivate our capacity to focus, to see clearly, decide wisely, and act skilfully across several domains.

Cultivating Insight and Confidence

This course has been adapted from our previous course, "Emotional Intelligence and Personality".

Mindful leadership includes content that was in EI & P. Historically Liana taught Mindful Leadership as a one day course, then 2 day, then when it went to 3 day she dropped some of the leadership content and focused more on EI and personality. However, our attendees have been asking for the Mindful Leadership focus to be brought back, and so, the current course is focused on working with, and leading other people, and includes most of the EI & P content.

Live into your full potential knowing your real gifts and challenges, as well as those of others. Exploring personality can be eye opening, deeply affirming and transformative.

“75% of careers derail due to lack of EI: inability to handle interpersonal problems; unsatisfactory team leadership during difficulty or conflict; inability to adapt to change or elicit trust.” Center for Creative Leadership

This experiential course shows you how to see and honour strengths and make sense of struggles. It moves you toward increased emotional intelligence, freedom, respect for others, and the opportunity to live a more authentic life.

You will explore five Personality models:

1. Enneagram
2. Talent Dynamics
3. Hippocrates Four Temperaments
4. Three Buddhist Personalities
5. Three Ayurvedic Medicine Doshas

“What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills” - Daniel Goleman

Presenter: Liana Taylor, MPsych (Clin) Mindfulness Specialist, the leading provider of applied mindfulness training to professionals across Australia.

You can attend this course:
  • 1. As an individual, stand alone course, OR
  • 2. You can register for one of the certification programs.

This course is part of the Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification Program, Level 1 program. The two other courses within Level 1 are: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training and Mindful Relationships Course.

All three courses focus on different aspects of applied mindfulness. All cultivate kindness, awareness, focus and emotional intelligence. You can attend one, or any combination, in any order.

Please note that courses are run subject to enrolments meeting minimum numbers.

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