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Our teacher PD sessions are here to help you integrate Digital Technologies into your classroom. If you're a teacher of Years 6-9 students, come and learn how to program in Python!

- Registration is for all 4 sessions
- If you're not able to make all 4 sessions that's ok.

Please note that, as we are a Brisbane-based organisation, our classes run in AEST. We do not observe daylight savings.

What is Python?

Python is a beginner-friendly computer programming language that has uses at all skill levels. It's simple, highly readablem and has a variety of application.

While Python has been used in many real-world applications — such as YouTube, Dropbox, Google, Quora, Instagram, Spotify, and Reddit — it's also a great language for beginners to coding, or a great second step for students who are familiar with visual-based programming languages like Scratch.

What is Micro:bit?

Micro:bit is a single board microcontroller. It has an in-built 5x5 LEDs, 2 programmable buttons, and an accelerometer. Use Python to program Micro:bit.

In our series of live online classes, we will do the following:

Mon 21 Jan (Intro to Python)

  • Learning about coding concepts such as computational thinking, algorithm, branching, and more!

  • Building geometric animations

  • Building a simple quiz game

Tue 22 Jan (Micro:bit - Displaying emoticons and text)

  • Learning how to program a micro:bit to control an LED grid of emoticons and scrolling text

Wed 23 Jan (Micro:bit - Magic 8 Ball & Clock)

  • Learning how to build other games on a Micro:bit

Thu 24 Jan (Earthquake detector)

  • Building an “Earthquake detector” to fit into Earth Sciences

  • Build Roly Poly: Use the Micro:bit's accelerometer to move a light around on the LED array.

Do I need my own Micro:bit?

For our classes, you can either use your own micro:bit or you can use the micro:bit online emulator.

Equip yourselves with the tools and knowledge to integrate technology into your classroom!

Visit our website for more information on our teacher PD sessions!

This teacher PD series is proudly supported by Pakronics.

If you would like to be added to the waitlist on any of these events, please contact Erika at

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