Melbourne Transformational NLP Certification Training
$795 – $4,395
Melbourne Transformational NLP Certification Training

Melbourne Transformational NLP Certification Training

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East St. Kilda (just off Dandenong Road, with nearby trams and free all day parking). Full venue details upon registration., East St. Kilda, VIC

East St. Kilda, Victoria


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Become a confident, successful and certified NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner at our 8 day NLP Melbourne training!

Learn how to use the power of your mind, NLP, Hypnotherapy and more to empower yourself and others to succeed personally and professionally!

Book your place in this training by 30th September 2016 and save with your early bird and bring a friend offers!

Would you like to develop your skills and confidence to help yourself and others to:

  • once and for all stop procrastination and stubborn bad habits

  • permanently address out of control emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, rejection, betrayal and much more

  • overcome limiting beliefs eg. not good enough, fear of failure/success/public speaking, can’t make enough money, etc

  • get out of your own way and stop sabotaging your success, relationships, health, finances and happiness

  • reduce stress, worry and anxiety, and easily relax

  • improve learning, retention, memory recall, study habits and performance

  • stop disagreements and conflict and develop harmonious personal and professional relationships

  • communicate, influence, motivate and lead others for greater success and much more!

During this 8 day certification training you will discover how to:

  • master the language of your mind to resolve stubborn old habits (eg nail biting, eating when feeling down, smoking when stressed, etc) that have been annoying you for years

  •  overcome procrastination once and for all and have the tools to stay motivated

  • create instant rapport with anyone you meet within moments so that there is an instant connection between you

  • use language to influence, negotiate, communicate and think “outside the box” to generate solutions to overcome any challenge

  • access any positive feeling in an instant and feel confident, powerful and motivated any time you choose

  • set goals in a such a way that you achieve them each and every time

  • learn easily and effectively, improve your memory and retain and recall information when you need it the most

  • take your personal relationships to a whole new level by learning the two secrets to successful lasting relationships

  • easily and effectively resolve past anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and anxiety and worry about the future…and in such a way where you are totally comfortable without having to relive all the emotions again

  • overcome the limitations of beliefs such as “I am not good enough”, “I can’t make enough money”, “fear of failure”, “fear of rejection”, “fear of public speaking” etc…that prevent you from taking action

  • once and for all stop sabotaging your relationships, career/business, health and life so that you are totally empowered to create the life you truly desire

  • coach, mentor and lead others to success whether as an aspiring or existing life coach, therapist, health practitioner or business owner.  You will learn how to structure your coaching, mentoring and therapy sessions (including which techniques to use when) to maximize your success with others!

The major NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy techniques that you will learn during this training include:


  • Achievable Outcomes and Keys to Success - learn how to clarify what you wish to achieve so that it is far easier to achieve;
  • Sensory Acuity - fine-tune your sensory awareness about others to maximise the effectiveness of your communication;
  • Rapport - create instant rapport at the deepest level, easily and quickly;
  • Advanced communication skills - increase the effectiveness of your communication by understanding different representational systems, learn how to accurately read and interpret how other people move their eyes and how they process information;
  • State mastery - access any resourceful state instantly through anchoring;
  • Strategies – discover your and other people’s strategies, how to utilize that information and how to change any strategies or behavior which are producing unwanted results;
  • Language skills - purposefully use languaging to create positive thoughts and to reframe yourself and others;
  • Effective change techniques - change beliefs, transform likes into dislikes and vice versa with Submodalities, stop unwanted behaviours and resolve internal parts conflicts;
  • Negotiation and sales techniques - obtain quick agreement and create win-win situations in negotiations, run and participate in more productive meetings and dramatically improve your sales and income;

 Time Line Therapy™ techniques

  • learn about the unconscious mind and how it serves and protects you;
  • comfortably and effectively release negative emotions and limiting decisions;
  • overcome anxieties, fears and phobias;
  • effective goal setting that works;
  • learn how to effectively assist others to do the same.

Hypnotherapy Techniques

  • understand and communicate with the unconscious mind;
  • learn how to improve the health and wellbeing of yourself and others;
  • learn how to enhance your and others’ personal and professional performance.

Putting the tools together - learn how to structure a coaching/therapy/business session using the appropriate combination of tools for maximum results.

Plus much more!

And the most exciting part is that just like our past graduates you will learn all this and more and find yourself easily understanding and using these tools before you leave the training!  Our accelerated teaching techniques will ensure that you will be able to easily learn and use all this to help yourself, your family, your friends and your clients too! 

 Using more traditional psychology techniques can take longer to learn and to master.  With Qt’s NLP Practitioner certification training, you can learn to master easy to learn and use NLP, TLT and hypnotherapy techniques more quickly and with great success.

This training is ideal for you because during this training you will personally experience NLP, TLT and hypnotherapy for yourself, as well as learn how to and use the life changing techniques with others.  This training is ideal for a novice without any experience, just starting their journey in NLP and Hypnotherapy or for existing complementary health practitioners/coaches/counselors wishing to add NLP and Hypnotherapy to complement their existing skills.

While there are no pre-requisites to join us at this training, you will receive pre training materials (yours to keep as a reference after your training) to help you to prepare for this training, so enrolling now is the perfect time as it will give you plenty of time to prepare.

Forget boring lectures, theory and endless hours of taking notes!

Instead, gain hands on experience from day one of this training.

This is a highly practical hands-on training where you learn, experience and practice the techniques yourself in a highly personalised training, and develop your confidence and skills to help others. 

These techniques and interpersonal skills will stay with you for your lifetime!

This training is designed so that the techniques are so easy for you to learn and practice immediately, so that your learning will also be a fun and enjoyable experience!

The most personalised training you will experience… with only 8 students in class receiving direct feedback and attention from your NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainer!

Over 8 powerful days you and a maximum of 8 like-minded classmates will personally be trained in easy to learn NLP, Hypnotherapy and more life changing techniques. Our small intimate trainings create the ideal environment for your personal learning journey and transformation – a safe and empowering space for asking questions, practicing, being supported and transforming your own thinking and behaviours.  Our graduates say that this is a key difference that we offer and that has made all the difference to their learning and success!

100% Success Rate for Your Peace of Mind

Since 2000, we have successfully trained hundreds of NLP and Hypnotherapy students and have a 100% success rate so that you can rest assured to succeed too.  Your Trainer, Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, will personally be there to guide you over the entire 8 days to ensure your success.  Once you complete your training and certification, you will be able to help yourself with NLP and more, begin an exciting new career/business as a practitioner or grow your current business as a certified, qualified and recognised NLP and Hypnotherapy practitioner in Australia, as well overseas. 

This training is:

  • hands on, packed with practical application where YOU will practice the NLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy techniques and develop your confidence to help others 
  • taught and supervised by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, (founder of Qt and your Trainer). She is a certified Trainer of NLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy, who holds a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, has over 16 years’ experience as a Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer, has run well over 55 NLP and Hypnotherapy certification trainings, has trained many successful practitioners, coaches, therapists and hypnotherapists and has a proven track record of success. DrVesna has a 100% success rate in certifying students in all her trainings so that you can rest assured to succeed too. 
  • designed so that the techniques are so easy for you to learn, practice immediately, and grow your confidence in helping others
  • empowering of you before, during and after your training 
  • all inclusive with your personal manual containing all the scripts/techniques, plus 20 CDs and 2 NLP text books (yours to keep and use as a reference after this training), certificate of completion and after certification training support.

Client Testimonials

Here is a small snapshot of some of our client success stories and testimonials.  You will find more on our website

“One day browsing across the Internet, I came across QT and I just knew I had to do my NLP training here. I felt an instant connection. 

Initially I thought, I would use NLP and time line therapy to help my clients overcome their limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. However, during the training, I confronted my own fears and ghosts from the past, dealt with them and finally said goodbye to them forever and ever! 

Dr. Vesna has been a pillar of strength and courage and my journey to the discovery of a whole new wonderful me could not have been possible without her support. I can't thank her enough for guiding me through this. It's amazing how within minutes, one can let go off so much baggage from the past and view life from a completely different. Beautifully different perspective! I wish Dr. Vesna and QT all the very best for the magnificent work that they are doing and helping people transform their lives in a much more meaningful way!  Thank you!”

Gurman - Psychologist, India

“Vesna, from our first phone call, and at every step of the way through both the Hypnotherapy Certification and NLP Practitioner training, your professionalism was outstanding.  As a "very" mature student studying in a modality/industry I was unfamiliar with, your small class size, "hands on" experience and personalised attention contributed to my success and transformation…. 

 In actual fact, it is the personal revelations I experienced as a student, and the life changing results I witness day to day, personally and as a practitioner, that continually encourage me to be the best that I can be, and to enjoy living an exciting, happy and fulfilling life. Thank you.”

Dawn – NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

“Vesna is all about empowering people to achieve great results - fast. My personal experience after doing the NLP Practitioners course is that she is true to her word. Vesna is simply a brilliant exponent of NLP and teaches practical principles that are learnt easily. The difference I have found in my life is highly significant over a range of areas. My business has gone to another level; the way I relate to people has improved dramatically; my confidence in tackling tasks has increased and Vesna has helped me overcome a number of barriers in my life. Being able to tap into the subconscious is so powerful as you don't know what is there holding you back. Vesna's ongoing support and commitment to clients and students is second to none. Anyone serious about personal and business growth should attend a Qt program.”

 Richard. – Business Owner, successfully transitioned from corporate life to running his own business full time

“As someone who has trained others I know that a good trainer is hard to find, with Vesna, you get that and so much more.   With Vesna, you get taught in a way that best suits your learning style and helps you realise your potential. In the actual training I personally found it a real eye opener and it changed the way I saw the world and how I was thinking! After the training I have felt confident to use what I learned in my work situation straight away and I can tell you, thanks to the training Vesna gave, I have helped changed lives now as well!

 If you are thinking about doing NLP training, take it with Vesna. It will be one of the best investments of your life!

 Mark – Osteopath

“I would like to personally thank Vesna from Qt for her commitment and expertise in helping my dreams become reality. Before I started the Practitioner Certification training I was extremely unhappy with my career and feeling like my dreams were unachievable and constantly making excuses… No time or money!! I didn’t fully comprehend my results until six months after finishing the course… I have now started my own fashion label and completely eliminated self-doubt, prioritised values by providing myself direction and a positive attitude towards the future. I’ve gone from feeling constant disappointed in myself, to a truly positive life-changing experience were I believe anything is possible if you have the right techniques and an open mind.  Again, thank you Vesna… you’ve changed my life for the better!!”

Karmela – Business Owner, Fashion Industry

“I recently completed the NLP Practitioner Training and I wanted to thank you for all the results I've achieved since then. I had several reasons for attending the training: to improve my communication with clients; to improve my sales skills; and to improve my management skills.

I think that with your help, I've achieved my outcomes very effectively. A couple of months ago, I started work on a project that has been running for about five years off and on – my first job was to speak with system users to try to build up a picture of what information they needed and where they were currently experiencing problems with the system. I spent about four hours on the phone with different people, wrote up a summary of my conversations and passed it to the project manager. He came back to me about five minutes later, asking where I'd managed to get all the information from! Apparently this was the first time anyone had managed to get a strong enough rapport with the users to get any worthwhile feedback. About six weeks later, I sent out a draft document and asked users to review it. I expected to get heaps of requests for changes, but instead all I got was variations on 'This is fantastic, it is exactly what we wanted'.

As far as sales go – the client is an absolute raving fan, and they are now actively looking for other projects that I could be involved in. I think that the communication and rapport building skills that I learned from you played a big part in this outcome!

I'd also like to say thank you for all the support that you offer to your trainees.  The amount of value I've received from you in support after completing the course has been fantastic!! The review sessions and the follow-up sessions have really helped me to maintain and improve on my skills. They've also been a good chance to test out sales ideas – and (with your help) to develop even better sales ideas!! Looking forward to doing the Master Practitioner training next year and achieving even more successes!”

Andrea – Technical Writer, Business Owner

“The skills that you taught me have made a positive difference in my working life. Life is travelling along with things falling into place.  My work is a much happier place.  I have started my weight loss journey and have lost 3.95kgs to date, also continue attending gym and feeling very positive.  I have strengthened my relationship with my son and my daughter is back from Darwin and living at home for the time being.  All in all my life is moving forward in a positive direction and I feel I owe this to NLP.  Thank you for your support and assistance.”

Marina – Health Services Manager

“An excellent course that was thorough and a pleasure to attend.  I enjoyed the small group, the personalized attention, the hands on experience and the opportunity to practice each step.  I would highly recommend working with Vesna as she is a great role model and very congruent with all that she teaches.  Whether wanting therapy, work on business or accreditation for Practitioner or Master Practitioner, you can’t go past Qt.  Ten out of ten!!!

 Eleni – Business Owner

"My expectations for the 7 day training were well and truly exceeded.  In the four weeks since completion of my NLP training, I have attracted 50% more clients and been able to increase my company’s revenue by 100%.  I recommend Qt’s Transformational Trainings to anybody considering investing in their own, or their company’s personal or professional development.”

Ross – Professional Coach

I had very high expectations of the training and they were fulfilled.  The professionalism displayed from Vesna’s presentations and materials used were outstanding…Vesna’s encouragement and commitment to my understanding of the material.  A life changing experience.

Rhonda - Corporate Coach

“I really enjoyed the wonderful environment that was created so that learning was indeed very pleasurable.  Also the wonderful array of new tools and techniques that we discovered.  A truly wonderful learning experience.”

Max – Communications Trainer

Certifications and Associations

Our trainings are recognized as among the highest in NLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy training standards in the world today!  Upon successful completion of your training, you will automatically receive your NLP Practitioner certification,  Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner training completion certificate and Hypnotherapy Practitioner training completion certificate from Qt and you will also be eligible for international recognition and certification from  three worldwide organizations (American Board of NLP, American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Time Line Therapy Association*)… so rather than just being limited to a career in Australia, a whole world of possibilities is available to you!  * Certification through each board is currently US$120 per year.

In addition to certification, upon successful completion of your Qt training, you will also have the opportunity to receive international accreditation and professional indemnity insurance to operate as an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and coach in Australia. Yes, you, like our current graduates, will be able to practise as a qualified and recognised NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and coach in Australia.

Your training includes:

  •  $1,200 worth of products (20 CD NLP Practitioner training collection, training manual and two texts) – all yours FREE to keep and review after the training at any time;
  • personalised live group training (with a maximum of 8 students in training) in NLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy techniques over 8 days, on the training dates below
  • personalised attention from your Melbourne based local Trainer during this training (who will run the entire training and be in attendance each and every day, for the entire training) and our fully trained and qualified assistants in a fun and supportive environment;
  • practical sessions so you can apply your newly learnt skills immediately and also personally benefit
  • NLP certification and certificates of completion so you have the opportunity to join three of the world’s largest certifying bodies
  • meets all the requirements for recognition as a practitioner in Australia and overseas and access to discounted professional indemnity insurance
  • after training support
  • light refreshments
  • free bonuses
  • free all day parking near the venue


Normal price per person (book your place after 30th September 2016): $4,395

Early bird price per person $3,495 (save $900): pay with $795 deposit then 3 monthly payments of $900 (until 30th September 2016): $795 deposit to secure your place

Early bird per person pay in full $3,145 (save $1,250 until 30th September 2016):  $3,145

Early bird price per person $2,997.50, when 2 people book together (until 30th September 2016): $5,995

For groups of 3 or more please contact the organiser for special group offers.


  • Saturday, 5th November 2016 from 9am to 7pm
  • Sunday, 6th November 2016 from 12pm to 7pm
  • Saturday, 12th November 2016 from 9am to 7pm
  • Sunday, 13th November 2016 from 12pm to 7pm
  • Saturday,19th November 2016 from 9am to 7pm
  • Sunday, 20th November 2016 from 12pm to 7pm
  • Saturday, 26th November 2016 from 9am to 7pm
  • Sunday, 27th November 2016 from 12pm to 7pm (AEST) - Add to Calendar


East St Kilda (just off Dandenong Road, with nearby trams and free all day parking). Full venue details upon registration., East St. Kilda, VIC - View Map

Are You Ready to Help Others and to Be a Successful, Confident and Certified NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner?

If you are ready to develop your confidence and skills to help others with NLP, Hypnotherapy and more, join us at our November 2016 NLP Practitioner certification training. 

Remember to book your place by 30th September 2016 as there are only 8 students in this training!

© Qt, 2000 – 2016.  All Rights Reserved. All rights reserved.  These materials and all information contained herein are subject to copyright laws.  No part may be reproduced, adapted or otherwise copied in any form or by any means without prior written permission from the copyright owner. 

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Date and Time

East St. Kilda (just off Dandenong Road, with nearby trams and free all day parking). Full venue details upon registration., East St. Kilda, VIC

East St. Kilda, Victoria


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