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Melb Winter Warmer: Cacao Ceremony, Djembe Rhythms, Sound Healing

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Second Story Studios

222A Johnston Street

Collingwood, VIC 3066


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Oooh YES! We are collaborating with some of Melbourne’s finest to co-create an enriching evening of Cacao medicine, dance awesomeness, deep Ceremony and delicious sound-scapes for our gorgeous Melbourne tribe.

On arrival we will be welcomed into earthy & grounding sacred space by sound healer Ami Hasson playing ancient Gongs, as we gather with tribe & connect. We will begin by moving deeply and gently into our bodies, in self-connection practices to support our beings to be as open as possible. From here we will be guided by Petra Lane in the ancient Mayan ritual of Cacao Ceremony, creating a sacred space to powerfully connect with our true authentic selves.

Cacao’s medicine literally opens the heart through the neurotransmitter ‘anandamide’ – the ‘bliss’ chemical. The profound feeling of love & ecstasy that results from drinking this medicine is well-known & respected for the journey it takes our being on. Cacao’s alkaloid theobromine brings sharp clarity to the mind, while extremely high levels of magnesium relax the body. This incredible mix creates an opportunity to release & express our joyful essence, as we dance - move - & sound - in time to the beat of our own heart, travelling on a personal pilgrimage of discovery. We will be supported on this journey by powerful beats that are harmonised with djembes, drumming up the fire of our tribal hearts in support of deep transformation and bliss.

To conclude our incredible odyssey, we will be held by Ami in a deep sound-healing journey focused on cellular-level vibrational reset. Deep vibrations of the Gongs fused with ethereal crystal & Tibetan bowls and ancient vocals will support us to both drop in deep and soar high.

The combination of ancient practices such as sound healing, Ceremony, meditation, rhythm and dance combined with the potency of Cacao wisdom, & Full Moon’s power, this evening of journeying with tribe is a powerful transformative experience like none other!

After many of these powerful sacred Ceremonies being held in Brisbane & Sydney, it’s Melbourne’s turn! We are so excited to be creating this gorgeous evening for our Melbourne collective, as we gather in the full force of LOVE.

DATE: Saturday July 8th

VENUE: Second Story Studios

TIME: 6 – 10.45pm

EXCHANGE: Early bird: $59.00; full price $69.00

BRING: Yoga mat, water, blanket, cushion, openness

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** Please note:
If you are currently being treated for depression, Cacao may not be the medicine for you. The tryptophan and monoamino oxidase inhibitors of the Cacao are a bad mix with anti-depressant medicine. Can cause severe migraine, or worse. Please get in contact with me to discuss if this is a consideration for you.

Cacao has been used for centuries in different cultures as a tool to facilitate a reflective & meditative experience that focuses on the heart-space. Due to the active medicinal properties of Cacao, it is possible to experience a state of heightened awareness, which opens us to deeper-stored emotional densities that are ready to be seen, felt & released.

The euphoria-inducing properties of Cacao help us to connect deeply to the love, & ultimate truth, that sits inside our hearts.

When we sit with Cacao with the intention to open to ourselves & our own vulnerability, Cacao has the potential to create a profound yet gentle inner experience of heart transformation. To help activate this opening, I have sourced the highest Ceremonial-grade Guatemalan Cacao possible.



"The Cacao Ceremony held by Petra was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of my life. She held the space beautifully with a lovely mix of acceptance, freedom of expression and guided visualisation. I laughed, I cried, I danced and sung. Mostly I connected with my ancient self, beyond all time, and felt very held in that process by Petra and Cacao."

Malindi Lovegrove-Lower, Co-Director of The Chocolate Yogi.

“Petra brings a level of integrity to the Ceremonial space that is rare to find in facilitators. Her ability to lead a experiential process along with her capacity to be attentive to all participant needs is outstanding. Her work is truly transformational - from her Cacao Ceremony I discovered a whole new part of myself that has stuck with me two years on. This has been a shared experience with friends and colleagues who have attended her events. I would recommend Petra and her work to anybody that is ready to address and directly tackle any potential limitations within themselves along with anybody looking to unleash their full potential.”

Sacha Damiano, Therapist & Neuro-coach



Known for the wisdom, integrity & authenticity she brings to her Ceremonial spaces, Petra opens the way for people to experience their own personal enlivened truth. Driven by a desire for all beings to walk powerfully in their most integrated Self, she creates a deliciously ripe yet safe container for people to explore true connection, in this moment.

With 20 years on the healing path, her practice combines somatic process, earth-based Ceremonial methodology, metaphysical causality and practical, heart-centered action, supporting individuals to walk in the truth of their own empowerment.

Petra brings an embodied quality of softness & strength to Cacao Ceremonies, her therapeutic individual sessions, the online workshop space she facilitates, and the pilgrimages she leads around the world. She has studied the Science of Psychology at Uni, holds a Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy, specialises in trauma therapy / neural re-wiring, & has a compulsive tendency to do cartwheels and handstands whenever she’s in a park. And dance. Anywhere, anytime!


Ami started his Path of healing practice in 2010 under the name 'Healing Delight' after many years of rich experience with Music. Since then he has facilitated thousands of Meditation groups, private sessions, Workshops, concerts & special events/retreats.

Ami sessions are a beautiful sacred space where you can relax, rejuvenate, meditate, connect with yourself on a deeper level and receive healing by pure sounds and frequencies. He uses Tibetan Bowls, Gong, voice toning and harmonics. All of them are being used to create a deeply transformational journey. Pure frequencies shift and release stagnant energy and tension accumulated in the body.

The sounds created in the session reduce the brain activity to theta/delta waves which are similar to dream state of mind, in some cases even astral journeys may occur. The entire physical body is slowing down allowing a deep relaxed state of mind and body where healing is taking place. The Sound Healing is a great modality to use with Physical, mental and emotional pain/blockage/etc..

Sound healing is a growing modality around the world, known and used since the dawn of human civilization. In Sound Healing Meditation Ami is using full set of Crystal singing bowls and energy chimes which are tuned to the tones of our Chakra energy system. The Sound Healing is a great modality to use with Physical, mental and emotional pain/blockage/etc.

The effects of exposure to damaging sounds and frequencies in this modern age are a major cause of stress related symptoms and dis-ease common in today’s world. Our approach to Sound Healing is using specific sounds and frequencies to re-align vibrations occurring in the body, release stagnant energy “trapped” within the body and to alleviate stress related conditions.

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Date and Time


Second Story Studios

222A Johnston Street

Collingwood, VIC 3066


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