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Berry, NSW 2535

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Refund Policy

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About the Meditation + Mindfulness Weekend at Willow Farm Berry

Sometimes we can get so busy we barely stop to catch our breath.

Finding balance and the time to set the reset button can be tricky.

A short break at Willow Farm, Berry on 13-14 January 2018 is the perfect opportunity for you to press the reset button as we journey into the New Year together – leading a calmer, less reactive and more connected life.

Come and nourish yourself from the inside out by immersing yourself in the practice of meditation + mindfulness and learn about where brain science and practice meet.

Develop your curiosity for new mindfulness approaches, and experience them first hand in top-notch guided meditations that have the power to upgrade your entire life.

Willow Farm in Berry is an inspired setting for a Meditation + Mindfulness Retreat, and you’ll be spoiled with nourishing food and clean treats enjoyed alongside like-minded souls. The farm is perfectly situated too, being just a short drive to the beaches of Gerringong, the countryside of Kangaroo Valley and the popular township of Berry.

This retreat is for you if:

- You enjoy unplugging from your daily demands in order to learn something new

- You’re hungry for life-changing but simple habits to enhance your daily wellbeing

- You have tried meditation before and wish to make it a regular practice in your life

- You want to take time to learn powerful skills that will impact your personal life and career

- You have an interest in learning Transcendental Meditation, along with many other meditation + mindfulness practices

- You’re keen to take a deeper dive into the brain science behind meditation

- You respond well to learning in an immersive, aesthetically beautiful, relaxing environment (because, who doesn’t)

- You have a curious mind and are open to learning ways to become a better version of yourself

- You’re interested in using meditation for relaxation as well as for better brain health and increased energy

- You want to become more resilient and able to grow through life’s many challenges using powerful breathing techniques as well as meditation

- You understand the importance of self-care to nourish yourself from the inside out

What makes this Meditation Intensive Weekend different?

Chelsea Pottenger’s own very real and personal experience with Post-Natal Depression put her on the path to build a community and brand that gives people permission to unplug from everyday life and spend precious time to nourish themselves, and to grow from the inside out.

This retreat, held in the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, just two hours relaxing drive from Sydney, grew from Chelsea’s corporate clients asking for a special weekend to immerse themselves in the environment and learn the best mindfulness and meditation possible. It also stemmed from Chelsea’s own experiences attending meditation intensives and seeing the possibilities to create a calming yet energising, luxe yet value-packed experience of her own in one of her favourite parts of Australia.

Where Brain Science meets Practice

We understand the common fears about not being ‘able to meditate’ because of a lack of time, too much else going on, or maybe because you fall asleep when you do it. We get that. But when you understand the scientific connection between your breath, the state of your brain and your nervous system, the need to meditate suddenly gets real. It’s like taking yourself off to the gym – after regular visits, your muscles build and you get stronger. With meditation this is about practicing mindfulness, and rewiring the hardware inside your head for a serious brain upgrade. It makes you more resilient, better at managing change, and provides a sense of peace that only comes from within.

Ideally, if you have tried but not fully mastered meditation yet, this could be the perfect opportunity to develop your practice by finding out and experiencing a whole range of meditative approaches including powerful breathing techniques, guided meditations, silent meditation and even transcendental meditation.

What people say about Chelsea Pottenger

“Chelsea what a breath of fresh air you were in my life today. A long story short, you have empowered me to change my world, and for the first time in a very long time I can see the beauty still left in life. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

“The number of attendees went up week on week as people started to hear about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and wanted to see what it was about. Chelsea is a fantastic, knowledgeable presenter who genuinely cares about making a difference.”
- Sue France, Head of Retail Promotions — Ebay

“Chelsea's honesty and authenticity captivated a very diverse crowd. The scientific-based advice makes her highly credible in a corporate environment and brings a secular approach to mental wellness. We would highly recommend Chelsea and the team to any organisation that would like to learn more about the link between mental wellness and productivity.” - Corporate Affairs Manager — Graincorp

What you receive

- Two full days meditation and mindfulness training led by Chelsea Pottenger

- Small and intimate learning experience with like-minded souls

- Opportunities for one-on-one check ins as you journey through the course

- Auyvedic Massage

- Nourishing morning tea, afternoon tea, lunch on both days and clean treats

- Organic tea, kombucha, filtered water

- Gift pack for each attendee

- Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of Willow Vale Farm

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Date and Time




Berry, NSW 2535

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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