Medical Qi Gong Certified Training with GRAND MASTER TAN Perth 14-19 Sept 2...

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Quest Scarborough

4 Brighton Road

Scarborough, WA 6019


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Wellness Medical Qi Gong

2 PART SERIES (WMQ 1&2 and WMQ 3&4)

WMQ 1&2 Essentials & Self Healing Fri, Sat, Sun, 14-16 Sep 2018 $500 Early Bird $650 Full Fee

WMQ 3&4 Wellness Medical Qi Gong in Practice Mon, Tue, Wed 17-19 Sep 2018 Early Bird $600 Full Fee $760 Full Fee (completion of WMQ1&2 is pre-requisite for entry in WMQ3&4)

PACKAGE WMQ 1&2 and 3 &4 Early Bird Package Fee $880 Early Bird $1200 Full Fee

Grand Master Tan AND Master Connie will also be available for private medical qi gong consutlation Wed 13 & Thurs 14 & Thurs 20 September 2018. Consultations will be approx 40 mins and are $150. To register interest or book private consultation please email lee@synergiahealth.com with preferred day/time and we can offer nearest available place.

TRAINING SCHEDULE: 8am-5pm Daily with one hour lunch break

PRICE $650 module (1&2) $500 Early Bird // $760 module (3&4) $600 Early Bird pricing //

OR $1200 Package for both ($880 early bird package)


Online via eventbrite (processing fee charged by eventbrite)

EFT direct deposit to:

Account Name: FASCIAIST PTY LTD BSB: 086492 Account: 299522689

If paying by EFT please put your surname in Memo and email info@yogatrainingaustralia.com.au to advise of payment so we can register your place in the training!



  1. Meridians and Major Acupuncture points
  2. Five Elements and Internal Organs
  3. Concept of Yin and Yang
  4. Qigong Breathing methods
  5. The Three Dan Tiens
  6. The power of Yi
  7. Wellness Qigong Dynamics movement exercises
  8. Wellness Qigong Lying Down exercises
  9. Wellness Qigong meditation

Participants will experience the following:

  • Loosen the body and meridians
  • Activating Qi
  • Enhancing Qi
  • Circulating Qi
  • Storing Qi


  1. Meridians in more detail
  2. The main causes of ailments
  3. The power of Yi
  4. The key to self-healing
  5. Directing Qi
  6. Importance of emotional stabilization in healing
  7. Wellness Qigong and self-healing
  8. Ancient Healing Sound Qigong
  9. Color meditation Techniques
  10. Life style assessment
  11. Self-healing technique and Common ailments

To book WMQ 1 &2 only online visit https://qigong1and2.eventbrite.com.au

OR TO BOOK PACKAGE with WMQ 3 &4 click eventbrite ticket below

COURSE OUTLINE - WMQ 3 & 4 Therapeutics

PRE-REQUISITE completion of WMQ 1&2

  1. The training steps towards Certified WMQ Practitioners are:
    • Discover Qi
    • Activate Qi
    • Enhance Qi
    • Recharge Qi
    • Gather Qi
    • Circulate Qi
    • Conserve Qi
    • Direct Qi
    • Store Qi
    • Transmit Qi
  2. Main causes of illness
  3. The WMQ treatment principles and protocol
  4. The various treatment techniques
  5. The techniques in Touch, Non Touch, Near Distance and Distance healing
  6. Precautions before, during and after treatment session
  7. And many more techniques that are kept as secret by Masters
  8. Practical training case studies

To book WMQ 3 &4 only online visit www.qigong3and4.eventbrite.com.au

OR TO BOOK PACKAGE with WMQ 1&2 (pre-requisite) click eventbrite ticket below


Grand Master Tan Soo Kong, D.Sc(AM), Ph.D, Founder of WMQ

Grand Master Tan is a very simple, humble, caring, kind and spiritually-oriented person. His students are known to feel extremely at ease with him and drawn to his very unassuming, pleasant and affable personality. He has long established himself as a wise, painstaking and patient teacher. With a background in Taiji, Grand Master Tan has also been involved in Qigong for four decades, having had training from many eminent and renowned masters of the art, notably Grand Master Wee.

He was also very fortunate to meet several medical Qigong Masters from China who were so kind to share their knowledge and experience with him. Among them are a Chinese medical Qigong Grand Master who wishes to remain anonymous; he, in fact opened Grand Master Tan to the immense possibilities of applying Qigong for medical treatment. Thereafter, he met Grand Master Shao, a professional Qigong doctor, and his teacher Great Grand Master Her Si Hai. Great Grand Master Her has trained many outstanding medical Qigong masters and has been instrumental in setting up many Qigong hospitals in China.

Grand Master Tan has had a successful career in Information Technology and the Food & Beverages business; he retired prematurely to pursue his passion for Qigong and healing in order to alleviate human suffering. Grand Master Tan provides treatment services and conducts Qigong training for general health and self-healing. In addition, he also provides specialised training for those who aspire to become professional medical Qigong practitioners.

Besides those in Malaysia, his students and patients from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, India, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, UK, Russia, Germany and Thailand have greatly benefited from his knowledge, experience and expertise.

Grand Master Tan is on an altruistic and spiritual mission to promote and propagate Medical Qigong as a worldwide healing modality by sharing his knowledge, experience, expertise and research findings with anyone who is deeply interested, committed and dedicated and who aspires at the same time, to contribute to, and participate in, the enormous work and effort involved.


Master Connie Lee Yoke Kwan

Master Connie Lee Yoke Kwan has a very Loving and Caring nature. She is always ready to help those in need. People around her always feel relaxed, at home and welcome. Although married to Grand Master Tan Soo Kong for more than twenty years, initially she was not interested in Qigong, even though she was curious of Grand Master Tan’s energetic level and calming personality. However, over the years she witness the power of Qigong in helping people to improve their health and how Grand Master Tan uses the technique of Medical Qigong to heal people that go to him for help.

Her turning point was when she witness Grand Master Tan help a 10 months old baby to close the hole in her heart and overcome genetically problem of CdLS. She started in a serious note in acquiring Medical Qigong healing techniques under Grand Master Tan. Since she qualified as Medical Qigong Therapist and Trainer, she is now practicing alongside with Grand Master Tan at Wellness Xpress Centre, a complementary medical centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She also played a significant role in WMQ training ranging from Qigong Essentials, Self Healing Techniques and WMQ Treatment Techniques.

Besides Wellness Medical Qigong, Master Connie is trained in Psychic, Atmic Yoga and Sun Yoga. She is also active in helping in establishing of Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine (MSCM). She is elected as the Honorary Secretary of MSCM, the professional body of practicing complementary therapists in Malaysia, and its Chapter Leader for Medical Qigong.

BOOKINGS for private session lee@synergiahealth.com

Any other queries info@yogatrainingaustralia.com.au



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Date and Time


Quest Scarborough

4 Brighton Road

Scarborough, WA 6019


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