MASTERFUL MANIFESTATION - A pop up mini workshop for conscious creators

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The Healthy Hub Cafe & Wellness Centre

100 Bridge Mall

Bakery Hill, VIC 3350


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Refund Policy

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Not quite.

If you actively practise the principles of the law of attraction and you actively take steps to create what the life you want, then you will know that what we get in life is governed by more than just the physical.

And you’ll know the LOA is always operating in the background.

And you'll also know that what shows up in our life is a result of the dominant energy and vibration we hold.

And we know that what affects our vibration MOST is what is unresolved inside of us, ie the past.

So, right now in December 2017, 2018 is being vibrationally created right now. 2018 has been energetically created all year.

What that means is that 2017 has created the conditions for what will manifest and show up in 2018.

But before 2018 arrives, we go through this crazy Xmas period.

And what people don't realise is how strongly the past year AND Xmas sets the tone for 2018.

And Christmas is meant to be wonderful. It's meant to be about celebration right?. But sadly, the truth is, it's often the opposite.

It's SUPPOSED to be about joy right? But that's not always the case.

The truth is, Christmas IS stressful.

But if we're not feeling on top of it by the time it rolls around it becomes an ADDED stress to our current strains.

Some people love it, but not all do.

There's all the shopping, there's all the crowds to battle, there's parking frustration and money concerns.

And on top of that, there's expectations, and those dreaded unresolved family issues that pop back up.

And then! Despite how determined we were to be organised, there's the stuff we forget and that last minute mad, dash rush which we promised we'd never do this year.

And don't even get me started on all the food intolerances that need to be factored in! Aaaagh. So many demands!

Sadly, despite the fact, we WANT to get into the spirit and have fun, for many of us, Christmas is mostly obligatory and at times it leaves us drained.

The stress, the worry, the trying to accommodate everyone, the pressure to buy the right thing, and all that frenetic energy; it comes at a cost.

The cost is emotional. The cost is physical. The cost is spiritual. And the cost is most definitely vibrational.

What that means is while we're bending over backwards to accommodate other people and make everyone else happy, we get out of alignment with OURSELVES.

So in order to combat that, in the midst of chaos, the best thing we can do is to slow right down; just for a minute, and take the time get grounded, centered and to really focus on ourselves and what WE need.

Not everybody else. "ME"

So, in order to focus inwards, regroup, recentre and ditch the stress of Xmas,

I'm holding an impromptu and informal Conscious Creating mini workshop.


If you’re serious about creating life on your terms. And if you’re serious about manifestation. And if you’re serious about moving forward. And if you’re serious about feeling good, then join me. We’ll make magic happen.

Whatever it is you want to show up in your life, needs space and invitation to arrive. So together, we'll put the unresolved stuff of 2017 to bed, which will create a light, open, calm inner space for ease, peace, joy and freedom to flow right in.

So at this workshop we’ll be preparing your energy for positive outcomes. That way you can transition into 2018 WITHOUT all the old stuff coming up again. Don’t let 2018 be another year where those emotional blocks still hold you back.

✔ We will ditch the Xmas stress.

✔ We will drop the baggage of 2017;

✔ We'll discharge the current struggles.

✔ We'll clear out the blocks

✔ We'll release the disappointment of what didn't go to plan.

At this mini workshop you’ll:

✔ Wipe the slate clean, so you can leave 2017 behind and create energetic space for a wonderful 2018.

✔ Activate the universal cogs by setting strong and powerful intentions for 2018

✔ Consciously create the right conditions for 2018 to manifest

✔ Powerfully boost your ability to attract what you most desire

And look. IHere’s the thing. I know it's an incredibly busy time of year. I know you’re all distracted and your head’s not in it right now. But this is the point! it's time to start prioritising YOU! Even in the midst of chaos! It’s the BEST time to do it.

It's the best time to slow down and take a load off; just for a few hours. of year. I know you’re all distracted and your head’s not in it right now. But this is the point! it's time to start prioritising YOU! Even in the midst of chaos! It’s the BEST time to do it. ESPECIALLY in the midst of chaos!

It's seriously the best time to slow down and take a load off; even just for a few hours.

It's time to interrupt the cycle of unconsciousness, habitual thought and inject it with some deliberate prioritising and conscious creating.

But why do it now? Just before Xmas???

There's a VERY good reason.

Because when you take time out for YOU and you make YOU important (and when you do that at an inconvenient time) it sends the universe a very clear message that you are serious about having what you want. It speaks of determination and focus on what's really important.

So if it's time to break patterns and call in the life you REALLY want

And if it’s time to let the universe know you're ready to receive all you've been asking for

And if it’s time to finally get to where you want to get to, to have what you want to have, to be who you want to be - you absolutely MUST start signalling to the universe that YOU take YOU seriously and that YOU make YOU a priority.

And if we choose to procrastinate and put it off til later? That thing we always do. If we wait till it's convenient? Well, that's ok too. Just know - the universe will deliver later because the universe takes it’s cue from us. The universe delivers with the same intensity and energy as we invest in ourselves.

So! To help you achieve that, I'm calling all Conscious Creators and Magnificent Manifestors to come to together and discharge all the emotional baggage of 2017, wipe the slate clean and move into Christmas AND 2018 with the right mindset and the right energy.

As well as discharging all the emotional baggage and leaving the past in the past, you'll come away feeling renewed, refreshed, positive, light and calm. You'll have a big spring in your step and come Xmas Day, your family and friends will notice how calm, confident and together you are.


You'll find out why the universe hasn't been delivering all you've been asking for and you'll get the opportunity to correct it.

Grab a seat now!

Join me and we'll discharge the struggles, create the right energy and celebrate the wins!

With this powerful process and some proven energetic tools to help you get there faster, Abundance, Healing, Success and Vitality begins now.

When:Saturday, 16th December 1pm - 4pm
Where:The Healthy Hub Wellness Centre
Cost: $109
Early Bird $79

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Date and Time


The Healthy Hub Cafe & Wellness Centre

100 Bridge Mall

Bakery Hill, VIC 3350


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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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