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Mark Gunton: Every philanthropist should be investing in social enterprise

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What can we learn from the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership's work, and what role can philanthropy play to grow Australian social enterprises, so we can better harness the power of the market and business to address the most pressing social challenges?

  • Spectrum for philanthropic dollars
  • Evaluation of philanthropic approaches
  • Choice of social business model
  • Market gap model evaluation
  • Inclusive distribution
  • Social enterprise for philanthropists
  • Route to scale - Partnerships
  • Route to scale - Efficient core process
  • Route to scale - Finance innovation
  • Lessons in partnerships
  • Route to scale - Impact
  • Deployment through stages
  • Why philanthropists should invest in social enterprise
  • How philanthropists should invest in social enterprise

Mark Gunton

CEO, Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (US)

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation and was established by President Bill Clinton and Canadian philanthropist Frank Giustra. It combines not-for-profit and for-profit approaches to create new self-sustaining enterprises that capitalise market opportunities to generate social impact by addressing existing market gaps in developing country supply or distribution chains.

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