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Managing Bullying in the Workplace - Webinar

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Do you have a person in your workplace with an abrasive personality? Are they sometimes referred to as a “bully”?

Do you feel that everyone just tolerates their behaviour because they don’t how to deal with it? Do you, as an organisation, walk on egg shells most of the time, trying not to upset a leader or staff member who is known to bite people’s heads off or who is often sarcastic and rude?

This webinar will help you and your organisation gain a greater understanding of what is going on for that person? How a person’s abrasive behaviour is a learned behaviour which means that it can be changed.

After working with people in high levels of conflict over many years, we have learned that people who are deemed to be “bullies” are often unaware of how they are perceived by their team because no-one tells them what is going on. They’re not given an opportunity to change or improve their behaviour.

This webinar will give you the tools to start that conversation. Everyone will be grateful that this issue is being addressed.

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