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Beachlane & Co

642 Nepean Highway

Carrum, VIC 3197


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"A Man creates his own definition of 'BEING A MAN' through listening to his Heart & Trusting his gut. By standing toe to toe with his Fear. He is a leader and knows how to be lead. He is Awake & Self Aware.. He seeks to Be the Best Version of Himself & that creates a Ripple Effect in his Family, Community & the World around him".

Men are Biologically & Naturally Hunters & Gatherers. For 1000's of years we have thrived by trusting our gut to find food, water and a home to shelter our tribe.

We also found Support with one another: Sitting around a fire together sharing our Challenges & Fears.

We found Peace, Freedom & Healing alone in nature. We existed without the distraction of today's society.

At some point we have learnt not to FEEL & LISTEN to our oldest and most Powerful Asset....



This Workshop is for you if you are held back by:

  • Physical illness & Pain

  • Stress, Anxiety or Overwhelm

  • Depression

  • Social Isolation

  • Relationship Breakdowns

  • Past Traumatic Events

You are also:

  • Aware of the fact that that there is some shit your holding onto from the past. It's preventing you from moving forward. You know something isn't right and you can't quite seem to pull yourself out of it.

Man of Fire is for:

- Men who are wanting to know how to Have Abundant Energy & Vitality.

- Men Who are Seeking More Pleasure In their Life.

- Men who want to create Flow & Freedom in their Life & in their Business'.

- Men who want to FEEL FIT in their MIND, BODY & SOUL.

- Men Who don't Know how to ask for Support & therefore do everything themselves..

- Men Who want to know How to Navigate their Emotions.

- Men who Feel Fulfilled in doing what they Love & get Paid for it.

- Leaders, CEO's & Entrepeneurs who are wanting to Create a Better World.

at Man on Fire your going to Learn to:

- Bio Hack your own body to get Optimal Performance.

- Trust your Instincts.

- Master Your Mindset & Emotions.

- Ask for What you Really Want in Life. Then Go Get It!

- Identify your Hidden Blocks, Clear them & Keep moving forward!

- Create a Solid Foundation of Personal Practices & Routines that = SUCCESS & FULFILLMENT.

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Beachlane & Co

642 Nepean Highway

Carrum, VIC 3197


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