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Mama Cacao Sacred Dance Ceremony: August 2017

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Jagera Hall, 121 Cordelia St South Brisbane

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Greetings Beautiful Brisbane and SE QLD Tribe…

Mama Cacao is back!! Out of the depths of winter, with the energy of the full moon and Cacao medicine, may we stoke our inner fire, and burn away what no longer serves us, and from the ashes RISE LIKE A PHOENIX! Welcome to our freshest new transformational MAMA CACAO Ceremony - to celebrate all that is metamorphosing in your world, to shed the old and call in the new with clarity and awareness.

This is our 1 year anniversary of Mama Cacao Ceremony bringing you the unique fusion of Petra Lane and Honor Morningstar in a potent combination of time-old practices of meditation, sound healing, ceremony, song, rhythm, and dance, together with ancient plant medicine and contemporary awareness. We are gratefully supported by musician/composer/sound healer/space keeper Haitch Azimself with his exquisite weaving of sounds, and traditional instruments from around the world. This will be a journey of HEALING, ALCHEMY and TRANSFORMATION!

With a FULL CEREMONIAL DOSE of CACAO, our theme and intention for this event is for us to rise like the phoenix we are into the glory of our most pulsing, powerful, and radiant expression! ♡ For ourselves and all beings ♡


Please be on time as we connect our hearts into to the opening circle together.

CACAO CEREMONY guided by Petra Lane

Held in a deep honouring of the traditional ancient ways.

Cacao’s medicine literally opens the heart through the neurotransmitter anandamide – the ‘bliss' chemical. The name is taken from the Sanskrit word ananda: extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being; the ananda of divine love.

The profound feelings of love & ecstasy that result from drinking this medicine are well-known and respected for the journey it takes us on. Cacao’s alkaloid theobromine brings sharp clarity to the mind, while extremely high levels of magnesium relax the body. These active medicinal properties help us experience a state of heightened awareness, which opens us to deeper-stored emotional densities that are ready to be seen, felt, and released.

DANCE JOURNEY guided by Honor Morningstar

Supported by the 5RHYTHMS medicine wheel, using a range of elemental, primal, tribal, etheric, and powerful world beats, this moving journey creates an opportunity to express with fluid authenticity, our joyful essence, our heart light, as we dance, and travel on a personal pilgrimage of discovery.

SOUND HEALING guided by Haitch

A sublime and restful integration that facilitates a cellular-level vibrational reset. Deep earth resonance of the didgeridoo fused with ethereal world flutes and ancient vocals will support us to both drop in deep and soar high.

A final MEDITATION and honouring of our journey, after which there will be fruits and delights to share!!!

NO EXPERIENCE in any of the above practices or modalities is required, although a healthy level of self-accountability is expected. The experience will invite a new form of movement, helping us to release all that is holding us back & guiding us to “call in” all that we desire. Come as you are!

We are all so delighted to be creating this amazing evening for our SE QLD Collective, as we gather in the full force of LOVE!!

DATE: Saturday 5 August 2017
VENUE: Jagera Arts Centre Musgrave Park, South Brisbane
TIME: 6 – 11 pm
EXCHANGE: early bird until 20 JULY - $59; full price $69
IMPORTANT TO BRING: enough warm blankets, wraps and socks to keep you cosy during the ceremony and for the sound healing at the end, cushion, water bottle, curiousity and willingness

Any questions at all
Call Petra on 0401 107 187 or Honor on 0401 597 292

** Please note:
If you are currently being treated for depression, Cacao may not be the medicine for you. The tryptophan and mono amino oxidase inhibitors of the Cacao are a bad mix with anti-depressant medicine. Can cause severe migraine, or worse. Please get in contact to discuss if this is a consideration for you.

Cacao has been used for centuries in different cultures as a tool to facilitate a reflective & meditative experience that focuses on the heart-space. Due to the active medicinal properties of Cacao, it is possible to experience a state of heightened awareness.

The euphoria-inducing properties of Cacao help us to connect deeply to the love, & ultimate truth, that sits inside our hearts.

When we sit with Cacao with the intention to open to ourselves and our own vulnerability, Cacao has the potential to create a profound yet gentle inner experience of heart transformation. To help activate this opening, we have sourced the highest Ceremonial-grade Guatemalan Cacao possible.


"I'm feeling so much gratitude for EVERYONE who made this event so incredible. The whole experience was the most profound, deep and ecstatic I've ever had. So thank you Honor Morningstar, Petra Lane & Haitch Azimself, and every other soul who was there. I'm still feeling you all with me and love you like a family. I feel enlivened, awake and creative. In love with life!"
Georgia Shine

"I would like to fully congratulate all of the team for all of your magical talents and energy and especially for holding space in a sacred loving way for such a large, diverse group. I felt totally held, nourished and respected. The evening was deeply transformational for me, reaching all the nooks & crannies. Big love & light to all your directions. Love Dan"
Daniel Bailey

"What a pleasure to share such a beautiful journey with such a tribe of conscious and wildly free people! Thank you all, for your part in it, and for our embrace during the sound healing. So much gratitude and love flowing through my raw, sensitive, healing, empowered, evolving soul, body, mind and heart. Blessings to you."
Alanna Vierling

Petra brings a grounded sense of vitality & presence to her group-work practices, opening the way for people to experience their own personal enlivened truth. Driven by a desire for all beings to walk in their full essential Self in co-creative flow with our unseen supporters, she creates a deliciously ripe yet safe container for people to explore whatever holds them back from their fullness, in this moment. With 20 years on the healing path, her practice combines earth-based Ceremonial methodology, esoteric mind/heart-centred meditations, metaphysical causality and grounded practical reality, all which guide to align the whole being so one is empowered to walk the Soul’s essence. Petra brings the qualities of sweetness & strength to her Cacao Ceremonies, the online workshop space she facilitates, her individual sessions and the pilgrimages she leads around the world. She has studied the Science of Psychology at Uni, holds a Cert IV in Psychosomatic Therapy, specialises in neural re-wiring & has a compulsive tendency to do cartwheels and handstands whenever she’s in a park. And dance. Dance anytime, anywhere!

Born in Africa of Celtic ancestry, Honor Morningstar walks a strong path of dance medicine firmly rooted in the 5Rhythms medicine mandala of Gabrielle Roth. This is a profound and multi-layered movement meditation and catalytic conscious dance practice that invokes the rhythms of the natural world. Honor’s work is a convergence of various shamanic teachings and practices from around the world. She is a Ka Huna practitioner of the ancient, sacred, and healing art of Hawaiian massage and bodywork. She is dedicated to the plant and earth medicine healing path, and is blessed to have the opportunity to continue working with teachers, medicine men & women, and shamans from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Chilli, and Peru. Honor’s wild spirited, heartfelt, and compassionate presence invites you into your unique, authentic, and vibrant expression. The premise of Honor’s work is that we are all our own healer.

Haitch is a South East Queensland musician and composer. Bringing a fresh twist to the world music, devotional and yoga scenes, his style is expansive and deep. Sharing music and movement in 'Yoga Soundcapes' classes, holding devotional 'Chanting to Bliss' concerts & facilitating 'Soundwaves' sound healing journeys. Haitch also runswww.circularbreath.com sharing his passion for this technique, used for music and medically diagnosed sleep and breathing disorders. Circular Breath also manufactures a range of telescopic style didgeridoo or 'Breath Strengthening Pipes' here in Australia.

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Jagera Hall, 121 Cordelia St South Brisbane

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