Lunch Time Jamms
Lunch Time Jamms

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Lunch Time Jamms

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Wairoa Library Green Mānukanui

Marine Parade

Wairoa, Hawke's Bay

New Zealand

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Lunch Time Jamm is a public event.

To attend you must be invited by either the community notice board, the social media, press release, one of the bands, or a friend who has a friend who knows someone in the know.

Gates Open 1100am Friday…. Or just walk around to the village green and start enjoying.

Lunch Time Jamms is a family event (children and grandparents are celebrated!).

Due to Lunch Time Jamms being on the village green, there is a lot of flat ground. Arrive early to secure the best and shadiest sitting area! There will be a space for all the bean bags but please don’t take them home; and don’t forget try not to obstruct the view of all our elderly.

Upon arrival at the site, you will be required to present your passes these are your smiles so please don’t forget to wear them.

No swimming in the river - you'll frighten the eels.

Again, you will not be able to swim in the river!! – the eels are huge in there (health and safety).

Take care under trees - branches can drop - and so can birds; we will set up some marquees for you to chill out in – very conducive to social conversation and interactivity.

Be extra careful crossing the roads onto the village green – we would hate anything bad to happen to you.


Bring clothes/protection for summer - (hope for the best...plan for the worst!).

Water – will also be available from some of the stalls.

Please do not bring any glass. Bring your lunch, however delicious food will be available from a very small but special selection of food outlets. If on the off chance you have to queue think of it as a chance to meet new friends!

Folding chair to relax in.

Some sunscreen.

Cool sunglasses.

A hat.


No gas bottles, BBQs or cooking devices of any kind. [There is a total fire ban day and night. We all know too well the reasons why].

No alcohol.

No dogs, pets or wild animals (wild humans included). Local fauna are easily scared... sorry.

No bad vibes or arrogant attitudes…….. :)


Lunch Time Jamms is all about relaxing under a tree or umbrella, listening to some fine music, eating your lunch with family or friends, celebrating the end of another week - and then going back to work!

Talent Plan for the entertainment over the three days include:-

  • Rose Campbell, award winning soloist at Wairoa College
  • Richie Blake, award winning mentor at Wairoa College
  • One and Half Men, two boys who wanted to go to Wairoa College
  • Doug Snelling, and a number of other local acts including Molly Kerr and David Tipoki.

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Wairoa Library Green Mānukanui

Marine Parade

Wairoa, Hawke's Bay

New Zealand

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